Compact Digital Cameras – What to Look For:


Although our smart phones come with incredible cameras built right into the device, there is nothing like choosing a compact digital camera from the top ten list and going out to snap some beautiful photographs. Many people tend to overlook the art of photography and take selfies, food pictures, and other types of pictures to riddle their Instagram accounts.

With a best rated compact digital camera, you can still fill your Instagram with fun pictures, but you can also capture the beautiful moments in life. There are a lot of cameras available on the market and choosing what is the best can be a little daunting. We have created this guide to help you decide on the best compact digital camera for the money that you will be investing.



We won’t lie, compact digital cameras can get pretty expensive. If you want a good camera, you can expect to spend more than $200. If you are looking for a cheap compact digital camera, you may suffer poor picture quality and not have much control when it comes to setting up the picture. It is always a good idea to first set a budget and then look at the best rated compact digital cameras. Just be aware that if you set your budget too low, you may miss out on key features like optical zoom, low megapixel counts, and no image stabilization.



Usually when people are looking at who makes the best compact digital cameras, they look only at the megapixel count. This is wrong! While megapixel count is important, it isn’t the only thing you need to take into consideration. Sure, the camera may have a high megapixel count, but if the sensor is the same as a camera with 8MP, you will get a picture that isn’t that great. The size typical size of a digital camera is 1/2.3 inch sensor, which is just 11mm from corner to corner. If you are cramming 14MP within such a small space, your image quality is going to suffer.


LCD Screen

By having a compact camera with a good sized LCD screen, you are able to review and maybe even edit your images right on the camera. The resolution of the screen is important for when you want to check the focus of the camera. The top cameras typically have 1 million dots, but you can choose a camera with at least a 260,000 dot-screen and it would still be suitable.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Resolution Price Optical Zoom Display Our Rating Where to buy

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS

12.1 MP $$$ 20x 3″ TFT color LCD A+ AMAZON

Panasonic Lumix ZS20

14.1 MP $$ 20x 3″ LCD A AMAZON

Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS

16 MP $$ 8x LCD B+ AMAZON

Sony DSC-TX30/B

18 MP $$ 5x 3.3″ OLED B AMAZON

Samsung WB250F

14.2 MP $$ 18x 3″ TFT LCD C+ AMAZON


When you are looking for a new compact digital camera, there are a lot of things to consider. We have chosen the three most important aspects because these are the areas that people tend to over look. We hope that you find this information useful when you begin hunting for the perfect camera!


Which compact digital camera to select – Expert info


Some people scour Black Friday deals for the best cameras available. Too frequently, they only look at price or megapixel and think that the more expensive device or the higher the megapixel resolution, the better the camera. This is not always the case, as some cameras can produce low quality photographs.  We have put this guide together with the hopes that you will be able to choose a new compact digital camera with confidence.

There are two types of compact cameras available: a compact camera and a compact system camera. The only difference between these two devices is the former is designed for the casual photographer who just wants to “point and shoot,” whereas the latter is geared toward those who want a variety of lenses to choose from and several accessories like flashguns. The compact system handles like a regular compact camera, except it gives you more flexibility and control.

When you are choosing from the highest rated cameras, you should take into consideration the size and portability. Typically, the compact cameras are relatively lightweight, are easy to carry around, and are ideal for family vacations and the like; however, if you opt for a compact system, you may have a lot of lenses and accessories to tote with you. If you take your photography seriously, you want to be sure that you are willing to lug all the stuff with you.

The next thing you will want to consider when choosing an affordable camera is not just the megapixels, but also the zoom. These two features go hand in hand to produce nice pictures. Ideally, when you are looking at megapixels, you will want to go with anything between 10 to 14-megapixels. This is because the manufacturers of the cameras have to balance out the amount of pixels with the size of those pixels. If you go with a camera with high megapixels, your pictures could have a grainy appearance due to the camera’s increased sensitivity to brighten the image in low lighting situations.


Best Compact Digital Camera with Manual Controls


Sony DSC-HX50V/B Digital Camera


The Sony DSC-HX50V camera is considered one of the best compact digital cameras with manual controls because it can produce beautiful photographs that rival SLR cameras. The 20.4MP camera allows you to zoom into any photograph up to 60x without losing the high quality you would expect from a Sony digital camera. The Optical SteadyShot image stabilization reduces blur by countering movements both horizontally and vertically. The 3-way stabilization adds digital rolling control that counters clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations—making videos crisp and clean. With this camera, you have the ability to fully control the picture quality of your photographs. You can manually change the exposure by turning on the Manual Exposure mode through a dedicated dial.

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You will want to choose a camera that features an optical zoom rather than digital zoom. The digital zoom is known for creating blurry images because it only enlarges the pixel. The most popular compact digital cameras usually feature 10x to 15x optical zoom, which can give you crisp detail when you zoom in.

If you are planning to create videos with your camera, you will want to look for a device that can take high definition video. You may also want to look for a camera that accepts SDXC memory cards, as they can hold up to 64GB of photographs and video. If you plan to take videos, or even photos, without a tripod, you want to make sure the camera has an image stabilization feature. This will help you get clear pictures and video when the camera is held.

If you are struggling to figure out what to get the photographer in your life for Christmas, a compact digital camera can be a fantastic choice. There are many options available on the market.


Best Compact Digital Camera with Remote Control


Pentax Optio 15936 Digital Camera


In a world of selfies, Instagram and Facebook, people are turning to their smartphones to take their photographs. Few people realize they can take incredible photographs and selfies with one of the best compact digital cameras with a remote control, like this camera from Pentax. The 14 megapixel camera features a versatile 5x optical zoom lens with a 28mm wide-angle coverage. This camera lens has the ability to capture stunning photographs like landscapes, unique architecture, close group photos, and even crop photographs that have been taken at a distance. The Intelligent Zoom function on the camera allows you to zoom in on a subject, thus creating a zoom range up to 33.5x without losing the integrity of the photo.

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Things to consider:

  • Is the camera going to be used for family gatherings or professional quality photographs?
  • What is more appealing, point-and-shoot cameras or a camera where you have lens options and control?
  • Choose a camera with a decent megapixel count. Read the reviews for specific cameras to get an idea of the picture quality.
  • Do you want to take videos with your camera? If so, look for a camera that takes high definition video.


Top rated Compact Digital Cameras reviews


Photography – hobby or necessity? Are you passionate photographer that sees things differently or are you just feeling like all memories are worthwhile to be remembered? Either way photography is now more accessible than ever. It doesn’t take a professional camera or years of practice to realize that the best photographs are the ones who picture real life situations in simplicity. Going through more than 50 reviews, I have found which features make the best compact digital camera 2020. It has be light, user friendly and resistant to shocks, the rest is up to the photographer.



Canon PowerShot SX260 HS Digital Camera


Best Compact Digital Camera 2020Go with the ultimate best camera brand to enhance your photographing skills. This fancy Canon offers all technical requirements for a good spontaneous photo session. Reviewers have named it the best compact digital camera 2020 for serving multiple purposes: travelling, ceremonies and work related activities. Breathtaking pictures are going to be just one click away and high resolution will increase your appetite for getting the details. Practice makes perfect but Canon will have you perfecting your photography with every instant you may choose.



Huge zoom and wide-angle lens empower the user to take exceptional photos with greater detail and unbelievable clarity like never before, so memories get preserved in better quality

Video capability enhanced by built-in Microphone and stereo sound, so the whole family can star in their own movies while keeping lovely memories stored

3-inch TFT color LCD provides wide-viewing angle so the entire scene is captured brilliantly, without missing any single important detail or component in the image

Optical image stabilizer guards against shaky hands, so there is always less visual noise or blurry images that result from judder



Has no RAW mode that can be useful for more creative reproduction, despite the camera’s many features


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Panasonic Lumix ZS20 Digital Camera


All compact digital camera reviews 2016 have agreed that this Panasonic model is the perfect companion for your foreign travel destinations. It comes with GPS incorporated feature so you won’t get lost wherever you are and still have great pictures taken once you spotted a beautiful landscape. Light and shock proof, this camera is going to stick to your hand and have you taking great pictures at any given moment of the day. The full auto light gives great luminosity and color balance to even the most shadow pictures.



Allows impressive capturing of images of natural landscapes, incredible architecture or even a child’s innocent and wondrous face thanks to its powerful 20x optical zoom, making this product the best compact digital camera with optical viewfinder

Advanced technology Intelligent Zoom extends reach to twice as far, from 20x to 40x, bringing subjects even closer whether user is shooting pictures or filming a video

24mm Ultra Wide-angle Lens, which is a rare element on a compact GPS digital camera, offers wider range of creative shots due to its viewing space that is larger than that in conventional 35mm shooters

Carries the patented and newly developed 12.1-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor that works hard with the high-performance image processing (LSI Venus Engine) system to provide high sensitivity recording, high speed response and superb image quality



Does not support RAW files like most other compact or pocket cameras, which is not the product’s primary use


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Canon PowerShot ELPH 130 IS Digital Camera


Practice your angles and have in detail pictures with Canon PowerShot, as this model has constantly been referred to in the best compact digital camera reviews 2020. Let your imagination run and stay out of technical requirements. This camera will not have you chase the sun for better light or take your subjects from here and there to avoid nasty shadows. This camera is perfect for instant and on-going pictures that you will preserve in your heart for many years now.



8x Optical Zoom with 28mm Wide-Angle Lens housed in a compact and sleek body while ensuring delivery of outstanding optical performance and versatility

Zoom function has ability to extend to 224mm telephoto or the equivalent of a 35mm, to cover a wide and highly useful range and give more opportunities to capture stunning images

Telephoto reach gives freedom to capture subjects from afar, while the 28mm wide-angle makes it easy to shoot large groups of objects or people, sweeping landscapes and tall skyscrapers

Has IS 16.0 MP with 8x Optical Zoom complemented by the 28mm Wide-Angle Lens and 720p HD Video Recording capability, making this camera the best compact digital camera with optical viewfinder



WiFi capability works only with Windows 7 or 8 OS, not a huge issue since those operating systems are still widely used

Does not come with a memory card, which keeps the camera price down


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Sony DSC-TX30/B Digital Camera


If you are a bit clumsy and have the tendency of dropping things around, just have this water proof and shock proof camera for taking pictures. Perfect for active and outdoor vacations, these cameras will let you photograph the best landscapes and the most intriguing portraits. It doesn’t need to be too much of a stress for getting them as this camera has good optical zoom, high definition feature and captures good images even in darker lights. Just have it around you for whenever you see a good moment coming and the rest will be piece of cake.



Capturing impressive images under water or near the pool is never a problem, thanks to this camera engineered to be dust-proof, water-proof, freeze-proof  and impact-proof

Has 18.2 megapixels to capture more brilliant images with greater clarity and detail, displayed on the large 3.3-inch touchscreen and in sharp detail on OLED display

Built-in LED lights enable capturing of close-ups with intricate details, without the camera creating shadows on the reproduced images

Ultra-high definition images obtained even when light is not at optimal levels, making sunset photos more breathtaking and night images pretty impressive



Screen has to be protected against scratches to obtain maximum performance

Battery needs to be fully charged to ensure optimum performance


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Samsung WB250F Smart Digital Camera


Place your bet on this affordable compact digital camera. You get wi-fi connectivity, in-depth optical zoom, low light sensor and full HD video recording, for when pictures are not going to be enough. It will perfectly fit your hand, you’re pocket or small sized bags. If going into professional photographing is something you aim for, start practicing on this easy and reliable camera that will not have you spending a fortune, but would rather open the path of visual arts.



14.2-Megapixel Backside-Illuminated CMOS Sensor has the ability to gather more light than other traditional sensors, so properly-exposed images are always obtainable even when light is not particularly of high quality

Merges three continuous shots automatically into one clear picture due to Low Light Shot feature, which enables impressive image capture

Plenty of range achievable via the sharp 18x Zoom Lens, so the exact shot can be framed and all the action can be focused on all the time

Lens starts at an expansive 35mm-equivalent focused on focal length of 24mm and can zoom up to 432mm, so getting everyone into the photo or zooming in on something located much farther away is never a huge problem



Threads on the tripod are plastic but of strong and sturdy quality

Zoom noise during video recording may be hard to eliminate completely, not a huge issue for many happy users


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