Coffee makers – What to look for:


If you look forward to a great cup of coffee each time you wake up in the morning, chances are you’ve tried to find out who makes the best coffee maker out there. Indeed, coffee preparation has evolved from the simple unscrewing of a jar of instant coffee to the artful way that the most reliable coffee maker delivers great tasting brews to people who want their early—or not-so-early—caffeine dose , and at random times of the day at that. Whether you’re hot for a pump espresso, single serve or programmable coffee making machine, it matters not. The important thing is you are aware of what you’re getting and the features that come with it. And like coffee choice, it’s all just a matter of taste.


The perfect capacity to fulfill your coffee-drinking needs, and then some

Living alone has its blessings, and one of them is not having to prepare too many cups of coffee in a day. So if you want an occasional cup every now and then while working, a 12-cup coffee maker may not be your best option. Go for the best rated coffee maker of single-serve variety, which helps you get that caffeine dose without wasting too much water and coffee beans or pods. If you like to share coffee with housemates or others who live with you, go ahead and get a multi-cup coffee maker. Then, when you’ve decided on the machine capacity, choose between one that comes with a glass coffee pot  resting on a hot plate, or one with an insulated carafe. Choosing one with a water filter will ensure great tasting coffee while reducing build-up of calcium deposits on the heating coils.

Features that offer convenience

A brew pause function allows you to get a sampling of the brew in progress by giving you a cup of coffee to drink as the machine goes on to finish the entire batch for brewing. There are models that have made it to the top ten coffee makers due to their delay timer function,  which allows the user to set the timer to an exact time for the machine to have a great cup ready for enjoyment when the individual wakes up. This is perfect for people who can’t function normally without taking that first cup of coffee in the morning but hate having to wait for the first cup to be prepared by the machine. A coffee maker that notifies you with beeps when the brew is ready, would really be nice to own. Yet another helpful feature would be if the machine lets you know it’s time for it to get descaled or cleaned.


Optimum brewing temperature

For people who truly know their brew, it is not enough to be informed on what is the best coffee maker   in the market. It is more important to know why that is true based on the consistency of brewing temperature. If a machine is unable to remain consistent or keep to coffee’s optimum temperature, generally between 85OC and 92OC, then the investment made on the machine is worthless. For pump espresso machines, it would be helpful that the device offers correct bar pressure also. 9 bar is standard, but machines made for the home employ less expensive vibratory pumps that make them provide 15 bar. Professional ones use rotary pumps that provide standard bar pressure.



Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product  Maximum Capacity Price Programmable clock Water filter Customer Rating Where to buy
 Presto 02822 Stainless Steel 12 cups $$ No No A+ AMAZON
Jura-Capresso Impressa C5 8 ounce $$$$$ YES YES A+ COMPACT APPLIANCE
Hamilton Beach 49980Z 12 cups $$ YES YES A AMAZON

BUNN NHBW Velocity Brew

10 cups $$$ No No B AMAZON
 Keurig B70 Platinum 8 ounce $$$$ YES No B AMAZON


If you’re shopping for a coffee maker under a budget, try to go for a product that will give the best output for your particular needs and preferences. The decision to make compromises is always personal, but the quality of coffee is not always easy to compromise on.


Professional buying guide on how to choose a quality coffee maker


coffeemakCaffeine hot drinks give us much needed energy in the morning, so we start the day in a pleasant manner. This energy is of vital importance whether work is ahead of us or we have some other activities planned. So, the importance of drinking good quality coffee can’t be neglected. The best thing you can do, is to invest in a coffee maker that can brew you a quality cup of coffee. How to get one reliable model will be presented in this buying guide. There are some simple steps which you need to understand to better choose a top notch coffee maker.

Because there are so many types of coffee makers you can choose from, you need to set your priorities: how much coffee you and your family drink per day, what sort of caffeine drink you enjoy and so on. If you want coffee done in an instant, a good idea would be to get a single-serve coffee maker. This type of machine is very easy to maintain and clean, thus proving to be a great asset. All types of coffee flavors can be made and the whole operating process is extremely easy to learn. Often just a one-button control is fitted to the machine.

The second category you can go for is the drip coffee maker, the most common one used. With it you will be able to brew up to 12 cups of coffee for your family or your guests. The most important things to look forward to in such a coffee maker are:

– programmable brewing options;

– the pause option, allowing you to stop the brewing process to pour yourself a cup;

– the automatically shut off feature, if the machine has been idle for some time;

– the drip free pouring from its carafe.


Best Coffee Maker for Cappuccino


DeLonghi EC155 15-BAR Pump Espresso/Cappuccino Maker


For people who want the best coffee maker for cappuccino, the DeLonghi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is always a great choice. This machine easily delivers cappuccino and latte preparations with the supplied swivel jet frother, ensuring delicious coffee beverage every time. You can use convenient pods or ground coffee thanks to the exclusive dual function filter holder. The machine offers self-priming operation that eliminates annoying start-up preparation, so you can get that first cup quickly. Two separate thermostats allow you to brew espresso at the perfect temperature. The separate thermostats enable independent control from one another of the water and steam pressure. The unit comes with high-quality and durable stainless steel boiler that lets you enjoy delicious espresso for years.

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The features we present, were chosen by us after we read professional coffee makers reviews. The info we have gathered filtered through our experience in this field, has led to the creation of this buying guide.

For cappuccino or espresso, you need to invest in a special kind of coffee maker.  Such machines are more expensive than your regular one, but the tasty end result is worth the extra dollars you pay for one. Also, be advised that they need a higher degree of maintenance in order to work properly. The last option is to go for the simple percolators, the cheapest way to make a cup of coffee. It might take longer, but the results are good enough and the cheap price makes the affordable for almost anyone. Lastly, take a moment of your time and read the best coffee maker reviews. They will present you a lot of alternatives and point out which models have different flaws in their design. After reading them, you will know what you are getting yourself into when buying a certain coffee maker.


Best Coffee Maker for Single Serve


Keurig K60/K65 Special Edition Single-Serve Coffee-Maker


Designed for use with exclusive K-Cups, the Keurig K60/K65 Special Edition Single-Serve Coffee Maker is the genuine best coffee maker for single serve. It is built with one-touch control panel that allows you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in little time. The blue backlit LCD display shows you what the machine is doing or guides you on what step comes next. The digital clock lets you know what time of day it is. The machine has a 60-ounce removable water reservoir that is able to hold up to eight cups before refilling. The removable drip tray allows the use of travel mugs for people who want bigger servings of coffee. It also enables easy cleaning.

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Choosing a type of coffee maker that is appropriate for yourself, is not difficult. If you take into account the details presented, the best coffee maker in 2019 will brew you a tasty cup of coffee. Don’t purchase the first thing you see, look over our reviews and customer reports. After you have checked out every option, then make your decision.


Best Coffee Maker for Under $100


Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker


With a classic brushed metal design, the  Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker is an elegant machine that qualifies as the best coffee maker for under $100. You get value for money with this innovative machine that comes with a 12-Cup carafe outfitted with an ergonomic handle for comfortable, dripless pouring. Its brew pause feature lets you sample a cup of coffee before brewing has been completed. The adjustable heater plate ensures that coffee stays at the temperature you prefer for enjoyment, at low, medium or high. The machine also incorporates 24-hour advance brew start, so you can program it to give you your first cup for the day when you wake up the next day.

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Things to consider:

–          Which caffeine drink it brews;

–          The maximum capacity of it carafe;

–          Drip free pouring;

–          A short time for the brewing process;

–          Easy maintenance options.


Top rated coffee makers in 2019


If you love having coffee, you would definitely benefit from getting your own coffee maker. With this machine, you can enjoy your coffee any time. What is more is that you can actually prepare your coffee exactly the way you want it. After looking on the buying guide, our experts recommend the following products.



Jura-Capresso Impressa C5 Automatic Coffee


Try out this coffee maker if you are looking to get a top quality cup of coffee, with a delicious flavor that you have never savored before in your life. Except regular coffee you can make espressos as well, depending on what you prefer at a certain time. Everything about it is high-tech making the best coffee makers reviews think very highly of its possibilities.




 Engineered with stainless steel ThermoBlock heating system supplemented by the 15-bar pressure pump so users can enjoy full aroma in their high-pressure and strongly cream-layered brewed coffee

 Has a rotary dial that’s easy to use so unit provides coffee or espresso and one or two cups

 Coffee spout has adjustable height between 2.6 inches for a small espresso or a full 4.37 inches for a full-sized or travel mug



 Drip tray tends to fill up quickly


 “Because I am very serious with the quality of my coffee, I went out of my way to get this coffee maker from Jura. For me it had the most complete set of capabilities. This investment has already paid off.” – Amy Griffin

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Hamilton Beach 49980Z Coffee Maker


One of the most popular coffee makers is the Hamilton Beach 49980Z because its quality to price ratio is vastly superior to most other models. It comes with an excellent brewing time and with a large carafe, it is programmable as well, plus durable with its stainless steel frame. You will even have access to direct serving in a travel mug if you need to drink your coffee on the go. The obvious conclusion is that this is one of the best coffee makers in 2019.



 Easily the best single cup coffee maker 2019 for its ability to brew coffee in two ways, either full pot or single serve

 Single serve function allows brewing into a regular-sized or travel-sized mug

 Glass carafe also prepares 12 cups in a single cycle

 Unit has durable stainless steel construction



 Not compatible with K-Cups, only for use with loose coffee grounds and soft pod coffee brands

 Adding cold milk or cream can affect temperature


 “Every magazine recommended me this coffee maker and finally I got it after I read some reviews as well. The coffee it makes is delicious and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase.” – Emma Crawford


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Bunn NHBB home coffee brewer


Best coffee maker reviews

The Bunn NHBB 10 is one reliable coffee maker. It works efficiently, while ensuring that you get only the best tasting coffee. It can easily make 2 to 5 cups of coffee in just three minutes. With this, you and your family get to enjoy coffee with less waiting time. This is definitely perfect especially to busy households. Furthermore, the design for this coffee maker is very well thought out. It comes with a unique and solid sprayhead that helps in controlling flavour and extraction. Aside from that, since it is made of solid stainless internal tank, your coffee stays warm (at 200 degrees Fahrenheit) even after brewing.



 Made for serious coffee drinkers with its four- to ten-cup capacity, or roughly 20 to 50 ounces of coffee per brewing cycle

 Three-minute brewing time is tops in this category

 Glass carafe, illuminated on/off switch and porcelain-coated warming plate let you enjoy perfectly heated brewed coffee

 Coffee flavor extraction is thorough thanks to the special spray head



 Requires initial set-up process to be done when product comes out of the box

 Waiting time of around 15 minutes between pots is recommended


I bought Bunn NHBB home coffee brewer for me and my husband. It makes an excellent cup of coffee in the morning and I can even program it a day ahead for this task. I don’f find it difficult to operate or clean, thus I recommend getting this cheap coffee maker. Also, it can prove to be a nice Xmas gift too. ”  Nicole Aston


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Keurig B70 Platinum brewing system


In today’s fast pace life, the Keurig B70 Platinum brewing system combines convenience and efficiency into their machine without sacrificing great flavour and texture. This coffee maker incorporates professionalism in all its features, which is why you can only expect it to deliver superior and quality coffee. With its single cup home brewing system and use of patented K-cups, Keurig B70 Platinum brewing system works with one touch control that makes this coffee maker one of the easiest to use and operate. Furthermore, it features digital clock and programmable on and off. Aside from these, it also offers 5 well designed brew sized options and adjustable brew temperature that give its users a full control over their coffee.



 Product has landed in many best single cup coffee maker reviews due to being a single-cup home brewing system ideal for use with exclusive K-cups

 Has a smart One-touch Control Panel, a digital clock, easy-to-read blue backlit LCD display and programmable on/off system

60-ounce water reservoir is detachable and blue illuminated

 Offers five brew-size options



 Takes 15 seconds between brews to reheat water

 Requires one-time set-up process to be completed at onset


Two months into using this brewing system and I am extremely pleased with the coffee I drink. This coffee maker is easy to use for me, making me thing its one of the highest rated models available. I see nothing wrong with how it functions, so I must recommend it. It mingt be a bit expensive, but if you look for something like a Black Friday deal, it should be quite cheap.”  Daisy Hodnett


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Presto 02811 stainless steel coffee maker


The Presto 02811 12-Cup stainless steel coffee maker successfully combined great design and functionality. This particular coffee maker definitely proves that having a stylish design does not mean sacrificing features. The Presto 02811 12-Cup stainless steel coffee maker can brew one cup in just one minute, which is definitely time saving and very helpful especially when you have guests. In one brewing, it can make 2 to 12 cups of coffee, so you do not have to worry about not serving enough for everyone. When it comes to design, this coffee maker is nothing but the ordinary. It has a mix of traditional and modern design, which makes it really elegant to look at. With this, the Presto 02811 12-Cup stainless steel coffee maker is never a hard fit to any space design.



 Prepares from two to twelve cups of coffee in as fast as one cup a minute, then keeps brewed coffee consistently hot after

 Designed with easy-pour spout complemented by classic carafe design so users enjoy excellent coffee service

 Durable yet sophisticated stainless steel construction allows easy cleaning while maintaining elegant looks



 Regular brush cleaning of filter basket ensures uniform coffee taste all the time

 Appropriate grind settings should be used every time


I was attracted by the classic design of the Presto 02811. After I looked over its features I bought it and, so far, I am very pleased with the way it’s brewing my favorite coffee. And it didn’t even cost that much, giving me the impression its the best coffee maker for the money I paid for it.”  Jennifer Deane


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Cuisinart CHW-12 coffee maker


If you want maximum functionality, definitely, the Cuisinart CHW-12 coffee plus 12-cup programmable maker is the best one for you. Aside from making great tasting coffee, this device can also make soup, tea, hot chocolate, and espresso very easily and efficiently. With all these, you definitely would not run out of choices for a morning wake-upper or when serving guests. Aside from that, Cuisinart CHW-12 offers an impressive 24 hour programmability feature that makes this device fully automatic. More so, it also has 2 charcoal filters and a permanent gold filter that lets you enjoy nothing less than fresh and delicious coffee every time.



 Has Carafe Temperature Control with a heater plate that has medium, high and low settings so coffee is always heated to the correct temperature

 Has Brew Pause feature that allows user to get a cup of coffee even before brewing cycle is completed

 Gold Tone Filter and Charcoal Water Filter work together to ensure that coffee taste stays consistent and impurities are removed

On/off functions are fully automatic



 Hot water dispenser is not as programmable as the coffee maker

 Safety lock on hot water dispenser may need upgrading


I can easily make a cup of coffee with my Cuisinart CHW-12 in just one minute. There is nothing complicated about it, with its controls being straight-forward. Cleaning it doesn’t prove to a difficult task either. These reasons make me recommend it. If someone asks me which is the best affordable coffee maker, I will nominate this model from Cuisinart.  ”   Joshua Bates


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Mr. Coffee 4-cup coffee maker


The Mr. Coffee 4-cup coffee maker is considered one of the top products in the the best coffee maker reviews available because of it is highly efficient and brews top rated coffee quality. With this coffee maker, expect to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every time you turn this device on. Furthermore, many people also rave how about how easy Mr. Coffee is to operate and use. Its filter basket is removable for easy refilling and cleaning. With this, you get to save time and avoid doing unnecessary actions just to get the job done. Aside from that, it features dual water window that gives its users a full view of the amount of water so you know if it is up for filling. With its size, Mr. Coffee is definitely easy to fit in any kitchen.



 Easy filling and cleaning of detachable filter basket thanks to its lift-out system

 Feature that allows brew-pause-‘n-serve to give one cup of coffee even before brew cycle is finished

 Accurate filling is assured with dual water window that shows quantity of water in tank

 Warming plate is stain resistant and easy to clean



 Carafe needs to be redesigned for effortless and safe  pouring to the last drop

 Unit requires initial set-up procedure to remain consistent in brewing quality


I give Mr. Coffee 4-cup coffee maker 5 stars for the excellent coffee it manages to brew for me, every single day. This way I get a good energy boost, before I start my day. And I need a lot of energy because my 4 year old daughter is hyperactive.  ”  Jacqueline Sines


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