How to Buy the Best Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is quickly becoming a popular dietary supplement, and is associated with several health benefits. It can improve the appearance and health of your hair and skin, along with increasing energy levels and help you manage your weight. There are some aspects to consider and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you choose the best coconut oil in 2020.

Best Coconut Oil


The best coconut oil reviews suggest first deciding on the size of the container. Your budget and the reason you are taking the natural oil will help you make the right decision for your lifestyle and health needs. While larger containers do cost more, it might be worth it if you plan on frequently using the oil in your healthy recipes. Smaller, inexpensive bottles are ideal if you plan on only adding a few drops to your favorite conditioner or moisturizers, and the compact size is also ideal for frequent travelers.



As stated in the best coconut oil reviews there are two types to consider, and each has its own advantages. If you plan on using the oil for cooking or frying you might want to consider one that is “refined”. It is able to withstand higher temperatures, and has a high amount of MCTS or healthy fatty acids. Unrefined coconut oil is generally listed as “virgin” or “extra virgin” and it does have a slight taste that won’t work well in most recipes. It is ideal for adding to toothpastes, conditions, moisturizers and even drinks so you can still receive all of the healthy benefits.


Extraction Method

You also want to consider the method used to extra the coconut oil, though this will generally depend on your personal preference. Cold and expeller pressed oils are extracted with temperatures that can range up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit which often leaves a slight “toasted” flavor behind. Centrifuge extraction methods use lower temperatures so the flavor is much less noticeable, which is ideal if the oil will be used for cooking.  How you are going to use the coconut oil, along with personal taste will help you choose the right one for your health.


Top Rated Coconut Oils in 2020


While we can’t choose the right product for you, we can show you the top rated coconut oils for 2020. Created for a variety of uses, including weight management, maybe one of these oils is exactly what you need to improve your health.


Viva Labs Extra Virgin


1.Viva Labs Extra VirginAfter one look at the label you will know that you are getting a completely natural product. The coconut oil is free from any chemicals and other harmful ingredients, and it is “organic certified” by the USDA. The oil is manufactured from Viva Labs and each coconut is carefully selected to ensure maximum health benefits.

This extra virgin coconut oil can help increase energy levels, and improve the health and appearance of your skin and hair. The MCTs (beneficial fatty acids) contained in the coconut oil can help you manage your weight and increase stamina. As an added bonus the oil can also help your body metabolize important nutrients that are necessary for overall good health.

Since it is able to handle high temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a mild taste, it is ideal to use in cooking and makes a healthy substitute for butter. The unrefined oil is extracted using the cold pressed method which gives it the subtle flavor and ability to withstand heat. Certified as kosher and free from any bleach, pesticides and trans fat, this coconut oil might be exactly what you are looking for to improve your overall health and appearance.

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Majestic Pure Fractionate


2.Majestic Pure FractionateWhether you want to moisturized and hydrate dry skin or relax and unwind with aromatherapy, this natural coconut oil might be exactly what you are looking for. The 16 oz bottle contains 100 percent fractionated pure coconut oil, and does not include any harmful ingredients. The slender bottle is the ideal size for frequent travelers who want to stay healthy and look their best on the go, and with the included money back guarantee it is the perfect choice for first time users.

This coconut oil is fractionated, which means it only contains what is referred to as “medium chain triglycerides”. The process removes all of the fatty acids except for the beneficial ones, and leaves behind a clear and odorless oil with plenty of health and beauty benefits.

You can improve the health of your gums with just a few drops on your toothbrush or smooth over chapped lips for quicker healing. It can also be easily mixed in with your favorite shampoo to nourish your hair, and be used to gently remove stubborn makeup. When used in aromatherapy it can help you relax, while easing stress and tension. You will also appreciate its non greasy feel so you can use this coconut oil as an effective moisturizer.

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Nature’s Way Extra Virgin


3.Nature's Way Extra VirginManufactured by one of the leading names in the industry and certified as organic by the USDA, it is not hard to see why this is one of the best selling products on Amazon. The 32 oz container contains 100 percent natural coconut oil, and is considered an excellence source of beneficial fatty acids.

The label boasts “62 percent MCTs” so the oil can effectively improve energy levels and stamina, along with helping you to manage your weight. The medium chain triglycerides can also help your body efficiently metabolize important nutrients that are essential to your continue good health. The unrefined oil can be used in liquid or solid, and since it begins to melt at 76 degrees Fahrenheit it can easily be used as a healthy alternative to butter in your recipes.

Since this top coconut oil is in a semi solid form it is easy and convenient to use. The mild taste is ideal for use with most recipes, and you’ll love how easy it is to melt. With so many uses for this product it’s not hard to see why it remains a favorite with consumers.

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