Top rated clock radios in 2019


The clock radios are great for your bedroom, standing besides your bed and waking you in the morning in a pleasant way so you don`t oversleep and are late for work. If you are looking for such a clock you must keep in mind that it is not that simple to find the best solution because there are a lot of choices out there. These next options are well thought of and prove to be the top clock radios in 2019.


How to get the best clock radio – Professional buying guide


clradMillions of people around the world wake up in the morning in order to get to work and earn an honest living. This is why we are not surprised to see so many searches for reliable clock radios, designed to help them wake up. The market is more than generous when it comes to professional clock radios, offering comfortable ways to wake up, morning after morning. So, the question is how you can find the best product, suited to become your daily assistant. Now, you should consult with attention some of the best clock radios reviews, written down by satisfied users and technicians. As the coolest morning gadgets out there, alarm clocks will guide you better to work, ensuring the ideal sleep patterns.

Clock radios are very popular in the United States of America because permits people to set out alarm sounds, music playing, programs present on the radio or the traditional alarms. One thing is certain such devices come with various features a built-in AM and FM radio tuner, for audio comfort during every minute of each morning. With the best clock radios in 2019 you will be able to enjoy a personalized “wake-up” with no problems whatsoever. You can choose to wake in style, on your favourite music, program or an annoying alarm that wakes you up in the morning. Heavy sleepers need a more direct push to wake up. Why do you think so many people love clock radios? Well, most of the modern clock radios features high entertainment functions such as CD players and battery backup. For example you will be able to play your favourite song, set out hours for the next morning.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Alarm Type Price Display Tuner Technology Customer Rating Where to buy

Sony ICF-C318

Dual $$ 0.9″ green LED Analog A+ AMAZON

Sony ICF-CD815

Dual $$$$ 1.4″ green LED Analog A AMAZON

Sony ICF-218

Single $$$ 0.9″ green LED Analog B AMAZON

Timex T227

Single $$$ 0.9″ green LED Digital B AMAZON

Emerson CKS1702

Single $$ 0.9″ green LED Digital B AMAZON


You need to consult some of the best clock radios reviews in order to narrow things down to one single product. Radios come in a wide range of styles and sizes, occupying an important place in your bedroom. This gadget is probably the first thing you see in the morning so you’d better pick right. There are clock radios designed especially for children, others for adults. Some gadgets come in different styles, with lightweight designs and various linings which blend easier in dorm rooms. You might also want to take into account certain factors about clock radios, designed to safely respond well when morning comes. Out of the current best clock radios in 2019 you can pick out a great product, designed with a couple of features. Now, take into account that a clock radio should come with present memory for radio stations, dual alarms, automatic light display dimming, backup battery power, gradual increase of volume and compact disc player.

In the present, there are many clock radios designed to become your daily assistant each morning. There are bedroom and living rooms radios which can blend with ease in the surroundings. Modern clock radios represent a great addition to any home, one that responds well to your daily needs. With the right alarm radio you won’t have to worry about missing a day of work!


Things to consider:

–          Special design in accordance with range, placement and genre

–          Advanced functions for CD, AM/FM access

–          Type of clock radios with single or dual alarms

–          Personalization system for morning wake-ups

–          Design, weight and power consumption



Sony ICF-C318 Clock Radio


Best clock radio reviewsA great choice for your home will prove to be the Sony ICF-C318 with its very good features which will get you out of your bed and off to work. I absolutely love the huge display that shows the time, so even a blind man can see it. It has a very small size so it doesn`t practically take up any room at all. The alarm can be set to a high or low volume depending on how much of a heavy sleeper you are.



Built-in AM antenna and external FM wire antenna save time and money on a separately-purchased radio tuner and an alarm clock unit

User can sleep to their favorite radio or music program by optimizing the auto shut-off timer, or wake up to the same with a snooze/repeat alarm element

User can wake up to the radio or use the gentle wake system on the buzzer alarm

With back-up for the battery to ensure correct time at all times, and integrated auxiliary input connection cord for use with portable devices



Dimmer button may not dim the LED display low enough for some users

No automatic DST feature


Sony ICF-C318 Clock Radio is my best buddy in the morning. It really wakes me up. especially when I need to go to work as early as possible. It’s small in size, so it doesn’t take too much room on my night desk.” Carl Knouse


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Sony ICF-CD815 Clock Radio


The Sony ICF-CD815 is another good solution for you which also comes with a CD player too. This means you will have the opportunity to program it so that you wake up to your favorite track and thus starting the day in the best way possible. The hughe 1.4” green LED is clearly visable from a disctance. I like the fact that it is equipped with large buttons which are very easy to use.



Features not just an AM/FM tuner but also plays CD-R/RW discs to allow custom mixes from an existing music collection so the right music can always be enjoyed at various points during the day

1.4-inch green LED enables easy visibility of the display, no matter what lighting conditions there may be whether at midnight or in broad daylight

User can easily set two distinct wake-up times using individual alarm settings, featuring the buzzer, radio or CD music to wake the user up

Extendable snooze feature allows choosing of snooze times instead of being limited by short intervals between snooze periods



More expensive than other models despite being the best Sony clock radio many times

Radio is analog and there’s no battery back-up


Sony ICF-CD815 Clock Radio is easy to use if compared to other clock radios I have seen in the market. It has large buttons  and has instructions that are easily to be read. But most importantly this clock radio gets me up in the morning.” Elizabeth Bradley


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Sony ICF-218 Clock Radio


The best clock radio reviews will recommend to you to use the Sony ICF-218 because it has all the necessary characteristics to get you up in the early mornings. The 0.9-inch LED display shows the time in a shade of green which is very visible from across the room. I was pleased to see that in case the AC power has problems it has battery backup so your clock doesn`t lose track of the correnct time.



Automatic time set makes it easy for the clock radio to remember user’s frequently-used alarm times, with automatic daylight savings time taken into consideration so user is never late for important appointments no matter what time of year

Battery backup ensures that correct time is always set on the clock, with no excuses for battery life running low or empty

Green LED display measures 0.9 inch and glows brightly even in low light conditions

Has AM/FM radio feature so user can wake up to their favorite musuc or radio program at the precise times, with built-in calendar and easy alarm setting so user is always certain of the date and time



Only one alarm can be set at a time

Buttons are a bit tiny


I can easily see the time because of the LED light on Sony ICF-218 Clock Radio. Even if it’s placed in the darkest part of the room, I can clearly see it. I also like the design and I recommend it if you have trouble getting up in the morning. It has an affordable price and I think it’s the best clock radio I could have bought for the money I spent. ” Millie Han


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Timex T227 Clock Radio


I came to like the Timex T227 because it had great features which made me wake up in a pleasant way in the morning. You have the choice to whether wake up to an alarm that gains volume gradually or to your preferred radio station. It has also battery back up in case something goes wrong to its connection with the house`s electric system. There is an auto-shut off timer in case you want to fall asleep listening to music. The best clock radio reviews give it a thumbs up.



May not be the best Sony clock radio but still comes with a lot of solid-state features including a large 0.9-inch green LED display that has dimmer control

Has AM/FM radio tuner with built-in AM antenna plus an external FM wire antenna, for space saving versatility and functionality without having to purchase a radio separately

User can sleep to the radio function with an auto-shut-off timer and a snooze or repeat alarm

Alarm can be set to a gradual buzzer or to a favorite radio program, eliminating jolted-awake conditions



Basic quality of radio sound

Lack of MP3 player interface


I give a 5 stars rating to Timex T227 Clock Radio. I can sleep easily with this radio clock as this can play the right kind of music. It can also wake me up in the morning through an alarm or a radio program. The clock radio is perfect for when I have to wake up for work and I even got it at for a Black Friday discount which made its price to be under $20.” Linda Klopp


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Emerson CKS1702 Clock Radio


One of the top clock radios in 2019 is the Emerson CKS1702 which will make sure you get up and go to work. The three alarm modes were the reasons while I bought this radio clock and they didn`t disappoint one bit. It has every day, weekdays only and weekends only alarms. To program the alarm is an easy task, thanks to the simple and intuitive controls. Wake up to your favorite radio so you will have a positive mood throughout the day.



Features battery back-up so there is never any excuse to show up late for work when battery life runs low or empty

Unit can automatically adjust to both leap year and Daylight Savings Time settings, eliminating missed appointments and late show up

Battery back-up with Sure Alarm technology to ensure that alarm activates even when power is out and to provide seamless telling of time without guesswork

Users can choose from three different alarm modes every day, on weekdays and on weekends only, so repeated setting is not needed



LED display has no dimmer control

Time can’t be set to the minute or hour quickly as there is a need to cycle forwards and backwards through a 24-hour time span


Emerson CKS1702 Clock Radio is one of the highest rated models in my opinion. I use its 3 alarms for different hours of the mornings and I never have been late for work because I didn’t hear them. I recommend this clock radio from Emerson because it’s one of the most reliable models on the market. I think this is going to be the perfect Christmas gift for one of my friends because she has a hard time waking up.” Edna Garcia


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