If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best cleansing conditioners money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered as much information as possible on the best cleansing conditioners by looking into owner feedback and expert review sites. This intensive research and product comparison has helped us find the best product on the market that is good for your hair, the As I Am Coconut Cowash. Out of all the products we’ve looked at, it is the best because of its easy-to-spread formulation that ensures the product will get evenly distributed to every section of your hair, optimizing the many benefits it can give your locks. This cleansing conditioner ensures that the unique blend of natural ingredients gets easily integrated into every hair strand to make detangling more effortless. Your hair and scalp are gently cleansed, transforming your hair to make it gorgeous, tangle-free and shiny as well as touchably soft and smooth. If the As I Am Coconut Cowash is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option, the DevaCare No-Poo No-Fade.



Comparison Table


Product Size (oz) Price Hair type Scent Our Rating Where to buy

As I Am Coconut Cowash

16 $$ All types Fresh Coconut A+ AMAZON

DevaCurl No-Poo

12 $$$$ Frizzy & Curly Peppermint and Turkish Rose A AMAZON

Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition

12 $$$ Normal Citrus Creme B AMAZON

Lisa Rachel Sulfate Free

12 $$$ Damaged Tea Tree Oil & Avocado B+ AMAZON

L’Oreal Paris EverCreme

8.3 $$ All types Camelina C+ AMAZON



A buying guide


Your hair says a lot about you, so it is important that you do not neglect that part of your body that serves as your crowning glory. You can get salon-like results if you choose the right hair care product suitable for your specific hair type. The sheer number of products on the market can easily get overwhelming, but if you know what to look for, you could have gorgeous-looking tresses like those models in shampoo commercials.

As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

Suitable for your Hair Type

Adding a cleansing conditioner to your hair care regimen enables you to refresh and balance your hair without causing further damage, which can happen when the natural oils and nutrients in your hair get depleted or stripped away because of the various other hair products you use. Otherwise known as a co-wash, conditioner-only wash or conditioning wash, a cleansing conditioner comes with a detergent-free formulation so it’s ultimately safer to use every day. The various types of natural oils in its formulation work well with the other natural ingredients to ensure the perfect balance that can make hair shiny, strong and supple. This is unlike ordinary shampoos that only cause damage, breakage and dryness.

The best thing about conditioning cleansers is they are formulated for all types of hair. They can be used for damaged hair, for relaxed hair, even for fine hair. For dry hair, a cleansing conditioner could add back moisture to your locks with its essential oil formulation. The cleansing conditioner cleans, hydrates and conditions the hair in just one step. For oily hair, especially extremely oily locks, cleansing conditioners are not recommended because of the natural oils in their formulation. Do consult a physician first before using a co-wash if you have scalp conditions such as dermatitis.


Premium Formulation

The ideal cleansing conditioner formula does not contain the damaging ingredients that strip away the natural moisture of your hair. Those harsh ingredients may make your hair feel squeaky clean, but they do it too harshly that you can begin to experience hair loss too early. Your hair texture and abundance will eventually change with age of course, making your tresses wiry, fragile, dry, coarse and thin with time, so you will have to do less frequent shampooing. However, early onset of hair damage due to age is not a good sign.

A good quality co-wash is free from soaps and sulfates that harshly remove impurities. Preservatives such as parabens are also not in it. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer, early puberty, even decreased sperm levels. Paraben is a preservative that allows various products such as cosmetics, shampoos, moisturizers, pharmaceuticals, deodorants and even food to last for months or years. However, it can get into your body via your skin.

Your co-wash should be free from silicones, which are not good for dandruff because they can accumulate on the surface of the hair to create build-ups. Some co-washes are an excellent blend of the ‘no-poo’ cleansing agent and a heavy conditioner that settles on the hair and can gradually get into the roots. The formula has to be rinsed thoroughly since it could cause unwanted buildup with time. The more advanced cleansing conditioner formulas employ a unique dual formula that combines cleansing and conditioning and will melt into the hair while being able to draw impurities out quickly to prevent heavy buildups. Many are designed for specific hair types. Thus, there will be a co-wash best for colored hair and there will be another for curly hair. Antioxidant fruit complexes are just one of the healthful additives in co-washes that prevent hair damage effectively.



Easy to Use

A good co-wash is easy to use. You simply apply it and then massage it to your scalp thoroughly for a few minutes. Then, you comb the product through your hair using a wide-tooth comb to ensure even distribution. You go on showering and rinse out the co-wash with lukewarm water just before you’re done. Turn the shower off, then towel dry and style your hair as usual. It’s really that easy. You will want the co-wash to be easy to spread all over your hair while ensuring easy detangling. It should hydrate and soften your hair without causing your hair color to fade, making it best for colored hair. There should be no leftover oil or greasy residue on your scalp.

DevaCare No-Poo No-Fade Zero Lather Cleanser

There are co-washes that foam up for those who can’t imagine giving up that unique sudsy-clean feeling. These types of products come with non-sulfate foaming agents that make them easy to work through the hair. That being said, they do not strip away hair’s natural moisture and luster.



Top rated cleansing conditioners in 2021


There are a huge number of cleansing conditioners on the market, and this could overwhelm the buyer to complicate decision making. Hopefully, with the information in the buying guide above, you would be able to enjoy a smoother buying journey and make a sensible buy. We highlight the best cleansing conditioners on the market below.



As I Am Coconut Cowash


Best Cleansing Conditioners ReviewsThe top rated cleansing conditioners reviews recommend this particular one because of its excellent composition which will get rid of any unwanted substances still in your hair while you are in the shower. It will prove to be your secret weapon against tangled hair and for the fast cleansing of your scalp and hair. To apply it just gently rub the scalp like you would when applying shampoo and it will get straight to work. Another advantage is the decent price range for such an effective conditioner.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($13.33)




DevaCurl No-Poo


Dry and damaged hair, plus the scalp can be dealt with the simple use of this cleanser which because it has excellent results after just a few times using it is considered by many one of the best cleansing conditioners in 2021. Just put a particular amount in your palms, then massage the scalp for a certain period, rinse well and your hair has been moisturized again, tough curls being removed. 12 ounces will be used over a long time, so don’t think you will use it just 2-3 times and then it will be empty.



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Pantene Pro-V Damage Repair

1.Pantene Pro-V Damage Repair Cleansing Conditioner

Too much blow drying can cause hair damage due to heat styling, but the Pantene Pro-V Damage Repair provides an effective means to do damage control. It has a thick formula that smooths the hair cuticles and deeply conditions your tresses to make your hair easy to style. Your hair will feel amazingly soft after just one use. Best for all hair types, this conditioning cleanser can even be used for color-treated hair. It contains sweet almond oil that controls hair loss and makes hair long and shiny. To give you a beautiful finish, this co-wash combines gentle cleansing with intense conditioning. Its gentle low-lather formula cleans like your shampoo without stripping away the natural moisture of your hair.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($6.99)




Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition


Healthy hair will shine and be elastic but for this you need to nourish it accordingly with different kinds of products and one of these should be the Salon Grafix cleansing conditioner. This particular one doesn’t attack your color formula, on the contrary managing to defend it and allowing it to look like new for a longer time. It has a pleasant citrus smell as well which will impress even the pickiest of noses. All types of hair are accessible to it as well.



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Lisa Rachel Sulfate Free


The Lisa Rachel Conditioner & cleanser is another fine choice for your hair being made from avocado and tea tree oil. This combination is ideal for dry, maybe even damaged hair, eliminating all the negative substances from it so it can regenerate and become smooth as silk once more. The quality to price ratio is also a thing to look for, because you won’t get something this good at such a low price too often. Being sulfate free is another thing to look forward to.



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L’Oreal Paris EverCreme


The best cleansing conditioners reviews have singled out the fact that the L’Oreal Paris EverCreme is just the thing for hydrating your hair, if it is dry after using some other products. It contains Omega 3 and 6 which help strengthen your hair and at the same time keep it moist, so dry hair won’t become an issue for you. It doesn’t matter which hair type you have this conditioner will work its magic on all types.  Also you must know that it is made from natural substances, nothing artificial.



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