Top rated chocolate fountains in 2018


Desserts are loved by anyone and like all other types of food they can be diverse. Chocolate is one dessert you can go for, coming in many different flavors and being served in more than one way. A lot of households nowadays have started buying chocolate fountains, which give you the opportunity to have an excellent tasting dessert. The next five models have been selected after consulting the best chocolate fountains reviews and if you will decide to purchase one, you will have melted chocolate at your disposal always.


Wilton 2104-9008 Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain


Best Chocolate fountains reviewsProbably the most common chocolate fountain you will be able to find is Wilton 2104-9008. It is such a successful model because it has proven to be reliable in the past, impressing its customers. With it you will have access to melted chocolate, in which you can dip strawberries and many other tasty treats. The maximum capacity it has is 4 pounds, but keep in mind that the actual chocolate is sold separately. The top chocolate fountains reviews consider it to be the very best product which can be purchased today.

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Sephra Select CF16E-SST Home Fondue Fountain


Sephra Select fondue fountain can be yours for a very low price and with its help you can enjoy desserts with molded chocolate on them. While it’s functioning, it won’t produce a loud noise like other chocolate fountains, having a very quiet operation. The basin is made out of high quality stainless steel, which will make sure it will last for many years. There was no surprise when it was voted one of the best chocolate fountains in 2018.

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Sephra Classic CF18L-SST Home Fondue Fountain


If you have a soft spot for chocolate then you need to purchase Sephra Classic fondue fountain, which has some nice features to bring to you warm molded chocolate. Its skewers are made from metal and will come in 6 different colors. Most of its parts are dishwasher safe, so cleaning them will never become an issue, taking time and effort. The 6 pond capacity is something to look forward to as well and the best chocolate fountains reviews are impressed by this feature.

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Nostalgia Electrics CFF-960 Chocolate Fondue Fountain


For a very affordable price you will be able to buy this chocolate fondue fountain, so you can have cookies, marshmallows and many more with delicious molded chocolate. This compact device won’t take up much space at all in your kitchen and will hold up to 2 pounds of chocolate. The central dial controls the heat settings and the motor as well. For enhancing the taste of your desserts you should consider getting it and we recommend it as an excellent choice.

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Chef Buddy 82-HE507 Chocolate Fountain


To get Chef Buddy 82-HE507 is a very good idea if you want to diversify the desserts you love so much. The chocolate fountain won’t even cost you too much and won’t need any special maintenance, just constant flow of chocolate . Around 22 ounces of chocolate can be melted by it, which is more than enough for one generous desert combined with cookies or strawberries for example. Also, in the design the fountain has 3 tiers.

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