Top rated charger pads in 2019


Smartphones come with a huge disadvantage when it comes to battery life. Some offer just a few hours of continuous use after which they need to recharge. Because that action needs to be repeated over and over, the connectors tend to deteriorate and even stop working after a while. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations our experts recommend you buy a charger bad. It saves you the trouble of plugging in your phone every time you need to recharging and in some occasions can handle even other wireless devices that need charging. Choosing the right charger is complicated because of the many options available. We’ve gone through the best charger pad reviews currently available and made a list of five products which should soothe most of your basic smartphone needs.


Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 Qi Compatible Wireless Charging Pad


Best charger pad reviewsThe Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. It is one very stylish gadget which requires a very stylish recharging method. Samsung’s wireless recharger is currently considered the best charger pad in 2019. It is designed with the S4 in mind but it can also work with any other Qi-compatible devices. It is very efficient and it incorporates LED technology to let you know your phone is properly set for charging. It works even if your phone is fitted inside a flip-cover. It is compact and it uses very little energy. It will automatically stop working when your smartphone is fully charged.

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CHOE UPGRADED Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad


If versatility is the thing you value most when on the market for the best charger pad in 2019, you should consider Choetech’s charging pad. It can interact with dozens of the most popular smartphones currently available in stores. It has a minimalistic design and it takes up very little space. It uses a blue light to let you know if your phone is charging or not. It is compatible with Samsung phones and all iPhones up to the 5S. It works with Nokia phones and also with Nexus and HTC gadgets which are fully Qi compatible.

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LuguLake Qi-Enabled Wireless Standard Charger


This is one of the most affordable charging pads on the market. It not only comes with a low price tag but it also provides a fast recharging session without involving any wired connection between it and your smartphone. It is designed to prevent heat from building up while your phone is recharging. This is quite an impressive feature considering several other more expensive similar gadgets don’t offer such benefits. Despite costing under $20, it also comes with two separate indicators each with its own purpose and an included micro USB cable used to connect the charger to the power outlet. One last thing worth mentioning is that this device is compatible with all Qi-compliant gadgets.

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PowerBot PB1020 Qi Enabled Wireless Charger Inductive Charging Pad Station


This is, according to the best charger pad reviews available both on and offline, one of the most reliable and efficient gadgets of its kind. It is very compact but at the same time very fast. It comes in several colors so you can best complement your smartphone. You will be able to use it with all of the Qi-compliant smartphones including Apple products. It is a plug and use device and it immediately lights up to tell you what the charging status of your phone is. When it is finished, it will go into idle mode so you will save energy.

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Powermat Two Position Mat for Wireless Device


Power Mat’s charging gadget is one of the top rated charger pads in 2019. It is extremely efficient and compact considering it is destined to work with two smartphones at once. This is what sets this device apart from others besides its great design and decent price tag. With this particular charger you will be able to wirelessly recharge two different phones at once, regardless of their manufacturer. It comes with a special feature that prevents overcharging and it will help you save energy as it is designed to stop its activity as soon as the smartphone is fully charged.

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