How to Buy One of the Best Ceiling Fans Made in USA


Consistently providing an effective means of supplementing home heating and cooling, the best ceiling fan delivers efficient air circulation in the modern American home. The quiet whirl of its blades makes the ceiling fan evoke memories of days gone past when everything was simpler and more slow paced. It is important that the investment you make on a ceiling fan be worth it. How else can you enjoy its many benefits if you don’t pay attention to the basics?

Before going out to the shops or visiting any online store, take note of the most important considerations for buying a ceiling fan.


What to look for when buying a ceiling fan?


Right Size and Height

Take note of the size of the longest wall in the room where the unit is to be installed. A wall that is less than 10 feet will require a ceiling fan of 36 inches width or less. A fan that is 40 to 48 inches wide is perfect for a room with a longest wall between 12 and 15 feet. A fan that is at least 52 inches wide fits neatly into a room whose longest wall measures more than 15 feet.

If you don’t give allowance for a downrod, you may not be able to properly install even the best ceiling fan made in US when the room has a vaulted or high ceiling. The downrod lets you bring the ceiling fan to the ideal 8 or 9 feet height from the floor. A flush-mount fan can be put up on ceilings that are 8 feet high or less. A ceiling fan with a light kit may need the downrod to be reduced in length.


Installation Rating

What is the best ceiling fan made in US? It is one which installs easily to replace an existing fan. It is also a product that ensures that you adhere to any local building codes. You can consult a licensed electrician about the installation of the unit. A ceiling fan that is to be installed on a patio or porch has to be rated for outdoor use. This type of fan is uniquely manufactured to withstand the elements.

An outdoor-rated ceiling fan can be installed indoors, but one that is rated for indoor use can’t be set up outdoors.


Functional Features

An Energy Star-certified ceiling fan saves on heating and cooling costs with its reliable efficiency in electricity use. Units outfitted with LED light kits offer two-in-one functionality. A fan brace is a junction box made stronger than a light fixture support box, and that can support the fan’s weight, along with an attached light kit. A temperature adjustment feature helps maximize comfort and energy efficiency. A remote control is convenient, although a wall control to dim the lights, turn the lights and fan on and off or adjust the fan speed can be sufficient.


Top Rated Ceiling Fans Made in USA in 2018


Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno


1.Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno Ceiling FanStill looking for the best ceiling fans for bedroom? Your search definitely ends here with the Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno Ceiling Fan. Outfitted with an oil-rubbed bronze finish motor, this fan boasts a contemporary design that will surely make any bedroom look stylish and uniquely cool. The 52-inch blade span provides wide coverage, covering a large room adequately to keep it sufficiently cool or warm, depending on the season. The 12-degree blade pitch ensures powerful delivery of circulated air to every corner of the room.

The reversible medium maple and dark walnut finished blades exude an unmatched appeal in the modern bedroom. The integrated etched lens light has a dimmable LED design that allows you to turn the lights down low or have them really lit up for any purpose. For added convenience, the Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno Ceiling Fan ships with a handheld remote control, allowing you to adjust its settings without having to walk to the wall switch.

This corded electric appliance comes with batteries for the remote, so you won’t have to make an added purchase. The lifetime motor warranty ensures top quality and premium craftsmanship. The Minka Aire F1000-ORB Dyno Ceiling Fan comes with one six-inch downrod for higher ceilings, plus an 80-inch lead wire to enable installation.

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Westinghouse 7871500 Contempra IV


2.Westinghouse 7871500 Contempra IV Indoor Ceiling FanFor people who want something more powerful than a regular 2 blade ceiling fan, the Westinghouse 7871500 Contempra IV is the perfect buy. Adding stylish comfort to any home, the Westinghouse 7871500 Contempra IV is a compact hugger fan engineered with three fan speeds, so you can choose from low, medium and high for your cooling needs. The reversible switch ensures that the room remains cool in the summer and adequately warm in the winter. The reversible switch also helps you save on cooling and heating costs the whole year round.

The Westinghouse 7871500 Contempra IV is given a smart white finish, which complements the reversible white/white washed pine blades and the frosted ribbed glass shades to nicely brighten up any room. With its low profile, the ceiling fan distributes air evenly up to 360 square feet. The hugger mount style is ideal for low ceilinged rooms. The light kit works well with four separately bought candelabra-based G16 1/2 or torpedo light bulbs.

This lighting fan from Westinghouse is made to last. It has limited lifetime and 15-year warranties. Tested to meet rigorous specifications, the Westinghouse 7871500 Contempra IV comes with an energy-saving motor that powers the fan to deliver as it is designed to.

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Hampton Bay Hugger


3.Hampton Bay Hugger Ceiling FanConstructed as a true hugger fan, this model has a low profile that makes it the ideal solution to homes where ceiling height is an issue. It has a flush-mount installation that places the unit really close to the ceiling to ensure safe and effective day-to-day operation. The Hampton Bay Hugger Ceiling Fan is built with reversible blades, which allow you to have them rotate in a clockwise mode to circulate cool air during the hot months. Then, when the days turn colder, you can make the blades run in a counterclockwise direction to bring heated air from your household heating system into the various corners of the room.

The Hampton Bay Hugger Ceiling Fan has a traditional, classic white finish that is amply supplemented by the equally lovely bleached-oak and white finish of the blades. White always brightens up any space, and the ceiling fan’s unmistakable charm shines through in its beautiful white color. Adding even more elegance to the entire ceiling fan is the opal frosted dome light fixture, which enhances the product’s overall look like a simple jewel.

Perfect for interior rooms measuring up to 20 feet by 20 feet, the Hampton Bay Hugger Ceiling Fan provides a quiet operation, so you can rest without being disturbed by a noisy appliance.

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