Top rated cash registers in 2019


Every small business needs a professional cash register, capable of holding and receiving money with limited effort. In order for a local store to be productive the cash register needs to keep pace with the cash flow. Fortunately there are many types of models available on the market, worth using on a daily basis. Since this is quite an important purchase we decided to help people discover the right product by testing 20 of the most popular cash registers available on the market. After 3 days of attentive tests on functionality, utility and design we managed to draft the best cash register reviews on five special models!


Sharp XEA207 Menu Based Control System Cash Register


Best cash register reviewsOut of the many types of cash registers available on the market we recommend the XEA207 model from Sharp! This device will help people manage better cash flow through the unique menu-based control system. Due to this advanced control system, people will be able to take cash and release receipts in seconds. It incorporates a stylish 3.7 inch LCD operator display and 4 programmable tax rates which maintain the business productivity going strong. It includes 99 pre-programmed department options which enable users set proper price and receipt connection. Furthermore the cash register features a SD Card slot which comes in handy while transferring data to PCs.

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Royal 500DX Cash Register


Most of the current best cash register reviews underline the smooth functionality of the 500DX model from Royal. This advanced office device is a full cash-management system which helps any cashier to handle money with great ease. The cash register has a user-friendly design with fully programmable settings like 8 clerk unit (999 Price Look-Ups) and also 16 departments. It is the ultimate organizer and manager between product, price and receipts. The 500DX cash register has a stylish design which makes it great on any desk. It features a large LCD display that helps the operator view easier the numbers entered.

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Sharp XEA107 Entry Level Cash Register


One of the best Cash register in 2019 comes from Sharp, the XEA107 Entry Level. This model is present in thousands of American local businesses. Known for its capacity to balance the relation between work productivity and client receptivity this cash register uses advanced technology in order to manage cash easier. It is perfect for small businesses, where owners need a reliable register that performs well. This cash register incorporates key functions like key strokes, key tops and also external bill trays for fast money management. It comes equipped with locking cash drawer with 4-slot bill and 5 slot removable coin trays.

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Casio SE-G1SC-RD Electronic Cash Register


Finding the best Cash register in 2019 takes time since so many products are available on the market today. For small business owners that are in need of a reliable cash register and don’t know what to choose we recommend the SE-G1SC-RD from Casio. Why should anyone opt for this particular model? Well, it comes equipped with rear LCD customer display which maintains the cash transaction transparent. As a result there is no room for unwanted questions. Furthermore the cash register features an anti-microbial keyboard that comes in handy for health and safety reasons. This model from Casio offers 8 to 24 department settings for proper cash/product management.

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Casio PCR-T2300 Electronic Cash Register


It is pretty stressful looking for a brand new cash register. Still, no business can run without the use of a professional register. A top rated Cash register in 2019 comes from Casio, the PCR-T2300 Electronic model. Reuniting style with utility, this advanced cash register has 10-line LCD which helps operators manage different transactions with limited effort. It records up to 5 items once the transaction subtotal and price is entered. This special model offers 2×20 pop-up rear client confirmation display, which shows the following: product name, transaction and price. The model includes a useful SD card slot that ensures backup or even re-loads.

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