What vacuums clean pet hair


In the present there are millions of American families that own one or two dogs. Taking care of such precious animals is done with love and consideration. Yet, pets have a tendency of shedding hair all over the place. Since people often take their furry friends with them, the inside of the car suffers. Dander and hair follicles become troublesome residents of the vehicle. If you are a person that loves to drive a clean car then it is time to find a good and cheap car vacuum for pet hair and dander. There are powerful handheld cleaners which can keep car interiors clean and free of mess.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners convenience and utility are more than important for quick results. We were able to attentively consult reviews on the best car vacuum models and discovered three major traits that need to be present in your future product.


  • HEPA filter

A good cleaner is comprised of many interlinked components, which work together in order to efficiently clean. According to our data it seems that the HEPA filter is extremely important in removing dust, debris, dander and pet hair. With an advanced filtering system like HEPA, the vacuum cleaner captures from different areas of the car small particles. People that suffer from asthma will do great to use car cleaners with HEPA filters. The micron filter provides a safe and high level of filtration which leaves absolutely nothing behind. It is important to use a car cleaner that safely cleans every inch of the vehicle.

  • Brush agitator with cleaning sensor

Discovering the best car vacuum cleaner takes a bit of time because there are many powerful options out there. In our research we discovered that brush agitators are essential for high performing cleaning results. This roller brush is usually located underneath the machine. It includes special bristles which spin in order to dislodge dirt, grit, hair and dust from different areas. The rotating brush offers a special airflow which raises the debris for fast collection. This component also handles well interior carpets and rugs. Furthermore the rotating brush safely moves dirt, hair follicles and debris even from tight areas of car.

  • Accessories

Taking into account that each car comes with its particularities, it is essential to use a car vacuum cleaner which covers most of them. This is where accessories come into play. Top manufacturers release vacuum cleaners with a basic set of accessories. Now, the primary cleaning accessories are crevices, round brush, small upholstery brush and suction nozzles. Batteries are very important in powering up the cleaner. The best rechargeable car vacuum will definitely come packed with an additional battery set. Upholstery tools and dusting brushes are great for covering easier the car’s interior. As so many people pointed out, cleaning accessories make cleaning jobs easier.


Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex Vac Cordless


According to recent online surveys it seems that there are some products better than others. What is the best car vacuum from Black & Decker ? Well, for maximum performance we recommend the FHV1200 Flex Vac. This powerful cleaner comes equipped with 3 accessories and extendable hose. Most importantly the cleaner features a special pet hair cleaning attachment which safely loosens hair. As a result users can get rid of pet hair with minimal effort. It features the exclusive Cyclonic action which delivers advanced and superior suction power. Furthermore this cordless cleaner includes an “Easy Empty” dirt canister which collects dirt fast.

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Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac


In the present a growing number of drivers are searching for professional car vacuum cleaners. One of the most appreciated car cleaners for daily use comes from Carrand, the 94005AS AutoSpa bagless. This handheld cleaner is very easy to manoeuvre, letting people reach even tight areas. It has a solid 120 volt design which ensures 550 watts of cleaning power. In addition to the 360 degree pivoting elbow the 94005AS cleaner offers 12 foot of cord, for proper cleaning precision. It is good to know to know that the cleaner comes equipped with a crevice tool, console brush and dah tool.

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