Best Canon camera flashes reviews


Top rated camera flashes from Canon


A picture speaks a thousand words.  After careful research, and spending a hefty amount of money to buy a DSLR camera, it really wouldn’t serve to have your picture lost in translation due to bad lighting. As much as shutter speed, exposure and aperture adjustments are important, nothing adds depth and soul to picture as much as the lighting. Here is a list of the best camera flash reviews so that you can capture the spectacular moments of life with your DSLR camera and turn them into beautiful memories for all to witness.


Canon 580EX II camera flash


Best Canon camera flashes reviewsThis powerhouse flash is best suited for professionals but can also be used by all other photographers. It has a recycling time that is twenty percent faster than its predecessors. Strong and silent are two words that can be applied to this flash since it is dust and water resistant, has a superior build quality and its functioning is practically soundless. The auto conversion of flash coverage and white balance is communicated easily to your DSLR camera so that you can effortlessly control its functions. If you are looking to boost the quality of your photographs, this flash should certainly top your list.

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“ Boosting my photographs output is perfectly made by the Canon 580 EX II Camera Flash. The flash has a very nice quality which makes it perfect for all DSLR cameras. Noise and other distractions in using this flash will never be encountered. Aside from the camera flash performance, I can say that this product is made of durable materials which can make it last longer.”  Delbert Lawanda Shelton


Canon 600EX-RT camera flash


This flash is based on the revolutionary wireless multiple flash system using radio wave communication from Canon. This enables superior control of the flash functions and physical obstructions over a distance won’t hamper your control over this flash. It is dust and weather resistant making it durable and ideal for rugged use in spite of it containing sensitive wireless communication apparatus. Its expandable zoom range, backlit controls and new color filter holder ensures that you get the best quality pictures with this flash. It is easily compatible with a range of DSLR cameras. This flash has so many power packed features that it definitely has to be on our list of best Canon camera flashes reviews.

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“ The Canon 600EX- RT Camera Flashe is what I consider the best and outstanding. If you were to buy a camera flash to make your photographs look better and perfect, I recommend this because it was really effective and assured. Among other canon camera flash, this one serves to be ideal in any events or activities to make the output clearer and one of a kind.”  Horacio Ramona Barr


Canon 270EX II camera flash


Don’t be fooled by its ultra- light weight since this flash packs quite a punch in the performance department. This flash has a variety of control options and can be controlled almost seamlessly on docked on your DSLR camera. It is durable and user friendly and does not burn a big hole in your pocket. This flash is a very cost-effective option for all photographers whether amateur or professional, to get high quality photographs. With select cameras it can also be used as a wireless slave flash. This flash is compactly designed and its vertical bounce capability up to 90 degrees ensures that you can have wide variety of options while clicking pictures.

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“ If you are a novice or professional camera photographer who wants to make their photographs perfect and stunning, you can have the Canon 270 EX II Camera Flash without burning your pocket. The product is simple and manageable so you will not take much time and complications in installing it with your DSLR camera. The product is cost- effective and perfectly made.”  Fanny Jennings


Canon 430EX II camera flash


This flash has superior build quality and its one touch quick- lock mechanism ensures that you spend more time clicking photographs rather than spending time trying to attach a flash to your DSLR camera. The functioning of its zoom head is almost inaudible and it has a recycling time that is 20 percent faster so that your burst shots are quicker and better. Its functions and settings can be easily controlled once attached and its fully swiveling bounce head makes certain that you can get the best lighting possible for your photographs. This flash makes it to our list of best Canon camera flashes reviews for its sheer cost- effectiveness and fantastic performance.

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“ I never expect anything about the Canon 430 EX Camera Flashe because I thought it was just the same as those other camera flash I bought before. Since it was affordable, I never guarantee myself of its effectiveness. But after using it several times, I was amazed and happy seeing my photograph with a perfect blend of lighting and color manipulation. Thanks to this camera flash.”  Gerardo Marlon Fitzgerald