Top rated Camping Lanterns in 2019


Don’t you just love it when you go camping out with the family? Away from the comforts we are accustomed to at home, we cherish the adventures and memories we are bound to find in the great outdoors. It is always a concern to find the best lighting products that we can bring along on such trips. This is why we consult the best camping lantern reviews. Safe and convenient to use, battery-powered lanterns that run on fuel cells or rechargeable batteries are prime choices. There are even brands that offer extra features such as an integrated fan. Based on the collated experiences of regular campers, here are five models that are worth the money.


Coleman LED Quad Lantern


Best Camping Lantern ReviewsIn these modern times, being wise is the only way to thrive, and the Coleman 2000001150 LED Quad Lantern shows us just how. With four removable LED panels, the lantern allows you to use the LED components as independent light sources. With each panel outfitted with 6 white LEDS, you are never out of illumination as you spend your nights in the outdoors. The top handle makes it easy to bring the Quad Lantern anywhere. This useful tool has a rechargeable NiMH battery, powering each LED panel to run for 1.5 hours for every charging cycle. The lamp has an impressive light range of 26 feet.

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Streamlight 44931 The Siege Compact Lantern


The Siege is as compact as they come yet is designed with four powerful white LEDs plus an extra red C4 LED to enable night vision. It is powered by three units of D size alkaline batteries bought separately. An ergonomic handle that can be locked into an upright position or stowed down into place is included. There are integrated D-Rings at the bottom and on the top of the lantern so it can be hung inverted or in an upright position. But what makes the Streamlight 44931 a true-blue best camping lantern 2019 is the low white light mode feature that not only helps prolong run time but also conserves light when less is needed.

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Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern


Made durable and efficient, the Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern is the best camping lantern 2019 for hundreds of satisfied users. It has 4-watt LEDs that last 100,000 hours. You will never need to replace this lantern’s lighting components! This camping lantern produces 240 lumens with three modes: strobe, low and high. An easy-find green LED light blinks continuously with five-second intervals when the lantern is switched off. The Rayovac Sportsman is powered by three D-size batteries. It has a run time of 40 hours on high mode and up to 90 hours on the low setting.

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Coleman MicroPacker Compact Battery Lantern


Engineered to be a space-saving, super compact lantern, the Coleman MicroPacker Compact Battery Lantern uses three AA-size batteries to run up to 15 hours. The two bright, 1/2mm LEDs have a long life, making the Coleman MicroPacker a huge favorite in the top camping lantern reviews.  The lantern is 7.5 inches tall and just 7 ounces heavy but its powerful LED components give off an enormous amount of light. It features a special reflector that slides up easily to enable flashlight-like forward-focused beam.  The MicroPacker collapses into half its full size so you can pack it easily.

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Super Bright 80-48453 Deluxe Camping Combo


Fitted with 18 pieces of extra bright LED bulbs, the Super Bright 80-48453 Deluxe Camping Combo packs a mean punch when it comes to lighting brilliance. It is a camping lantern and fan duo, making the 80-48453 earn a choice spot in dozens of best camping lantern reviews. The lantern needs just 2 D-size batteries to run and can provide a maximum of 37 hours of illumination per pair of batteries. In addition, it can give you 30 hours of fan usage on high speed and up to 50 hours on low with just two batteries. When the light and fan are used together, the lantern runs for 16 hours for every two batteries.

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