How to Buy the Best Camp Towel


One of the most mundane items you need with you on any trip is a camp towel. The main problem, however, when you need to pack one of the towels at home for your trips is that these items tend to take an awful lot of space in your luggage and this can force you to give up on other items, so you can keep the total weight of your backpack low. A camp towel is a great solution to your problem because it has certain characteristics not shared by regular towels you are used to at home. Here is a guide based on the best camp towel reviews that will help you select a great quality product that will enhance your next trip experience.

Best Camp towel


Since weight is the main culprit why regular towels don’t make good camp towels, it is very important to find a model that is really lightweight. While you may think that the differences cannot be that big, think again; there are camp towels on the market that weigh less than an apple and that must count for something. The lower the weight of the items you are packing for your trip, the lower the weight of your entire luggage, which will become much easier to move around.


Fast to dry

Usually, camp towels are made of microfibers that have the ability to dry really fast, after each usage or after they are washed. Keep in mind that while on vacation or during a trip to the great outdoors, you don’t have the same conveniences as you have at home, which means that you will not be able to leave your towels to dry outside for days. Combinations of viscose with other fast drying microfibers are quite common, so you will find plenty of models to choose from. Cotton should be out of the question because it takes almost double the time to dry, compared to microfiber.



A good camp towel must have the proper size, so it can quickly dry you or any other member of the family. Make sure that you purchase a large size towel, since these are the most efficient, especially if you are planning a trip to the beach. Do not forget that your towel must still be lightweight so you can easily attach it to your backpack.


Absorption power

Since these are towels we are talking about, it is important to get models with great absorption power. The fact that these towels dry very fast is important, but they should leave your skin dry, too, especially when you need to dry fast, after just being soaked in water, at the beach. Select the best camp towel 2022 by its absorption power and you will not be disappointed.


Top Rated Camp Towels in 2022


Are you looking for a brand new camp towel? The next products will help you decide faster, since they are all praised and loved by users everywhere. They are lightweight, comfortable and they ensure that you will keep your skin dry, regardless of where you pick to travel for your next trip.


Shandali Travel and Sports Towel


1.Shandali Microfiber Travel and Sports TowelThe Shandali Microfiber Travel and Sports Towel is one of the top rated camping towels 2022 you should consider purchasing for your next trip. Weighing very little, this towel will not encumber you during your travels, and you will be able to take it with you anywhere you want. Made of 100% microfiber, this towel dries very fast, so you will not have to worry whenever you have to pack your bags and move forward. The extra features are nice, such as the hang loop that lets you hang the towel for easy drying. Last, but not least, this towel is soft on your skin and will cause no itchiness.

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Sunland Microfiber Ultra Compact


2.Sunland Microfiber Ultra Compact TowelYou will save a lot of space in your luggage on your next trip, if you pick the Sunland Microfiber Ultra Compact Towel. Very lightweight and compact, this towel will make your trip more manageable and it will serve you regardless of your trip destination. A good choice for backpackers and outdoor trip enthusiasts, the towel dries very fast, so you can use it throughout the day, without it becoming soaked with water. Made of microfiber, this towel is great for your skin and it will not feel sticky or itchy. A carry bag is included with your purchase, for maximum convenience.

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Sea to Summit DryLite


3.Sea to Summit DryLite TowelSafety is important when traveling, and there are many things to consider, even down to the smallest details, such as what kind of towel you are using. The Sea to Summit DryLite Towel is made of microfiber that has been treated with silver ions to ensure that no bacteria develop inside the fiber, no matter for how long the towel has been used. This means that there will be no microbes living on the towel and the transmission of germs is impossible, even if the towel is used by more people. You will also appreciate the fact that there will be no unpleasant smell, either, since there are no microbes or bacteria.

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ECOdept Journey


4.Large Microfiber Towel by ECOdeptIf size is a concern for you, pick the Large Microfiber Towel by ECOdept for Travel and Sports, because it comes in large bath size. Praised by the vast majority of the best camp towel reviews, this product comes with a nice set of extra features. A corner zip pocket is great for keeping all your valuables and your smartphone, and the hanging loop comes in handy when you need to dry the towel fast. The model comes with its own waterproof bag that still allows the fabric inside to be well ventilated, to avoid harboring bacteria in case you pack it before it dries completely.

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Fox Outfitters MicroDry


5.Fox Outfitters MicroDry TowelA perfect solution for all your camping trips, the Fox Outfitters MicroDry Towel is made of ultrasoft microfiber that feels great on your skin. No matter where you plan to go on your next adventures, don’t forget to pack one of these along, as it will keep you dry and comfortable all the time. You can even take this towel with you to the gym, so you can take a short shower after your workout and dry fast. The blend of poly and nylon fibers makes this towel very durable and also provides it with superior absorption power.

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