An Expert Buying Guide on Camp Showers:


 Even when you set up camp on regular campgrounds, there is no assurance that you can avail of shower and toilet facilities. Sometimes or more often than not, established campgrounds do not offer those provisions. That’s why it is good advice to read as many best camp shower reviews as you possibly can before setting out on your next outdoor adventure. Just because you’re on the trail, it doesn’t provide a good excuse for you to smell like it. Fortunately, with the endless fascination for outdoor adventure comes an array of the highest rated products in this specific category. You don’t even have to buy the most expensive brand there is.


Showers with Heaters

Some of the most popular products in the market are outfitted with water heaters. These elements are typically self-contained and are fueled by gas or propane. When you’re car camping, this type of product may be your best choice, as the tank can be an added bulk to your camping gear. The water container can hold as much as five gallons of water, enough for a single ten minute shower or several short showers. A 16-ounce tank can heat up to 40 gallons of water. There are affordable camping showers that come with a water pump to inject pressure into the water. Water temperature can be as high as 160 degrees within five seconds, making these products the best camp showers for the money.


Solar Camping Showers

When you’d rather not be hauling gas tanks around just to enjoy a hot shower, you can check out some of the best rated products in the market of the solar powered variety. These units hold up to five gallons of water contained in a durable, thick puncture-proof plastic bag. The bag is placed above the head. This container has two sides, one dark and the other clear. The clear aspect of the container is the one exposed to the sun’s rays. Taking a shower on cold or cloudy days can be a problem when using this cheap camp shower alternative to higher-end propane or gas-fueled units. Since they depend on the energy of the sun, solar camping showers can take as much as three to four hours to heat up the water.


Camping Shower Features

Which camp shower is the best to get? One needs to examine the product’s features to find the answer. It is important to get a product with a water container that is built for the outdoors. The bag can be made of plastic or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) but it should be durable and not easily punctured. The carrying handle should doubly serve as an element to hang the bag with. There should be enough capacity for the length of showers that users intend to take. Five-gallon bags are standard, but there are models that offer a bigger capacity. The filling valve should be large enough to enable easy loading of water. An on/off valve should be part of the bag.


Things to consider:

  • A type of fuel for heating water that fills the camper’s needs
  • Durability and quality made for the outdoors
  • Features that enable convenient outdoor use


Top rated Camp Showers in 2018


You can land the best camp shower in 2018 if you are willing to do a bit of research. Camping showers are indispensable when you want to stay clean and fresh when you’re on an outdoor trip. Just make sure that the product you get not only fits your budget but also provides the kind of features that fulfill your showering needs.


Advanced Elements SS761 Summer-Shower /Solar Shower


Enjoy outdoor adventures such as fishing, hunting, hiking or camping while staying clean. With the Advanced Elements 3-Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower, you can enjoy heated water for your shower in the outdoors. The unit has a water temperature gauge so you can view how hot the water has gotten and if it’s heated enough for you to use. The bag has a durable, four layer construction that ensures resilience against punctures. Wide carrying handles on the unit allow you to hang this best camp shower in 2018 above your head.

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Seattle Sports 032315 Solar Camp Shower


Shower at the campsite using the convenient Seattle Sports 5-Gallon Solar Camp Shower. Get hot water from the sun as this solar camp shower harnesses the sun’s power to heat up the water in the bag. You can use this unit to wash off dirt from your hands and feet after you’ve been on the trail the whole day. Use it for freshening up at the campsite after work so you can be clean before heading home. Use it by the pool to wash off the chlorine after an invigorating swim. The bag is made of strong PVC, ensuring durability and reusability.

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Coghlan’s 9965 Camp Shower


Good for 3 to 4 short showers, the 5-gallon Coghlan’s camp shower deserves inclusion  in the best camp shower reviews. It is a lightweight product that you can fill with water from various campsite sources so you can enjoy heated showers while camping. Use it after fishing so you don’t have to bring the unpleasant smell with you all the way home. The Coghlan’s camp shower is made of non-toxic PVC, ensuring safe use. It is easy to use and comes with a cord for convenient hanging. When you have this with you, there won’t be a need to take a cold shower in camp.

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Coleman PVC Camp Shower


Using the sun’s energy to heat water for all your washing needs, the Coleman 5-Gallon PVC Camp Shower is a convenient way to take a nice hot shower while enjoying the great outdoors. It comes with a handle for carrying and hanging. The handy on/off valve lets you control the release of heated water. You can also use the product to wash up by the pool after a lovely swim, by the beach to remove the sand and salt water, and after fishing to freshen up before enjoying what you’ve caught. The one-year warranty ensures quality craftsmanship.

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Texsport 15950 Jumbo Camp Shower


Enjoy a cheap way of enjoying a hot shower with the Texsport 5 Gal Jumbo Camp Shower. People who’d rather not suffer from high electricity costs for heating water for showers rely on the Texsport camp shower as an alternative. Thanks to its fill valve, the camp shower can be filled with water from a source then set up for exposure to the sun’s rays until the water gets heated enough. You can enjoy an invigorating hot shower even when you’re not at home. This camp shower is great for use at the campsite, jobsite, on fishing grounds, by the pool, and anywhere you want to enjoy hot showers.

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