Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinders Reviews


Top rated Golf Rangefinders from Bushnell


Anyone who plays golf as a profession or as a hobby should consider having the models that have been noted in various best golf rangefinder reviews. Five of the best models within this product category will be identified in the rest of this article, with the anticipation that it will be able to provide you with valuable help in making the right decision.


Bushnell Tour V2 Standard Rangefinder


Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinders Reviews

In many best Bushnell golf rangefinders reviews that have been recently published, it has been noted that this model is a favorite of many golfers because of its size. It has gained reputation as being the smallest within the product category. In spite of its small size, it is also known for its wide array of advanced features. Among others, the PinSeeker technology is one that is worth mentioning. With the help of such, it is possible to enjoy consistency and accuracy from this product.

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“ Most of golf players and golf enthusiast love the Bushnell Tour V2 Standard Rangefinder because of its accuracy and precision. It is also small so the user will never feel tired of holding it throughout the game. The product is commendable in its functions. “ Jewell Olsen


Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Rangefinder


One of the best things about this golf rangefinder is its ergonomic design. Because of such, users will be able to enjoy having a comfortable grip of the unit. If there are more than two objects captured by this model, only the one that is within closest proximity to the rangefinder will show up on its LCD screen. Aside from the speed and precision that can be enjoyed from this product, it is also chosen by many people because it is a breeze to use.

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“ Looking for a simple yet effective golf rangefinder is not a problem because of the existence of the Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Rangefinder. This product is very nice and you will have the ease in gripping the product because it was designed ergonomically.” Spencer Galloway


Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Rangefinder


This is another model that is frequently lauded in different best Bushnell golf rangefinder reviews. In a market that is abundant with options when it comes to electronic measuring devices, this model sets itself apart from competition, as characterized by its superior quality and functionality. One of its good features is the JOLT technology, which will provide you with a notification through vibration to keep you informed that you are locked with the flag.

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“ One golf rangefinder that you will admire the most is the Bushnell Tour V3 slope Rangefinder. This is very useful and can go and compete with other golf rangefinders in the market. It will never disappoint you throughout your use because it is functional and quality-wise.” Heather Mckinney


Bushnell Medalist Laser Golf Rangefinder


This is another advanced golf rangefinder from Bushnell. The calculation of the range is made available in digital format that can be easily seen by its users. Like other models from the same manufacturer, it is attributed as one of the best within the product category because of its precise readings. The infrared energy that is released by this rangefinder in order to measure distance is invisible and safe. This model is perfect for both occasional and frequent golfers.

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“ When it comes to precision, you can rely to the Bushnell Medalist Laser Golf Rangefinder. It can provide accurate measurements because it is now digitalized,. It was also innovated and equipped with various important features that will help you in the game.” Rosario Wilfred Garner


Bushnell Pro 1M Golf Rangefinder


Apart from the 7 times magnification that is being offered by this model, it is also praised by many people because of its durability and ability to cater to the needs of tough golfers. This is basically because of its waterproof construction. In addition, it is also worth highlighting that this rangefinder features the Vivid Display Technology, allowing the display to be viewable in a variety of lighting conditions. There were also many who have expressed their satisfaction over the fact that it has the ability to measure quickly.

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“ One thing I admire about the Bushnell Tour V2 Pro 1M Golf Rangefinder because it has a sturdy body and durable structure. This product is just lightweight so you will not get tired using the product. It can also magnify 7x so you can see the action even you are far. “ Edgar Connie Bowman