How to pick a top Breathalyzer – A Short Buying Guide


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2011, a whopping 15 percent of all drivers involved in fatal crashes during the week were intoxicated. Presently, people drive drunk almost 300,000 times each day, yet only less than 4,000 people are arrested. Perhaps it’s time for ordinary people like you and me to level up by ensuring we do not end up casualties. It’s time to get a hold of the best breathalyzer reviews so we can safeguard our and our loved ones’ lives.

A best rated breathalyzer can be categorized into either a professional or a personal unit. The two types differ in the sensors that they utilize, which makes it easier for the buyer to select a unit that best corresponds to their requirements.

Fuel cell sensor technology is what drives professional units to provide extreme sensitivity and dependable accuracy. Employing the same state-of-the-art sensor technology that law enforcers have in their roadside alcohol testing programs, professional units are also the tool of choice in businesses, clinics and substance abuse centers. They have become the most popular products in the market for alcohol testing thanks to the ever decreasing costs of fuel cell devices.

For low-volume professional testing, personal and home use, get yourself a unit from Black Friday deals that is driven by a semiconductor sensor. Such a device can efficiently detect the presence of alcohol through a high-end semiconductor sensor as base. The sensor undergoes a patented burn-in system to ensure uniformity in response. This ensures accurate and better performance plus dependable results when taken beside that of units with conventional semiconductor sensors.

When deciding on what is the best breathalyzer for you, it is good to begin where units normally differ: accuracy and consistency of results. The core of this quality is the sensor, of course. The sensor should be powerful enough to give accurate readings across a broad range of alcohol concentration levels and not limited to really significant concentrations alone. What’s the use of a breathalyzer if it can’t detect the minutest trace of alcohol in a person’s system? This will simply spark the debate yet again on how drunk a person has to be in order to be considered drunk.

You will need a good breathalyzer for Christmas as this is commonly one of the favorite occasions that people choose to get drunk. With all the good cheer and high spirits that go around, spirits of the bottled kind flow freely. And that’s even before you have to be home in time for Christmas dinner with your folks. You surely don’t want to end up in a ditch somewhere, not knowing if you took the right or left turn on the road that would have led you to your folks’ street. Yes, alcohol can leave your judgment so impaired you wouldn’t even know what hit you-or worse- what you hit!

It can be easy to make a decision if price is just your primary concern. A cheap product might not carry the same accuracy as a pricier unit. But do take note that not all cheap units are created equal. There will always be some devices that provide great dependability despite the significantly lower price tag. Take note of the product’s specs and let that guide you towards making an informed selection. Such a well though selection can get you the best breathalyzer 2021.


Things to consider:

  • Convenient portability or customized palm-of-hand carrying, which can also translate to in-the-pocket carrying simplicity so you can always have the unit with you when it matters
  • Outstanding and proven accuracy even with repeated testing done, to ensure a double dose of safety when you’re on the road
  • Unfailing performance even when battery life is running low, since risking it is never worth it
  • Ability for recalibration when the unit has reached its saturation point, for optimum and prolonged use



Top rated Breathalyzers in 2021


TruBreez 2021 Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector



Maybe you went thinking that just one glass won’t hurt but ended up tipsier than you had earlier imagined. Why not be safe by checking your breath alcohol levels using the TruBreez 2021 Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector?Powered by a high precision semi-conductor sensor, the TruBreez 2021provides quick response time so you don’t have to wait too long and perhaps just get a ride with your always-sober pal who’s in a great hurry to get going. You can assure him you’ll have a lightning fast decision in less than 5 seconds. The digital LCD backlight display enables easy nighttime viewing, so you can read your results as you exit the darkened entrance to your favorite nighttime hang-out. The unit has dual input for right and left handed usage, and even comes with 5 mouthpieces with in-handle storage, all made for convenient use while on the go.

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AlcoHAWK PT500 PT Core Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer



The AlcoHAWK PT500 PT Core Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer boasts of new PT Core Sensor Technology that ensures accurate readings and helps eliminates false positives. It showcases a large, easy-to-read back-lit LCD display so you can view the results even in dim lighting. When the subject’s BAC level goes beyond the adjustable BAC alarm point, the portable PT500 emits an audible and visual warning. Test results are displayed for up to 1.5 minutes so there is never any excuse for missed readings. This is a top-of-the-line alcohol breathalyzer that can be used as a professional or personal breath alcohol analyzer. It has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) for professional screening.  Expect professional-grade accuracy with no interference from acetone, making this unit the consistent best breathalyzer 2021.

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BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer/Portable Breath-Alcohol Tester



The BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer/Portable Breath-Alcohol Tester features a crisp 4-digit LCD display that shows easy-to-read, accurate results. You get to see test results in extended accuracy format obtainable via one button operation: just press power and begin testing in seconds. Individually-wrapped mouthpieces ensure safe storage before every use, ensuring no contamination or false positives from tainted units. The S80 has an internal pump system that captures breath optimally, eliminating repeated testing and inaccurate results. The unit also ensures user-adjustable warning levels so the buyer can decide what level they are most comfortable with, making this a consistent high-ranking product in the best breathalyzer reviews. It also features continuous temperature checkingto ensure accurate readings, since adecreased body temperature would result in less alcohol per a given volume of breath while an elevated temperature would result in more alcohol.

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BACtrack S35 Breathalyzer/Portable Breath Alcohol Tester



One of the sleekest in the market, the BACtrack S35 Breathalyzer/Portable Breath Alcohol Tester utilizes an advanced semiconductor sensor to ensure that it consistently provides results you can rely on for accuracy. It comes with an ultra-portable design that makes it easy to bring along wherever you go.  Its trendy cream finish with blue LCD display is easy on the eyes. The S35 comes with replaceable mouthpieces that make testing relatives and friends safe and easy. Designed in the US with sleek style and ease of use in mind, it mobilizes a powerful exclusive sensing technology and a specially calibrated algorithm to ensure delivery of results with amazing accuracy. It may be tiny but it always helps you make smart, informed decisions, backed by BACtrack’s history and experience with professional and personal alcohol testers.

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AlcoHAWK Slim Semi-Conductor Digital Breathalyzer



The AlcoHAWK Slim Semi-Conductor Digital Breathalyzer capably measures blood alcohol concentration and delivers quick and accurate test results. Ease of use is guaranteed thanks to the simple one-button operation: just turn the unit on and start testing in seconds, with no warm-up needed. The tap-proof power button prevents the AlcoHAWK Slim from accidentally turning on, ensuring that battery life is preserved for actual use. The electronic airflow sensor ensures a deep lung sample, to ensure that real results are obtained and to guard against false positives. The Slim measures blood alcohol concentration within a range of 0.000 – 0.400% BAC, with + /- 0.01% at 0.02% B.A.C. sensor accuracy to ensure reliable performance every time. It comes pre-calibrated and ready for use, with a folding mouthpiece design for maximum portability, and mouthpiece covers to ensure sanitary use.

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