Best Bread Slicer Reviews


Top rated Bread Slicers in 2019


In order to make sure that your kitchen is complete with all of the things that will be needed, whether it is for cooking or preparation, the bread slicer should be an essential item. This article will provide you with more insights on some of the best options that can be given consideration, on the basis of the ratings that have been given by its users in many best bread slicer reviews.


Victorinox 47547 Slicer


Best Bread Slicer ReviewsThe professional quality of this bread slicer makes it one of the best options among the sea of alternatives. It is simpler compared to other bread slicer, but just delivers the same level of performance. It is made with a special tempering process, making sure that it can be sharpened several times without affecting the quality of the knife. Many people have lauded this knife because of its ability to easily cut the crust without damaging the inner part of the bread.

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The Victorinox 47547 Slicer is one of the simplest yet useful bread slicer I have in my kitchen. This one is reliable enough so I bought it as one of my kitchen collections. This product is equipped with features that really overpower other products in the market. This is always the one I recommend for all. ” Tammy Scales


Chicago Cutlery Slicer


This bread knife has a length of 10 inches and has serrated blades, making it perfect for cutting a variety of breads. One of the things I find good about this product is that the blade is made from high-carbon 420 stainless steel. This is a material that is prominent because of its durability, which is basically because of its ability to be not prone to stain and rust. The contoured handle, which is made from walnut, is also good since it makes the knife easy to be gripped and used.

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I bought the whole set of the Chicago Cutlery Slicer in Amazon a year ago. This product is very useful and functional for me especially when there are occasions which need a slicer to help me in my bread preparation. The product is very sharp so I have the ease in using it anytime I need it.”  Delores Garcia


Out of the Woods of Oregon Slicer


If you are looking for a model that is excellent in terms of flexibility, which means that it should have the ability to slice all types of bread, this slicer is one of the models that I can personally recommend. It has a unique design that is not only functional, but also makes it able to slice different kinds of bread. This is also a good choice for people who are concerned about the environment. One of the materials used in this slicer is red alder, a sustainable material that promotes concern for the environment and human race.

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The Out of the Woods of Oregon Slicer is the best slicer I have at home which I bought from Amazon. This product is just affordable yet can do anything I want for my bread. This can slice any type of bread from different sizes and shape. This is the ease I am looking for a bread slicer.”  Marie Caldwell


Maple Classic Slicer


In many of the best bread slicer reviews, there were many people who have expressed high level of satisfaction for this product because of its ability to slice breads, regardless of how thick they may be. It is also common for its users to commend the slicer because of its durability, citing that it still remains functional even in spite of long period of frequent use. Lastly, it is also easy to clean, which makes it a snap to have such maintained in its best possible quality.

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I commend the durability and functionality of the Maple Classic Slicer. This is the bread slicer I recommend for the people who wants to buy a bread slicer that can be sued for a life time. This product is unusual and extraordinary which can make anything at a time.”  Rose Rodriguez


Norpro 370 Bread Slicer


If you want to slice bread in a mess-free manner, this is a good bread slicer to buy. It is designed with a functional catcher at the bottom, which means that the crumbs will be collected appropriately rather than being scattered all over. More so, it also has a wide slicing surface, making it able to accommodate a variety of bread sizes. Lastly, if you are the type of person who is keen on details, this will also make a good choice. It has an acrylic slicing guide that will provide you with an assurance that the slices will be the same all throughout.

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I have the Norpro 370 Bread Slicer way back 2011 but I don’t have to change this bread slicer for good. This slicer is the one I admire the most because it has the best features and operations which other product doesn’t have. This one is reliable and exactly the one I am searching for. ”  Marsha Pace