Top bread makers in 2018


In this era, everything is easy. Bread making has made easy with the development of exclusive bread makers that are capable of baking delicious and tasty breads within hours. These bread makers are present in various designs and can be selected according to the requirement.  Below you may find some of the best bread machines under $100 that can give you the chance to select appropriate bread maker to fulfill your kitchen’s need.


Panasonic SD-YD250 bread maker


Best bread makers reviewsBread making has become very easy with this bread maker. It has various settings for multigrain, whole wheat, cakes etc. It mixes ingredients, kneads dough, raises it and bakes the perfect bread loaf. It has 40 dough and bread recipes included that provide easy and diverse bread making each day. With its 13-hour automatic delayed timer, you never get late in getting the ideal bread loafs in time. Meal planning is easy with it. It bakes from traditional bread loafs to custom breads; you can add whatever you like to make delicious breads.

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“There is nothing quite like homemade bread and this is why I purchased the Panasonic SD-YD250 bread maker. The results are perfect and having fresh bread at the dinner table is something spacial altogether. I really recommend having a similar device in your kitchen.” – Anne Nolte


Panasonic RD250 automatic bread maker


This bread maker is ideal for making medium and extra large sized bread loafs with 5 different baking modes. It is provided with microprocessor that allows even and fine baking. To make this machine more durable and trouble free its pan has non-stick coating of Diamond fluorine which saves pan from rusting and also makes its cleaning easy. It provides versatile ways to enhance taste and flavor of your bread. For easy fruit and nuts mixing, it has special dispenser. This bread maker needs 120 AC supply power for its functioning.

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“The Panasonic RD250 has been in my kitchen for a good portion of time and it has worked to this point extremely well, baking me and my family excellent quality bread. It is really simple to operate and the bread it makes is very tasty.” – Rachel Hubert


Cuisinart CBK100 bread maker


This programmable bread maker can be found at the top of many best bread makers reviews because of its easy handling and efficient bread making. To make the bread making process more convenient, it is provided with viewing window. It has preprogrammed menu options. These 12 options make extremely tasty breads. It also has 3 crust settings so you can enjoy different bread crusts.  Its lid, paddle and pan can be removed easily that makes machine cleaning easy. It also has 13-hour time that can be programmed according to your requirement.

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“When it comes to baking options this bread maker really has a lot and they prove to be very helpful, giving me more possibilities. The price for it is really affordable considering its performances and I don’t see any reason why not to buy it.” – Thomas Vaughn


Oster CKSTBRTW20 bread maker


This bread maker has larger capacity; it can bake up to 2 pounds of bread loaf at a single run that makes it good for big families. It is ideal to use because of its time settings. It can be set to the programmed time up to 13 hours if required or its express baking settings can be used to make bread in an hour. These settings make it best to be used in hour of need and timely meals. It has the LCD display that tells you about every stage of the process.

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“My choice for a bread maker was this Oster model which in the time I have had it has proven to be solid making me delicious loafs of bread. I can even control which type of crust I want for my bread and this  makes me think I have invested in something special right here.” – Alice Green


West Bend 41300 bread maker


If you like bakery bread and want to make them at your house, this product is ideal for your use. It is present in many best bread makers reviews because people like it dual blade functionality that makes perfect bakery breads. It makes four sized breads from 1 to 2 ½ pounds. Its 11 preprogrammed settings along with 3 different crust settings always give great flavor and taste to your tongue. It is easy to operate with its digital control panel. It also has 12-hour delay timer.

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“A friend recommended me the West Bend 41300 breamaker and because I really trust his choices I bought it. He was right, it does the freshest and the most tastiest bread, making my family dinner that much better. It is really easy to use as well.” – Mary Roth