Top rated booster car seats in 2019


Child’s security is the top most priority of parents. Booster car seats are used in vehicle to provide protection to the child.  There are many booster car seats available in the market. Some are of good quality and provide highest protection during travelling. It is best to go through the best booster car seat reviews before buying the product.


How to get the safest booster car seat in 2019


Parents know full well that during long or short drives children need to be safe and comfortable. As a result we are not surprised to see a growing interest for booster car seats, capable of holding kids safe and secure. The market is more than generous when it comes to reliable booster car seats. Because there are so many products available on the market, selecting the right model takes time. Responsible parents want to install in their vehicles professional booster car seats, capable of protecting toddlers in the event of crash situations. Accommodating children’s early development, booster car seats represent without a doubt a professional safety measure! In order to select the right model you must first take into account a couple of important things.

As a responsible parent you must first learn what to look for in a booster car seat and then wisely pick the right product. We tested for over 60 hours 25 of the most popular booster car seat models. Each model was tested for a wide range of crash situations, side, back or front impacts. When the test results came through we were able to draft the best booster car seat reviews, worth consulting by parents. There is a time when children outgrow their infant and toddler seats but they still need a bit of assistance while riding in cars. Meeting the child’s needs is very important. You have to install a high quality booster car seat, designed to offer comfort and high levels of security. Well, if you know that the child needs to go from an infant car seat to a booster model then carefully weigh your options.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Max weight booster  Price Max weight harness Harness type Our Rating Where to buy

Britax Pinnacle 90

120 lbs $$$$ 90 lbs 5 pt A++ AMAZON

Britax Frontier 90

120 lbs $$$$ 90 lbs 5 pt A AMAZON

Kids Embrace Batman

100 lbs $$$ 65 lbs 5 pt A AMAZON

Britax Pioneer 70

110 lbs $$$ 70 lbs 5 pt B+ AMAZON

Britax Parkway SGL

120 lbs $$ 80 lbs 3 pt B+ AMAZON


How to find the best booster car seat in 2019? This question is one that puzzles thousands of American parents. The first thing that you have to do is pretty simple: invest in a booster car seat with 5-point harness system and advanced belt-positioning setting. These two features ensure that the child is safe and comfortable every moment of the drive. Parents want their children to enjoy every moment of the ride and not feel pressured to stay motionless in one spot. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more American parents opt with confidence for 3-in-1 car seats, equipped with 5-point harness system, and designed to keep kids safe. One important thing to take into consideration relates around weight and height limits

For instance, you will see that the best booster car seat in 2019 has adjustable features. Some children weight from 30 to 100 pounds and at least 57 inches tall. It mostly depends on the kid’s corporeal features. As a result you should opt for a booster car sear capable of adjusting the little one’s needs. You will be able to choose from high back booster seats, backless booster seats and also combination booster seats. Each type of booster seat offers child safety and proper protection in the event of a crash. It is better to be safe than sorry!



Britax Pinnacle 90 Booster Car Seat


4The Britax Pinnacle 90 has been designed to offer a maximum amount of comfort for your toddler, while protecting him in case unwanted scenarios do occur. The best safety features which are provided by this model are the Side Impact Cushion Technology and the EPP foam. Both are designed to minimize the pressure put on vital areas of your child, his head and spine especially, by the crash. The frame is reinforced by two steel bars which will diminish the forward flexing caused by the impact forces. Many parents view this Britax model as one of the top booster car seats in 2019.



Has the exclusive Clicktight Installation System to help adults readily achieve a secure and safe installation without worrying about the child’s weight

Designed with Side Impact Cushion Technology that employs impact-absorbing cushions on seat’s exterior so crash energy gets dissipated and diverted from the young rider while offering additional protection to adjacent passengers in the vehicle

Provides genuine  Side Impact Protection via the  deep side walls and responsive head restraint with energy absorbing EPP foam so crash forces get distributed, and also shielding from vehicle intrusion, and cradling the head, neck and body in secure aligned position

Base has patented SafeCell Technology from Britax USA, engineered so young riders are protected during a crash by lowering the center of gravity to less damaging levels and reducing forward movement of the best fitting booster car seat 2019, the Pinnacle 90



Made bulky due to the many safety features that it carries

Arm rest is not provided with a lot of cushioning


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Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat


5There is no doubt, Britax have created one of the best booster car seats in 2019 through the ever-popular Frontier 90. Installing it in your car will be a breeze thanks to the ClickRight Installation System which uses the backseat’s belt. The seat’s forward movement will be drastically reduced by the Base with SafeCell Technology, which is one of its most innovative safety features. Up to 90 pounds the child can be kept in the Harness mode, but once it surpasses this weight limit he/she should start using the booster mode. The simple conclusion is that you can’t do better than the Britax Frontier 90.



With built-in steel bars that ensure a secure connection to the vehicle and reduce forward movement of the child in the seat when crash events occur

Designed with revolutionary Energy Absorbing Versa harness that attaches the anchors the top of the car seat to the vehicle via a two-point system for attachment, contributing to reduction of forward propulsion of the car seat

Has special stage-released stitching to significantly reduce the crash forces that can act on a young rider when accidents happen to the vehicle

Provides innovative side impact protection via the deep side walls and head restraint, both built with patented energy-absorbing foam to prevent crash forces from getting fully absorbed by the child



Heavy structure ensures that the product is superiorly built to absorb crash forces

Release button made extra secure by being further back, to ensure stronger hold


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Kids Embrace Toddler/Booster Car Seat – Batman


6Superheroes are the role-models to kids these days and if your son likes Gotham’s protector, Batman, then he’ll surely love this booster car seat from Kids Embrace. The cape crusader is easy to latch on to your vehicle’s backseat, while still providing a strong connection. You can use it in harness mode for toddlers up to 65 lbs or in booster mode, being able to hold children weighing 100 lbs. The seat’s cape can even be folded around the child, so he feels like Batman for the duration of the car ride. The safety of your toddler is not neglected, with the seat being fitted with a five-point harness system.



Has five-point harness designed for extended use, and boasts of a larger-than-average seat to accommodate safety needs of children with 22- to 65-pound weight, while booster seat fits children 30 to 100 pounds heavy

Has easy-install Latch connectors with easy push-button attachment and release mechanism, plus a novel one-touch recline system so the child is not only secure but comfortably positioned during road travels

Great-looking wrap-round cape keeps the child seat comfortably cool when vacant and keeps the child warmer when days are colder

Padded covers, special 2-position crotch strap and one-handed harness adjustment all ensure that the child is secure and comfortable in the seat



Some best fitting booster car seat reviews note the fact that the seat is bulky and heavy but this comes from having so many features

May be a bit difficult to install but once installed, can save a child’s life


“The cape crusader is the perfect car seat for my son and it keeps me assured that he’s safe when in the car. Expert reviews wrote it’s one of the highest rated booster car seats for kids when it comes to safety and this convinced me to get it.” – Sherry Green 

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Britax Pioneer 70 Harness-2-Booster Car Seat


7A car seat that is affordable, while having all safety features in its design, is the Britax Pioneer 70. You can opt to use it in its booster mode, keeping the child strapped with the car’s seat belt or in the harness mode which can hold children up to 70 lbs in weight. The Pioneer 70 has the award-winning True Side Impact Protection, keeping your toddler safe when an unwanted car collision does happen. Also, the child will have access to his favorite drink which will be kept in the seat’s cup holders. These are just a few of the features which make it one of the most popular booster car seats in North America.



Engineered SafeCell technology on base of the seat is geared to protect the child against powerful forces at play during crash events, by employing compression system on center of gravity to significantly reduce its impact on the young rider

Has genuine Side Impact Protection provided by the deep side walls and head restraint, which use the energy-absorbing ability of EPS foam so crash forces are distributed, keeping the body, neck and head aligned at all times and also shielding the rider from vehicle intrusion

Has energy-dissipating Versa-Tether technology that holds the top of the car seat securely attached to the vehicle via an extraordinary  two-point attachment

Also contains built-in steel bars that make the connection between car seat and vehicle strong and secure so the child will not get thrown forward violently when crash events transpire



Harness is rated to accommodate up to 70 pounds, which larger children may not easily fit into

Has no exclusive  rubbery harness pads called HUGS from Britax USA, which is simply for added comfort but the seat is comfortable enough by itself


“I didn’t search for the most popular booster car seat for its design, I wanted it to feel comfy for my daughter and to keep her safe if an accident does happen. I feel I got what I wanted with my new Britax Pioneer 70 which I recommend to other parents too.” – Delores Doyon


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Britax Parkway SGL Belt-Positioning Booster Seat


8If you want to invest in an all American booster car seat, an excellent option can prove to be the Britax Parkway SGL. Equipped with all the features necessary to protect your child in the event of a car accident, this car seat also offers a top comfort level through the padded seat. The EPS foam, on the other hand, is the filling chosen by the manufacturer because it has the ability to absorb the impact’s forces. The two cup holders can be used for holding drinks or for storing your child’s favorite snack. Experts place it among the best booster car seats in 2019 because it doesn’t lack any major feature.



SafeCell technology built into the base is a revolutionary way of keeping the child rider safe and secure in the event of a vehicular crash through the compression and significant reduction of center of gravity that leads to reduced forward propulsion of the car seat

Head restraint is quick-adjusting from the front of the car seat so the young rider always enjoys a comfortable fit in addition to better safety

Vehicle belt guides have color coding system so adults have a clear indication of what position is optimum for the child on the shoulder belt and vehicle lap

Deep side walls plus head restraint are provided with energy-absorbing EPS foam so crash forces get distributed to the strongest parts of the body, while ensuring that the neck, body and head correctly aligned and the child is shielded during vehicle intrusion



May be an older model but still performs as well as newer models

May be a bit difficult to install, but will protect the child adequately once successfully set-up


“Now I know who makes the best booster car seats, it’s Britax for sure. I have the Parkaway model and it’s so easy to install, my son doesn’t feel any discomfort from it and this makes me a satisfied customer. I go it near Xmas and this made its price cheaper than in other periods of the year.” – Philip Wilcox 


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The First Years Compass Pathway B570 booster car seat


Security of child is essential during travelling. Compass provides all the safety and protection a kid requires when travel. Compass The First Years booster seat got five stars from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). It provides best security to the child during travelling. It is very easy to install. Its deep side wing protection keeps the child in safe position.  It has six position adjustable systems. It is made up of 100% polyester. Its fabric is very fine and thick, it is very comfortable with triple layer pad.

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I bought the Compass the First Years booster seat from Amazon for a Black Friday price. The seat was affordable and can be easily installed. It is suitable for our cars color. The seat was professional to use and comfortable to seat into. You can also sleep in it while in the travel.”   Jessica Conte


Britax Frontier 85 booster car seat – Not available


Best booster car seat reviews

Britax Frontier is designed to provide maximum security to the child. I find it amazingly good. The combination of energy absorbing Versa-Tether and True Side Impact Protection offers a complete safety. The booster car seat is designed for the children having weight of 40 to 120 pounds and harness seat can take up to 25 to 85 pounds. It keeps the head and body in a position to minimize injury chances in the case of accident. I have found it in many best booster car seat reviews and everyone praised it due to its good functioning.

I give 5 stars for the Britax Frontier 85 because of the reliability it provided for my child whenever we have to travel in our car. The harness keeps my daughter securely strapped it, while still giving her the possibility to move freely her arms and legs. In my opinion, it’s one of the top 10 booster car seats in 2019.”  William Latimore


Safety 1st Go Hybrid booster car seat – Not available


Safety 1st booster is light weighted car booster seat that can easily be fold. It can very easily be installed within a minute and save time. It is the best car booster seat for me because of its design and protection system. Its harness system is ideal for child having weight up to 65 pounds. It can be converted into belt positioning booster and can take up height up to 57 inches and weight of 100 pounds.

We experienced an unexpected accident last week and good thing that I bought the Safety 1st Go Hybrid convertible booster. My child was the one sitting in it and she is the one who got the safest position from the other passenger. The car seat is affordable if you want to buy one.”  Michele Phillips


Britax Parkway SGL booster car seat – Not available


Britax Parkway SGL Booster seats are designed professionally to give topmost protection to the child. Its true side impact protection keeps the neck, head and spine straight. Its Secure Guard with the safety belt of the car don’t let the child slide during any circumstances and keep the child in place. It has a design that can take weight up to 40-120 pounds. Its energy absorbing EPS foam liner provides comfort and safety to the child. It is one of the best booster car seat I have used.

The Britax Parkway SG Booster Seat is soft and comfortable to use. It has great padding that’s why anyone who can sit here can have the relaxation and comfort. The booster seat also has a reliable banner which can hold the person sitting in it.”  Thomas Turner


Recaro Prosport booster car seat – Not available


Recaro Prosport combination contains Recaro Side Impact Protection. It can save face, head, neck, trunk and pelvis in the case of accident. This feature makes it very reliable to use because these five points are highly susceptible to injury. The Recaro Prosport combination booster car seat is ideal for the child having weight of 30-120 pounds and height of 27-59 inches. Its harness system is designed for the children having 20-90 pounds and 27-59 inches height.  Its side impact protection has large wings.

The Recaro Prosport combination car seat harnesses every person using the booster seat. The seat is reliable and has a durable structure so it will not be destroyed easily. The design was made for cars in order to maintain the safeties of the passengers.”  Heidi Evans