Top rated booster car seats in 2018


The many reviews about the best booster car seats under $50 have identified some of the best choices that are currently available in the market. In the rest of this article, five of the ideal options will be identified, although they might be priced higher. Nonetheless, even if they are slightly more expensive, you will have the guarantee that they will perform based on your expectations.


Recaro Pro-Sport Combination Booster Car Seat


Best Booster Car Seat RatingsAccording to many people who have reviewed this product, one of the things they liked about such is the fact that it is designed to provide the highest level of protection for infants. One of the reasons for such is the side impact protection, which prevent your child from suffering from body injuries after the crash. Additionally, it is also common for those who have bought such to express their satisfaction with the attached headrest, making it possible for the child to be comfortable all the time.

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“The best booster car seat reviews had a substantial contribution in my decision to purchase Recaro Pro-Sport for my toddler. When I ask him if he is comfy he always replies with a ‘Yes’ and I am reassured that he is well protected when he is in the vehicle” – Erwin Ellis


Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Car Seat


The best booster car seat ratings that were given to this product have been high because of its ability to provide 360-degree protection. One feature that helps with such is the Energy-Absorbing Versa Tether that makes it possible for the child to be protected from head to toe. Another feature that is worth noting is the Harness Ultra Guard System, which allows the reduction of the head movement in forward position in case an accident happens.

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“I bought this booster because it has some impressive impact test results and also it was recommended to me for its harness system. I know for sure it’s extra safe and it seems that my child isn’t bothered when sitting in it. I go as far as to consider it the best booster car seat 2018.” – Jessica M. Moore


Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat


Being manufactured by the same company that offers the above mentioned product, this booster car seat also promises high quality and reliability, giving you the confidence as you travel with your child. It has the Click-Tight Installation System that allows parents to have it placed in a snap, while being assured that it will stay in place all throughout the trip. This model also has Safe Cell Technology, which is one of its innovative features that counteract force in case of a crash.

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“I had no problem when installing this seat in my car and I had no problem properly strapping my child in. My son doesn’t feel uncomfortable when we’re going for a long car ride and I don’t think I can ask for more from such a seat. Britax Frontier 90 is definitely a state-of-the art booster.” – Maria D.


The First Years Compass Booster Car Seat


This is another model that is often given five stars in best booster car seat ratings. When parents are asked about the things that they like about this model, one thing that is often mentioned is that it is very easy to use. While it promises convenience to your child, it also promises convenience on your part, basically because of its hassle-free installation. It can be folded with just the use of one hand and has a conveniently designed handle that makes it easy to carry.

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“In the months we have been using this booster car seat from The First Years, we have been pleased with the comfort level it provides for our son. In the cup holders we place drinks and snacks and this way he always has something to do, even when we take a longer drive.” – Allan M. Batiste


Diono RadianR100 Convertible Booster Car Seat


In terms of the safety of your child, there is no doubt that this product will prove to be an excellent choice. Its sturdy body, which is basically because of the steel alloy frame, will make it possible to support weight of up to 65 pounds when it is used in a rear facing position. On the other hand, if it is used in a forward facing position, it can support up to 40 pounds of weight. This booster car seat is made from plush cotton, making your child feel comfortable all the time.

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“I put my faith in this booster from Diono because it had excellent impact test ratings and it will protect my child for a couple of years while he is in the car. My child has immediately felt comfy in it and this makes me certain I have made the right choice.” – Amanda Cooper