Top rated bluetooth speakers in 2019


When it comes to music streaming everyone is searching for a way that doesn’t involve wires. This is where professional Bluetooth speakers come into play. Such audio devices are known for their capacity to wirelessly play music. Music enthusiasts love such freedom of expression because it unshackles them from power plugs. In order to assist people during their quest to find the most efficient product we carefully drafted the best bluetooth speaker reviews. We attentively tested over 30 top rated speakers for 80 hours and noticed that five models responded very well. Each speaker was tested with attention by audio engineers and experienced technicians.


Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker


Best bluetooth speaker reviewsSince there are so many Bluetooth speakers available on the market, limiting the search down to only one requires patience. Still, most of the current top bluetooth speaker reviews underline the sublime audio clarity provided by Bose SoundLink Mini. Used by thousands of music lovers across the U.S. this tiny audio device can stream impressive sounds, clear and powerful. This is one of the most versatile and compact speaker ever created by Bose engineers. It can be connected to smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Furthermore this Bluetooth speaker incorporates a rechargeable battery that allows it to play music up to 7 hours.

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AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The current best bluetooth speaker reviews emphasize on the elegant audio performance of AmazonBasics Portable speaker. This stunning audio device allows anyone to share music with friends anywhere, anytime! It was designed to wirelessly stream quality music without compromising in any way sound clarity. The speaker includes 2 internal 3W speakers which are powerful enough to play a full album or relaxation music during yoga sessions. This audio device is light and with an elegant finish. It can be used in direct connection with smartphones, laptops or tablets. Easy to set up and manage, this subtle Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to anyone that loves quality music!

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Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 BoomBox NFC Speaker


Today’s market for Bluetooth speakers is booming since more and more people understand the true value of musical freedom. On this note we recommend the Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 BoomBox, a speaker that impresses with the first song played. It has a powerful 10W audio force which renders music without distorting sound quality. The model incorporates a rechargeable and high capacity 2500 mAh polymer Li-ion battery. This powerful battery allows users to play music for 10 consecutive hours, more than enough for a private party! Equipped with the latest Bluetooth v.4.0 technology this speaker from Sharkk delivers a breathtaking audio experience.

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Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth speaker


Looking for the best bluetooth speaker in 2019 should include a glimpse at Jawbone JAMBOX wireless speaker. Present in thousands of American homes this powerful audio device offers stunning streaming capabilities from smartphones, notebooks or any other Bluetooth device. It incorporates advanced acoustic drivers and passive bass radiator capable of delivering an impressive output capacity of 85 decibels! Some call this speaker “music in a box” because it can render beloved songs at a simple touch of a button. It has a stainless steel construction and special rubber casing for precise resistance to accidental drops. Built for audio clarity, Jambox is definitely a Bluetooth speaker to consider for road trips, camping trips or hikes!

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Creative Labs D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


When it comes to high quality Bluetooth speakers that deliver pristine audio performance, Creative Labs always impresses with its models! They released the best bluetooth speaker in 2019: the Creative D100. This high quality Bluetooth speaker can wirelessly stream music at a range of 10 meters from the music source. It can be used with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices. This speaker requires 4 “AA” batteries in order to operate. It also gives users the possibility to connect to a power source through the AUX-in port. The Creative D100 is perfect for family picnics, parties, beach trips or simple hikes in the middle of nature.

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