Top rated Blu Ray Players reviews


Films have never looked better. High Quality BluRay DVDs have reinvented visual perfection for film watching at home. Large memory disks will give you big scale resolution pixels and incredible colors that optimize any movie scene. Finding the best blu ray player 2018 may take a while to go through several reviews and recommendations and get the best featured one. Download/upload speed, connectivity and reliability are all to be found in one affordable Blu Ray Player that re-defines high definition all together.


Find the best blu-ray player – Buying guide


Every home should have a room of entertainment and fun. This is why most people take their time in learning more about Blu-ray players and high-end television sets. The growing interest for high quality players is not surprising. There are many benefits of owning a reliable Blu-ray disc player. Watching movies in 1080p HD is a whole lot better than the standard DVD experience. Choosing the best rated blu-ray player requires access to professional information. High definition videos offer sublime and high resolution images which have no comparison in matters of cinematic pleasure. A good Blu-ray player is not hard to come by these days. All you need to figure out is what to look for in a product. As such, you will be able to separate the good models from the ones that will simply waste your time.

Which product is the best seems like the proper way to start your search. Well, that is a shortcut that we don’t necessarily endorse. You need to know exactly the product’s functions and whether or not you will use them. There is no sense in spending money for a player that has features you’ll never use. Stick to the basics and the new products on the block will have no secrets for you. Most of the current Blu-ray disc players offer amazing high definition picture quality and also additional features like 3D support, Wi-Fi technology and audio/video streaming. All of these functions were designed to transform any living room into a center of entertainment. The prices vary on these players because the competition for customer’s attention is pretty high. Every top manufacturer wants to impress with the product released. According to recent statistics it seems you can safely opt for one of the most popular blu-ray player models released by Panasonic, Sony, OPPO, Samsung or Philips.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Special Features Price Dimensions 2D-3D Conversion Our Rating Where to buy

Sony BDP-S5100

3D Compatiblity, Child Lock and more $$$ 1.7 x 7.8 x 14.2 inch YES A+ AMAZON

LG Electronics BP330

Child Lock, Parental Control $$ 14.2 x 7.9 x 1.6 inch No B+ AMAZON

Sony BDP-BX110/S1100

Internet Apps and more $$ 12.9 x 11 x 2.4 inch No B+ AMAZON

Samsung BD-H5900

HD Upconversion and more $$$ 14.2 x 7.7 x 1.6 inch No C AMAZON

Panasonic DMP-BD79

Dolby True HD and more $$ 17 x 8 x 3 inch No C AMAZON


As so many people pointed out the Black Friday deals on top products are pretty hard to ignore. The prices drop to the floor and anyone can make a smart investment. If you already own a 1080p HDTV then a good Blu-ray player will simply make the entertainment package complete. Not to say that DVD players are becoming obsolete but only a handful of people seem to want them. Due to the unique cinematic features that most of Blu-ray players present, fun is guaranteed. Furthermore the top blockbuster movies are released in high definition, a format supported only by such players. Blu-ray players offer 2 features for viewing movies: BD-Live and Bonus View. They are designed to maintain the cinematic experience unique and pleasant to the eye.

You can also take a blu-ray player for Christmas, as a gift to a friend or family member. This source of entertainment, completed by two or three movies will definitely go well with anyone. Regarded by many as the ultimate source of cinematic clarity, Blu-ray players will provide hours of viewing pleasure to movie fans.


Things to consider:

–          HDMI ports and A/V receiver support, so you can connect it to the TV or other devices

–          Wi-Fi technology and access to online video sources like Netflix, Picasa, Vudu, Pandora or Vudu

–          3D support, which gives you the possibility to play 3D movies

–          BD-Live option that provides access to interactive and downloadable web content



Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray Disc Player


Over 100 apps are only a few moments from you to stream with this wi-fi blu ray player. Its features have come across the best blu ray player reviews 2016 and have impressed buyers with offering speed, connectivity, high visual and sound fidelity and long terms of usage. Getting films on your TV has never been easier or faster. For full mobility experience you can have it connected to your smartphone or tablet and have your multimedia displayed through it.



Speed, quality and performance contribute to make this get the best blu ray player ratings 2018, with stronger and faster connection without wires

Seamless streaming experience goes wireless, with a beautiful jewel-top design that takes the breath away and makes the unit a handsome addition to living room decor

Unlimited streaming choices via the Sony Entertainment Network, making entertainment options unlimited and giving access to over 100 streaming service providers for music, TV shows and movies including Amazon Instant Video, Netflix®, Pandora, HuluPlus and YouTube plus Fitness and Wellness apps, too

Delivers full HD 1080p for 3D Blu-ray Disc while upscaling  DVDs to near HD quality, with ability to convert 2D to 3D for playback on 3D-enabled televisions



The jewel-top does not enable putting anything on top of the unit, but this also keeps the inside of appliance safe from impact


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LG Electronics BP330 Blu-ray Disc Player


This model has intrigued reviewers for offering the chance to surf on the internet and get to all available multimedia files online without ever using a computer. Gives great gaming experience and is compatible with all DVDs you may have around the house. It auto plays all episodes and provide good quality sound and image, all from a small and very fancy black box. Mentioned among best blu ray reviews 2018, this one has been a hit among first time users who easily got used to it.



Sleek and minimal look with the front of the unit doing away with almost all of the buttons on standard blu-ray players, leaving just the Power and Eject buttons and a USB port for external storage

Plays blu-ray discs and DVDs in high definition, with ability to upscale DVDs to 1080p for outstanding clarity and vividness of images that the entire family can appreciate fully

Reads and plays back optical media content with no lag, and also does the same for media in external storage formats

Apps available for Pandora Internet radio, AccuWeather, Picasa, YouTube, Vudu, HuluPlus and Netflix, with integration to a tablet or smartphone than can serve as a remote for the player via the LG Remote App



Doesn’t carry social networking apps or a web browser

No extra HDMI port to make the unit usable with AV receivers


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Sony BDP-BX110/S1100 Blu-ray Player


Best Blu Ray Player 2018Loads your films in less than 2 minutes and once wired to the internet in ensures great streaming without any lag or delay. Nothing could go wrong once you have the Auto settings activated to install it and you will be ready to indulge yourself on watching great films in very short time. You can go watching season after season for long hours, it won’t get either tired or hot, and will smoothly run you through all episodes. For the very much affordable price, this model goes as the best blu ray player 2018.



Offers full 1080p HD playback of blu-ray discs plus DVD upscaling for optimum enjoyment, just as the director meant the video or movie to be appreciated fully

Through the front-mounted USB slot, photos and videos can easily be shared with friends and family so memories remain the focus of entertainment and video leisure

Offers more than 100 streaming apps from online streaming sources including  Netflix, Pandora HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video and many more

Better quality disc playback made possible by fully encased optical drive, plus Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio support for optimum entertainment enjoyment every time



Offers Ethernet but no Wi-Fi capability, which is good enough for many happy users


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Samsung BD-H5900 Blu-ray Disc Player


If you are into buying a blu ray player, better get the full package and have a long term investment that will keep your eyes and ears on the screen and make you feel real life entertainment with the 3D feature for film watching. This blu ray player can make your non HD videos get very close to the high standard images and dolby digital plus will keep your sound up to these expectations. Feeling that all is a little too high-tech? No worries about that, you will have it figured out as soon as you type your wi-fi password.



Built-in Content streaming partners and Opera TV apps that allow streaming of TV shows, movies and music direct to a home theater system for full-scale entertainment

Full HD reality in both 2D and 3D, with the latest Hollywood titles that feature realistic scenes and characters when blu-ray player plays 3D television

Converts to upscaled HD so non-HD video is auto-enhanced to near-HD quality, providing better  clarity and more detail than can be imagined

With Wi-Fi LAN Built-In to give access to a variety of  Smart Blu-ray features and apps wirelessly, so syncing and content streaming can be done with other devices including smartphones, cameras, tablets and PCs



Does not stream from Amazon Instant Video

No optical digital out


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Panasonic DMP-BD79 Blu-ray Player


Saves power, gives good upgraded style in your room and plays the disc in the shortest amount of time possible. This blu ray player will take you online to enjoy as much as you wish from the available multimedia files and will enhance the quality of your audio-visual content for high standard comfort in your house. Get it connected to an external HDD component and you will access easier and faster all of your favorite content: videos, music, pictures and games.



Deserves the best blu ray player ratings 2018 thanks to deliveringhigh-quality streaming images, ensuring smart TV is just made easy for more discriminating individuals

Slim and stylish with attractive compact design,  and loaded with energy-saving functions to ensure that it consumes as little power as possible

Ultra-fast booting player promises optimum movie quality, with shorter menu launching to disc playing than in standard models, making home entertainment more comfortable and intuitive at the same time

Provides video on-demand with super resolution processing , with up-conversion of all streaming images into HD quality for optimum appreciation even on large-screen television



Keypad can’t be used to turn subtitles on and off

One HDMI input only but works nicely for users who want no bells and whistles but just simple functionality


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