What to Consider When Buying a Blood Glucose Meter


Blood glucose meters have evolved a lot over time, and now people suffering from diabetes can purchase one from any drugstore and monitor their glucose levels at home, without the need to go to the doctor all the time. The main advantage of a blood glucose meter is that it will save you time spent on trips to your doctor’s office, and it also helps you keep your health in check. Not only humans are now tested for diabetes, but pets, too, so you will also find some models that are specifically designed for cats and dogs. Most of the best blood glucose meter reviews recommend purchasing a unit that is highly accurate and easy to use. The following buying guide will lend you a helping hand to finding the right blood glucose meter.

A.Blood Glucose Meter


Since these devices are meant to help you keep your health in check, the most important aspect to keep in mind is accuracy. While most units you will find on the market right now are equipped with the best mechanisms to deliver good readings, you should pick a model that you are comfortable with. For instance, there are models that require calibration by inserting a certain code. In case you fail to insert the code correctly, you may get abnormal readings, and accuracy will be compromised. Removable code chips are another solution, and, most probably, a better one, since they will not depend on how well you read the code.


Test time

People with diabetes often need to verify their glucose levels a few times daily. In this case, a fast, efficient unit is preferable to one that needs a little more time to deliver the required results. The best blood glucose meter 2021 must be quick, easy to use and highly accurate, and these are actually the only things to keep in mind, when shopping for a good quality unit.



The price of the model is one thing, but, as many of the best blood glucose meter reviews can tell you, buying the test strips will prove to be the more significant cost. Check to see what kind of test strips your unit uses, and see if that translates into a really huge investment from your part.


Top Rated Glucose Meters in 2021


There are many different blood glucose meters on the market, and this is the number one reason why people can find it difficult to pick the right unit for their needs. We searched for the best blood glucose meter 2021 and we discovered three different models that score high in consumers’ preferences.


Abbott AlphaTRAK 2


1.AlphaTRAKIn case you are looking for a good quality blood glucose meter for your pet, and not for you, the AlphaTRAK 2 is the best you will find right now. Many pet owners have used with great success the first version of this product, and now the current version seems to enjoy the same popularity among users.

A great thing about the AlphaTRAK 2 is that the package does not include only the unit. It comes along with an instructional DVD that explains how diabetes develops in cats and dogs and how pet owners can care for their pets’ health, by getting them checked regularly. 25 test strips are provided, as well as 30 lancets, so you will not have to purchase additional consumables right away.

Two user’s guides are included in the final price, and you will find the monitoring system kit really easy to use. Since you need to cause as little discomfort as possible when taking the sample from your cat or dog, it is a great thing that a lancing system is included. All in all, it is safe to say that this is the best glucose meter for pets, and an indispensable tool for pet owners.

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Active 1st Diabetes Testing Kit


2.Active 1st DiabetesThis testing kit has everything you need from a good quality glucose meter. Intended for personal use, it is really easy to figure out, which is why this product is popular with regular users, as well as those who are just starting to use such a device.

The consumables included with the kit have an expiration date of one year/one year and a half, so, even if you do not have to use the meter regularly, you will not have to worry that the consumables will quickly reach their expiration date and become impossible to use.

No fewer than 100 strips are included with the package, so, if you are a regular tester, you will find the kit to be quite handy. The Active 1st Diabetes Testing Kit is mentioned by all the best blood glucose meter reviews around because of the many conveniences it provides. A lancing device, along with 100 lancets, is also provided, so there is nothing else you need besides this kit to keep your glucose levels in check.

The instruction booklet is concise and to the point, and you will easily learn how to use the testing kit to monitor your glucose levels. The carrying case is a nice touch, and a great convenience when you need to travel.

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Contour Bayer Next 7411


3.Bayer Contour NextThe last of the top rated blood glucose meters 2021 we wanted to include on our list is the Bayer Contour Next USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System. What makes this particular monitoring system stand out is its superior portability.

Unlike other devices that can take a bit of space and are also bulky in appearance, this one looks like an ordinary USB stick, with the important difference that this is a great tool for monitoring your health. The USB stick is capable of storing all the important information regarding your glucose levels and you can transfer them with ease to another device, like your computer or your mobile devices.

The electronic logbook comes in handy, as it manages to show you all the important information you need stored away, such as consecutive readings. The battery can be recharged and you will be able to use this monitoring system for a long time.

The Bayer Contour Next USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System appears in many of the best blood glucose meter reviews around, and for all the right reasons. Don’t let your health up to chance and make sure that your glucose levels are within normal values. Additional information can be acquired from your doctor, but a glucose meter can still help you a great deal.

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