Best Blenders under $50


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One may find it hard to look for the best blenders under $50. This is not because they are of inferior quality, but because there are too many possible choices that are available in the marketplace. More often than not, you will be overwhelmed and may end up making the wrong choices. In this case, you need to first evaluate the features of some of the models available, as such will allow you to end up with a well-informed decision.


Hamilton Beach 51101B Blender


Best Blenders under $50

One good thing about this model is its size. It is a personal blender, which means that it can make drinks and smoothies that will be just enough for you. The jar wherein you will blend also functions as a travel cup, making it perfect for people who are on the go. This 175-watt blender is also chosen by many people because it is a snap to operate, requiring less time and effort on the part of the user. With one-touch operation, your drinks will be prepared in a short while. More information about this brand you can find in our best Hamilton Beach blenders reviews.

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“The Hamilton Beach 51101B Blender is the one I have at home which I always bring whenever I have to go on beach parties. This product is very easy to manage and is portable. The small size of the product makes it easy for me to handle it and to make palatable delicacies without any issues and hassle.” Dara S. Reaves


Magic Bullet Express Deluxe Blender


This 26-piece set will offer you with everything that you will need in blending, which is a significant reason on why it has always been cited in the list of  best blenders under $60. Because of the number of items that are included in the set, it is not only good in blending. This will also prove to be ideal in making mousse, sorbets, and frozen coffee, among others. All of the pieces in this set are also microwave-safe and easy to clean and maintain.

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“I have the Magic Bullet Express Deluxe Blender. I have this already for almost 3 years and this set is very capable in helping me to do things easily and swiftly. The product is also easy to clean and to maintain that’s why I love using this blender set. Another, the blender is durable and stiff.” Rebecca Alvarez


Magic Bullet MBR-1701 Blender


With this 17-piece blender set, you will surely find it easier to complete some of the most common tasks in the kitchen, making you feel like a gourmet chef. Aside from blending healthy and nutritious drinks, it can be also helpful in preparing ingredients for cooking. It can chop garlic, mince onions, and make sauces, among other things. In addition, they are also all microwave and freezer-safe, which means that they will have more functionality and usefulness in a variety of kitchen tasks.

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“This Magic Bullet MBR-1701 Blender is my best partner when it comes to different culinary activities. The product is extraordinary in nature as well as in performance. The quality is very nice and one of a kind. You will never think of another product than this blender I bought from Amazon.” Christy C. Newberry


Hamilton Beach 51102 Blender


If you have limited time to prepare your favorite drink because of your hectic schedule, this blender will prove to be ideal for your needs. It is a personal-sized unit that is equipped with a travel lid, making it possible to bring anywhere. It comes with blades that are made from stainless steel, being good not only in terms of functionality, but also in assuring that the blender will be durable. Lastly, it has one-touch operations, requiring no complications in its use.

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“The Hamilton Beach 51102 Blender is my best buddy in making delicacies and drinks in a very swift yet precise manner. The product is extremely adorable and sophisticated. The over- all design is good and nice. If you will to buy a blender, this brand is the one I recommend the most.” Rachel W. Entrekin


Cuisinart CSB-75 Blender


This is another model that is commonly mentioned in reports about the best blenders under $50. The intelligent design of this unit is one thing that makes it a favorite. With its stick design, it has the ability to reach different areas. In addition, the handle has an ergonomic design, making sure that the user will be comfortable even after a long time. Lastly, it also offers two variable speeds, allowing users to choose on how they want the blending to be done.

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“You will never imagine a blender like the Cuisinart CSB-75 Blender. This product is very contemporary and artistic in style. Accompanied with the fashion structure was the performance and the quality the product exhibited. You will never thought of a blender that has the great quality and features.” Eunice Marcy