Best binoculars for the money


Binoculars can be a very useful piece of equipment and even vital for hobbies like bridwatching for instance. Getting the right pair of binoculars is not as easy as it sounds because you have a lot of options and some of which are not what you are looking for. To help you with this dilema here is a list of the best binoculars under $50 with top performances that you may put to use.


Professional advice on binoculars in 2019


4A good pair of binoculars represents for millions of Americans a chance to see different animals or objects from a great distance. The growing demand for professional binoculars is not surprising given the multitude of products available in 2019. Searching for such optical devices can take some time if you are not properly informed. This is why you need to access quality information on some of the current binoculars that people seem to love so much. As a result you must first learn what binoculars are and how they work. The optical instrument is made of 2 identical telescopes specially ganged together so that anyone can look through them with both eyes in the same time. Binoculars offer 3D-images close to what you might see without using the instrument. They offer a comfortable way to observe different birds, animals, landscapes and even people from afar.

There are many products available on the market, which makes it pretty challenging for anyone to narrow things down to one single product. On this note we decided to lend you a helping hand by emphasizing on all the things that make binoculars great. We studied with attention the market, going through over 35 top rated products in order to determine the primary characteristics that need to be present in your future purchase. Finding the best binoculars under 50 will become an easy task once you know what to look for. Price is what sets the tone during every selection. As a result you got to know the basics: the brand matters, type of coatings is equality important and last but not least keep in mind the quality of the optics.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Magnification Price Objective lens Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Tasco Essentials Zip Focus

10x $$ 50 mm 26.4 oz A AMAZON

Bushnell Powerview

12x $ 25 mm 11.3 oz B+ AMAZON

Barska Colorado Series

10x $ 25 mm 10 oz B+ AMAZON

Bushnell Powerview Porro

8x $$ 25 mm 10.4 oz B AMAZON

Barska Pink Porro

10x $ 25 mm 7.2 oz B+ AMAZON


Going though the best binoculars under 50 in 2019 represents an essential step in finding the ideal product. Study the binocular’s design and see if it matches to your own personality. As a result you need a model with sturdy construction and sublime finishes for better control over all observing actions. Now, you should also take into account the binocular’s type of prism. The current binocular products come with two types of prisms: porro or roof. Binoculars with roof-prism optics are easier to hold and use during various observation projects. On the other hand porro optics present in some binocular models deliver great depth of field and also a wide field of view. These types of observation instruments have a heavy format but they do deliver high quality images.

How to choose one of the best binoculars under 50 in 2019? Well, it all depends for what you are going to use the product. Some binoculars can be used for different applications such as bird watching, landscaping or even prospecting. Another thing to take into account is magnification power. This feature indicates how strong the instrument is. Most of the current instruments are designed as 10-30 x 60 with 10x magnifications at low level and 30x magnifications at high level. It is important to have in your hands a pair of binoculars that enhances the quality of your observation needs!


Tasco Essentials Zip Focus Binoculars


Best binoculars under $50

One option you can go for which comes with excellent features is the Tasco Zip Focus Binoculars. Its multicoated lenses can magnify the image ten times for top range. Its frame which is coated with rubber is resistant to all types of weather and protects the lens. If you have a tripod it can also be mounted on it with ease. For even more lens protection it has also fold-down eyecups.



Perfect for stargazing and big game spotting, these binoculars have multi-coated lenses plus BaK-4 prisms that are of high-quality porro design, all contributing to optimal brightness and clarity

Rubber armor coating on the rugged, water-resilient housing ensures durable use for outdoor adventures so there’s always a good sight of things no matter what the situation is

Designed with tripod adaptability for easy set-up and convenient use anywhere, perfect for stationary hunters

Amazingly low price makes this pair a favorite in countless best affordable binocular reviews



Large objective lenses make this pair weighty but with a nice and flat field of view

Not made to be fog- or waterproof or not for the avid birdwatcher or hiker


“ I am fond of watching objects and other subjects when we go on hiking’s and other terrain activities. With this, I always come to the point of bringing my Tasco Essentials Zip Focus Binoculars because it provides me with lot of enjoyment and satisfaction when it comes to sightseeing. “  Molly Valenzuela


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Bushnell Powerview Folding Binocular


2One of the best binoculars under $50 is the Bushwell Powerview with its 10x magnification option. The top image clariry of the object you are viewing plus its surrounding environment is assured by Bk-7 prism which equips this pair of binoculars. The manufacturer also throws in a lifetime warranty for its product. There design is compact as well, so it makes travelling around with them very easy and comfortable at the same time. The rubber coating is shock-absorbant so the lenses are safe in the event of the binoculars slipping out of your hand.



Range of pack-along binoculars designed as ideal viewing tools for wildlife, built for the console on a hunter’s truck or blind bag

Geared with exclusive Insta-Focus system from Bushnell that needs no focusing on distant and near objects of vision

Excellent eye relief allows complete attention to targets without having to change viewing angles or head position

Superior light transmission and clarity from multi-coated optics, with rubber armoring that offers shock resistance and firm handling



Binoculars are not made to be either waterproof or fog proof yet offer a great field of view

Binoculars are not adaptable to a tripod set-up as they are designed for active use


“ I admire he Bushnell Powerview Folding Binocular because it really magnifies an object even it is afar without making it blur or unseen. The binocular is also lightweight so you will be happy bringing it anywhere without hassle and problems encountered. Aside from that, it is also affordable.”  Richie Patel


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Barska Colorado series Binoculars


A great thing about the Barska Colorado series binoculars is the fact that they are so well designed that they are waterproof. They are lightweight and compact with a yellow and black design which makes carrying them around with you very comfortable. The body is made out of quality rubber and it will keep water out. It is very hard to slip the binoculars out of your grasp because it has finger grips on the rubber body.



Built for the active user who demands a great view of the outdoors, athletic and sports activities and a variety of action-filled happenings

Also ideal for backpacking, camping and hiking adventures when food and water are not the only essential items to pack

High-quality optics in a wet or dry setting, with excellent waterproof protection plus rubber armor covering that absorbs impact

Compact size, lightweight design and highly visible black-and-yellow finish ensure that this pair will be quite difficult to lose even in the wild



Product does not come with lens covers, but for active viewing, who needs such items anyway?

Eye relief is not so generous, but resolvable issue when eye and lens distance are correctly adjusted to ideal viewing angle


“ Barska Colorado series Binoculars have an affordable price on Amazon and after reading the best rated binocular under 50 reviews, I didn’t think twice about ordering them. This binocular is waterproof and I’ve tested it in rainy conditions. While not a leading model, I think I got the best deal possible for the money I’ve spent.”  Teddy Fields


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Bushnell Powerview Porro Binocular


3This Bushnell model from our best Bushnell binoculars reviews is a very cheap and quality solution for birdwatching. It gets its name from the porro prism system which equips it and gives out 8x magnification and makes them 25 mm binoculars. The rubber which makes up its coating is shock-absorbing and non-slip as well in case for some reason it does take a fall. The lifetime warranty is also a bonus. All these features and more make out of it one of the best binoculars under $50.



Product provides amazing combination of contemporary design and styling plus renowned Bushnell durability and quality, making this pair the best affordable binoculars 2019 for many satisfied users

Has ±3 Dioptric correction that creates less strain on the eyes for optimized viewing plus better contrast focusing and depth on the target being sighted

Great clarity and brighter image ensured by outstanding transmission  of light via the fully-coated optics, with patented Insta-Focus system

Non-slip rubber armor offers rugged and reliable shock absorption and comfortable grip



Lightweight and fun to use despite not being waterproof

Cover for the eye piece can come off easily, which is better when binoculars are to be used repeatedly


“ When I first saw the Bushnell Powerview Porro Binocular, I was impressed by its good features for such a cheap price. I didn’t need a Black Friday discount to get it for a very advantageous price. I do some bird-watching with it in the park close to my home.”  Amos Suzette Lamb


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Barska Pink Porro Binoculars


A special treat for the ladies who are intrested in outdoor activites is the Berska Pink Porro binoculars. Their stunning pink design has made it a very popular gift for people intrested in sports or nature realted activities. Its weight is almost nothing making them ideal for people who are always on the move. You either can carry them around your neck or in their carrying pouch and can clean them with the special cloth with is also included in the package.



Compact and lightweight binocular made for sightseeing, bird watching and hiking while being a fashionable accessory for observing and travelling in style

Grooved center focus dial enables smooth and easy focusing, which is really useful for viewing sporting events and birds in flight

BK-7 Porro prisms offer high-clarity and more in-depth rendering of detail in distant images even when light is not optimally bright

Optics are given full coating so glare is significantly minimized while images are transmitted in bright and contrast-rich quality



Hooks for the strap are tiny and flimsy, made for little girls who want a magnification tool stylishly draped around their neck

Strap comes off easily, so unit must be used with care


“ I love the Barska Pink Porro Binoculars because the design is really feminine and attractive. I always bring this binocular when we have to go on hiking and sightseeing’s. I never have a problem with it because it is lightweight which allows me to place it in my neck. My daughter gave it to me as a Christmas present and I’m positive it’s one of the top 10 binoculars even if it’s not very expensive. ”  Zelma Williams


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