Cheap billiard tables for sale


The best billiard table reviews offer all the enthralling features of a professional billiards table. These tables are ideal for college-rooms, parties, small get-togethers where you can have quick and friendly match while others cheer for you. Another great advantage of these tables is that it can be stored easily and requires minimum or no assembly.


Floor-standing mini billiard table


Best billiard tables under $200

This pool table comes fully assembled with real billiard balls, 2 billiard cues, rack, brush, and chalk for immediate play. The brush can be used for cleaning this floor standing table easily and also prevents it from dust. It also features foldable legs that allow you to move it easily around the room when not in use. This luxurious mini pool table weighs only about 40 pounds and with its small measurements, you can carry it anywhere.

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“For killing time while I’m at home I bought the Floor-standing mini billiard table and I have loads of fun playing with my mates. It even comes with a brush so I can clean it easily. I recommend it cause it brings with it fun times.” Andrew Gregory


Club Fun billiard table


This model is especially designed for use in clubs and has sophisticated look that makes your game more enjoyable. This executive pool table includes numbered balls and 2 cue sticks, allowing you to instantly start your game. In addition, this pool table integrates chalk, rack, and felt brush that facilitate easy cleaning and support for your balls. This model is a bit tall so that is why it is not ideal for ages 13 and below.

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“I made this billiard table a present for my son and he liked it very much, having great fun with it. He even challanges me from time to time and he is getting quite good at it now that he can practice. Another thing I like about it is that it is also portable.” Chris Buckley


Mainstreet classic billiard table


This model is designed to give a professional look and tournament table-like feeling that can be great for playing small tournaments at parties. These best billiard tables under $200 provides all the excitement of traditional billiards with bank shots, draws, and calling your shots. Additionally, this model offers features like genuine ball return and racking triangle, making your game fully exciting and entertaining. This product includes 2 cues, set of billiard balls, cue balls, and table brush. When not in use, you can store it in a closet or push it under your bed.

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“I saw this mini billiard in a shop and the first thing that impressed me about it was its very affordable price. I got it without thinking about it to much and now I have a lot of fun playing billiard in my home with my friends. I recommend it as a very fun thing to have around the house.” Eric Leatherman


Bello Games deluxe billiard table


This 44” luxurious deluxe table integrates 2 sticks, the whole billiard ball set, triangle for the arrangement of balls, table brush and of course, table chalk for the sticks. To provide a professional look, this product features super speed cushions for comfortable play. The wool blend cloth surface allows for a smooth and flexible roll and makes it durable. This model can be stored easily in a closet or under the bed or can be left alone in the living room. In addition, it eliminates the need of assembly and opens up like a card table.

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“The Bello Game billiard table for me is a very entertaining thing to have in my house. I sometimes play with my friends for some quality time with a bit of competition. It is not even that expensive and it has everything I need for a quality game of billiard.”  Paul Jordan


Voit tabletop billiard table


This product offers all the thrilling actions of pool tables. The best billiard tables under $200 are great for dorm rooms, bedrooms, or game rooms where you need to have a quick and friendly billiard tournament with your friends. This model has a wood-grain laminate cabinet along with six drop pockets and a side ball return, giving that professional feeling to the game and making it more enjoyable. It includes full mini billiard ball set, a rack, and two 42-inch mini cues.

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“I got the Voit tabletop billiard table for my room and me and my room mate have a blast with it. Also every now and then we even make a tournament with some of the guys and things get pretty competitive. I always have a great time with this mini billiard table.” Craig Hedges