If you are interested in buying a new wall mirror, but you don’t want to go through the many pages filled with reviews, we’ve got you covered. To make it easier for those shopping for a new wall mirror, we took it upon ourselves to do the research for you. In order to make our selection as accurate as possible, we have considered factors such as online reviews, buyers’ feedback, price as well as overall quality of the products. As a result, we have reached the conclusion that the Hans&Alice Rectangular Wall Mounted Mirror is the best due to its appealing looks that bring together any room, accurate reflection and appropriate size that makes it large enough to qualify as the best wall mounted makeup mirror, but small enough as to avoid overpowering the room. If the Rectangular Wall Mounted Mirror is out of stock, we suggest you try the MCS Black Wedge, as it is the second best in the category.



Buying Guide


Have you been searching for that one mirror to suit your home interior but have been struggling to settle for a good model? While it is true that the current market is overflowing with mirrors coming in different shapes and designs, the following short list of features should help you make up your mind in no time. So, read ahead and see what features are indispensable and what should be the right criteria you should not settle without when in the market for this type of home accessory.


When shopping for this type of products, one should keep an eye out on the most important factor: the size of the mirror. In order to avoid unhappy incidents when you discover that the chosen mirror is too small or too large for the room you intended to set it in, be sure to check the approximate dimensions your new addition should have.

Moreover, you should mull over the place where you intend to install your mirror. By doing so, this valuable detail will help you select a model that is neither too simplistic, nor over-embellished.



As we were hinting at earlier, when buying a wall mirror one should consider the room he/she intends to set the mirror in. In this regard, we suggest that, no matter how much you like a model, you try to settle for one that goes well with the design of the room.

Therefore, only choose an ornate model if you intend to place it in an overall minimalistic decorated room. By doing so, you will be able to create a stylish point of focus in the room that completes its overall design. By following the same line of thought, remember that in an already jammed room less is always more. So, in this case, you should go with a simple, minimalistic mirror that gives the room a sense of togetherness without overcrowding it even more.


Ability to mount the mirror on the wall

As a final step before placing that order, be sure to check if any additional elements and accessories are needed to mount the mirror on the wall. Keep in mind that while some models come equipped with specific hangers that can be used when fixating the mirror on the wall, other models do not offer this feature. So, it is up to you to make sure that the acquired model has all required parts.



As all best wall mirror reviews should point out, because mirrors are delicate objects that can break easily during transportation, transport warranty is a must. Therefore, we advise you to only settle for those products that will fully guarantee your benefit if the item is damaged on arrival. In doing so, you save yourself the trouble of having to negotiate with the seller in case of any unfortunate events occurring during shipping.



Top Rated Bathroom Wall Mirrors in 2021


Our selection of what we consider the most eye catching and practical models on the market can be found below. In deciding what products to include in our list, we had in mind the above-mentioned features, as well as the buyers’ feedback and the overall quality of the products. So, don’t wait any longer and make your choice! Read ahead and pick what you consider to be the model that suits you and your home!



Hans&Alice Rectangular


Taking into account the critical acclaimed that it has gathered, at the time we did our research this model was considered a good deal on the market. With a very impressive baroque styled frame, this wall mirror is deemed to become a décor statement in any given room. Moreover, medium sized, this 32-in by 24-in mirror could be considered the best wall mounted lighted mirror, as long as you set it in between two simple wall lights that will confer it a very romantic, chic look.

Among the many features that recommend it, users have pointed out its accurate, high-quality reflection. As a plus, this model, made out of glass and wood, has a very solid construction that makes it a practical and durable acquisition.

Due to the fact that it can be displayed both vertically and horizontally, this mirror can be used not only as a living room or bedroom element of décor but also as a bathroom mirror, as it fits all types of rooms.

However, the element that makes this mirror a statement is the beautiful mahogany frame, sculpted in a very elegant way. As a way to fit all tastes, the model comes in two colors, silver, and bronze.

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MCS Black Wedge 


If you are looking for a simple, clear-cut designed mirror, the MCS Black Wedge might be just the right model for you. At a great price to value ratio, this mirror can only be described as modern looking and minimalist, making it suitable for all state-of-the-art outlined rooms.

If you count the overall size of the mirror including reflective area and molding, this model is 30 by 42 inches, which makes it fit for hallways, living rooms, and even bathrooms. As a plus, this product also comes in two colors, black, and pewter, enabling its prospective users to make the choice and opt for the best-suited model for their homes.

As a final important feature, we have to mention the fact that this product comes with a mounting hardware installed on the rear of the frame that only requires you to supply the nails. Therefore, if you settle for this product, in no time you will be able to set it up and enjoy it, without having to order additional pieces needed to fix it to the wall.

As a plus, users have pointed out that the product is a great option and that it looks more expensive than it really is.

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Umbra Prisma


If you are not afraid to make a statement and don’t mind making an investment, the Umbra Prisma is the perfect model for you. With an amazing ultra-modern frame that allows you to adjust it and even use it as an accessory hanger, the products is, by all means, a bold and yet subtitle addition for a home with a personality.

Measuring 22-1/4 inches by 16-3/4 inches by 3-1/4 inches, the product can be hung both vertically and horizontally, in accordance with the space the user intends to cover. Moreover, the multi-dimensional frame can be used to transform this product into a central piece of one’s living room or bedroom.

Last but not the least, as some inventive users have reported, the model is quite versatile and can even be used to fulfill other aesthetically pleasing functions; for instance, it can be used as an eye-catching tray if placed in on the central table of the living room or on the bedroom’s dresser. So, if you end up placing that order and buying this model, you will most certainly end up with a mirror that is bound to be appreciated by all visitors.

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