Top rated barcode scanners in 2019


Choosing the right barcode scanner can be quite a handful especially with the dozens of options you will need to consider. The options are endless depending on the different needs customers have. Fortunately our experts have decided to make a list of five recommendations for you to consider before making an investment. Their choices are based on time spent reading the best barcode scanner reviews currently available on and offline. After thorough research they’ve managed to narrow things down to a minimum of gadgets which will cover the most popular of the average customer’s needs.


TaoTronics TT-BS012 Wireless Cordless Handheld Bar Code Scanner Reader Kit


Best barcode scanner reviewsIf you are looking for the best barcode scanner in 2019, you should direct your attention towards the TT-BS012 by TaoTronics. This is a very well-crafted device made out of the most durable of materials. It will work right out of the box and it will never disappoint. It is perfect for any type of business and also for libraries. It uses a Lithium battery which lasts for 30 hours of constant use. Recharging only takes 2 ½ hours which is extremely quick for a gadget which is this affordable. Last but not least, you should know that the design of this barcode reader will not allow you to scratch the laser which will increase the value of your purchase.

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Socket Mobile 7Ci CX2870-1409 Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner


This is one of the most compact and portable barcode readers out there. The 7Ci produced by Socket Mobile is according to most of the best barcode scanner reviews, one of the most reliable gadgets to invest in. it is perfect for light-duty scanning. It has a scanning range of 20 inches and it can recognize and provide information on 1D barcodes which can be either displayed on different screens or simply labeled onto different products. Don’t worry if you are using Apple technology. Even though several similar device cannot be used with iOS or OS X, this little thing can be paired with absolutely any gadget. It will even recognize BlackBerry phones.

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Honeywell MS9520 Voyager Barcode Reader


Our experts say that this is the best barcode scanner in 2019. It comes with patented technology which is destined to increase efficiency by lowering the number of missed reads. You will immediately access the 1D code without having to do extra work. It has a simple design which fits very well in hand. It is durable and comes with a great price tag which is surprisingly low considering the performances of this gadget. It weights in just 1.4 pounds and it is delivered with a 5 year warranty which will probably never come in handy considering how nicely built this barcode reader is.

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Honeywell MS7120 Orbit Barcode Reader


If you have the money, this is the gadget to buy. It has an innovative design which is quite unique. It offers increased portability when compared to others and it weighs under 1 pound. It can scan a 1D barcode 1.120 times in just one second. It comes with an USB port so you can transfer all your data on any device you like. It incorporates excellent materials and it also looks pretty great. It is not recommended for large businesses being best suited for collectors or for people who own their own little business.

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Motorola Symbol LS2208 USB Scanner Kit


This is one of the top rated barcode scanners in 2019. It can be used right of the box and it can be connected to any gadget via USB. The full package for which you currently pay less than $100 provides you with an USB cable, a stand. The first is used to access the scanner’s main features. The biggest advantage this gadget has over all the others is its ability to work perfectly every time. This will save you money and will also help you avoid unwanted situations which may emerge inside an office space or inside a large working hall.

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