What to look for in a new backpacking tent


Choosing the best backpacking tents takes time and careful consideration. You will want to think about where you like to camp, and what time of the year you most often go. How you set up your overnight campsite can also play a part in determining which backpacking tent is right for you. According to backpacking tent reviews you want a lightweight tent that can offer you privacy and shelter, along with protecting you from pesky insects. To help you find the best backpacking tent of 2022 we have created this informative buying guide. In it you will find tips on how to choose the right tent for your next backpacking trip so you won’t find yourself sleeping exposed at night.

2.1 Coleman Hooligan 2 Person Tent

How to choose the best backpacking tent



One of the first aspects you need to consider is your budget. Backpacking tents are available in a wide range of prices and deciding how much you want to spend can help narrow down your choices. Ultra lightweight tents are often priced higher, and can include additional features. People who enjoy frequent backpacking trips in all types of weather might want to consider purchasing one of the higher priced models, while occasional hikers can use a durable and cheap backpacking tent to sleep comfortably protected at night.



Along with budget, you also need to decide which type of backpacking tent is right for you. There are five different types, and each one has its own advantages. Summer or screen backpacking tents are lightweight, durable, and airy. These tents are designed to provide plenty of air flow, while also keeping pesky insects outs. Three season backpacking tents are some of the most popular and can protect you from wind and rain, while still providing plenty of ventilation. Convertible tents can handle all types of weather conditions, but it should be noted that these models are heavier than other types of backpacking tents. A mountaineering style tent is perfect for camping during the cold winter months, and a tarp style model is easy to set up and extremely lightweight. Where and when you go backpacking will help you decide which type of tent is right for you.



The type of materials used in the tent’s construction will make a difference in durability, weight, and price. Nylon fabric is typically the strongest, while tents with polyester floors and flies are the most common. There are also backpacking tents that use cuben fiber material. The waterproof coating should also be considered with polyurethane being the most common and least expensive. Mountaineering and other winter style tents normally use SilNylon for the waterproof coating. While it is more expensive, it is also more resistant to rain and cold temperatures. Lightweight and priced higher than other materials, cuben fiber is also the most resistant to cold and water.

If the backpacking tent requires the use of poles in its set up, you want to make sure that it is constructed from a lightweight material and easy to carry. Aluminum tent poles are the most common, but some of the higher priced models use strong carbon fiber. One aspect to remember is that the length of the poles should be easy to carry, and not interfere with the rest of your gear. Not all backpacking tents use guy lines or stakes, but it is another feature that should be considered.



Backpacking tents can be divided into different categories based on size, which is important if you are camping with another person. According to backpacking tent reviews you want to find a tent that is large enough to sleep comfortably, while still being lightweight and easy to carry. Solo or one person size backpacking tents are obviously designed to be used by a single camper, and are available in several different styles. A two person tent is usually priced slightly higher, and is recommended for sleeping one adult along with a pet or child. Since backpacking tents are designed to be compact and portable, there usually isn’t enough space to comfortably sleep two adults. Backpacking tent reviews recommend choosing a three person model if you are camping with a friend, so you can both get a good night’s sleep without getting in each other’s way. There are also expanded two person backpacking tents to consider, which can also give you the extra room you need to camp overnight with a friend.



The best backpacking tents are lightweight and easy to carry. It is important to remember that you will probably be hiking over rough and rocky terrain, and that you won’t be close to any established public campsite. Part of the lure of backpacking is getting to explore new areas, and this can be difficult to do if your tent is too heavy to carry. According to backpacking tent reviews  a one person tent should weigh between two to three pounds. Larger two and three person backing tents are available in a range of different weights which can range from two to six pounds. When you are looking for the best backpacking tent of 2022 it is always important to remember that you will have to carry the tent to your camping site, and lightweight is generally better.



Ultralight backpacking tents


Nemo Equipment Meta 2-Person Ultralight Trekking Tent

1.1 Nemo Equipment Meta 2-Person Ultralight Trekking TentThis is the best lightweight backpacking tent designed for two people. It is the perfect comprise between space and weight, for a tent that is roomy and easy to carry. If you love long overnight hikes and don’t want to sleep unprotected outside, this tent is the perfect solution. It is lightweight and efficiently designed, and only weighs a little over two pounds. The tent also offers you and a friend plenty of well ventilated space to comfortably sleep in.

The affordable trekking tent is designed to be lightweight, efficient, and easy to set up. The webbing is already attached to the tent for a quick assembly time. The top of the tent is peaked for additional head room, and innovative side vents help to promote air circulation. The side vents also help to prevent moisture from forming inside, and there is a convenient overhang that can be unrolled during summer rain storms. Not only is the backpacking tent lightweight and easy to carry, it is also constructed from durable materials.

The two person backpacking tent is constructed from a durable and water resistant polyurethane nylon fabric that can protect you from wind and rain storms. The stakes and guy cord are also included, and designed to keep your tent securely in place. The breathable mesh fabric is also constructed from durable nylon and helps to improve air circulation, while keeping mosquitoes and other insects out. With a floor that measures 53 x 96 inches and a height of 43 inches, it is the best lightweight backpacking tent for you to take on your next long overnight hike with a friend.

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2 person backpacking tent


Coleman Hooligan 2 Person Tent

2.Coleman Hooligan 2 Person TentThis cheap backpacking tent is not only inexpensively priced, it also features a durable construction that is designed to last. It is the perfect size two person backpacking tent for an adult and a child, or if you love to go camping with your pet. The lightweight construction is easy to carry over long distances, which is especially helpful if you are backpacking with a child or a pet. It is also quick and easy to set up, another advantage for solo hikers.

One of the best backpacking tent brands, it also features Coleman’s innovative weather resistant system. The two person backpacking tent is designed to keep you dry in wet weather conditions, and is ideal for spring and summer backpacking excursions. There is a mesh liner inside the tent that not only provides ventilation, but can also be used for star gazing when the sky is clear. During rain storms there is a protective rain fly that will keep wind and water from getting inside the compact tent.

The tent is constructed from durable and water resistant polyester, and it also features welded seams for addition protection. If you frequently find yourself camping in wet weather, this backpacking tent can keep you and your gear dry at night. As an added bonus there is a convenient inner storage pocket, and the one pole design makes assembling this tent quick and easy. The continuous sleeve lets you slide the sturdy and lightweight pole in, and it attaches with a simple ring and pin securing system. You also get an interior loop for a flashlight, so you never have to worry about something sneaking up on you at night.

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3 person backpacking tent


Ledge Sports Recluse Lightweight 3 Person Tent

3.1 Ledge Sports Recluse Lightweight 3 Person TentIf you often find yourself hiking with more than one person, or if your partner likes to bring a lot of gear this spacious backpacking tent might be exactly what you are looking for. It has a comfortable height of 50 inches, and measures 100 x 70 inches, which is more than enough space for you and a couple of guests. Even though this tent is larger than other backpacking tent, it is still lightweight and designed to be used in remote camping locations.

The three person tent features dual doors for easier entrances and exits, along with protective vestibules. It is designed to withstand wind gusts and rain storms, and to make your backpacking trip a success no matter the weather conditions. The fly and floor are both waterproof, and heat sealed for addition protection. There are sturdy mesh panels to provide plenty of ventilation, which is always an added bonus when you are sharing a compact tent. The durable stakes keep the tent securely in place, and are designed to be lightweight for easy carrying.

The durable fabric covering is waterproof and resistant to tears, while the aluminum tent poles are strong enough to withstand sudden wind gusts without bending. It is easy to assemble, and the poles can be quickly secured with the clips. You will also enjoy the advantage of having four interior storage pockets. Keep items you need close by, and store all of your gear in the included gear shed. With a floor plan designed to sleep three people, this backpacking tent is able to solve any problems concerning lack of space and still be lightweight enough to be comfortably carried on all of your hiking expeditions.

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1 Person Backpacking Tent


Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent

4.1 Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 TentWhile it is always nice to get away on go exploring on your own, it can be hard to find a tent that is easy to carry and set up by only one person. A solo backpacking tent is designed to be extremely lightweight, and easy to assemble. It will give you a protected place to sleep at night, and be just as simple to take down in the morning. As one of the best backpacking brands the Alps Mountaineering tent is designed to solve all of the problems that often plagued solo hikers. Not only can it be easily carried and assembled by one person, it is also extremely durable and affordable.

You will love the lightweight and efficient design that is also weatherproof. There are also mesh panels to provide plenty of ventilation. Aluminum poles and stakes are easy to gear, and will keep your tent securely standing during wind and rain storms. A polyester rain fly will protect you from the rain, while the poly taffeta floor is durable and waterproof. To give you addition waterproof protection, the seams on the tent are also sealed.

Enjoy the vestibule for storing your gear so you have more room to sleep in, and the adjustable buckles on the rain fly. The door and vestibule zippers are also waterproof, so you never have to worry about getting caught in the rain. Additional mesh storage pockets keep useful items conveniently close, and you can also enjoy the advantage of the gear loft. With all of the benefits and advantages that are included with this backpacking tent, it is hard to believe that it is lightweight at only 3.5 pounds. It is the perfect tent for anyone that wants to sleep protected from bugs and the weather, without having to struggle with a heavy or oversize camping tent.

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4 person backpacking tent


Slumberjack 4 Person Trail Tent

5.Slumberjack 4 Person Trail TentBackpacking is not always a solo activity, and sometimes it is nice to go with others. When you do decide to go backpacking with a small group, there is always the question of where will you sleep. There are camping tents that are designed to sleep four or more people, but these structures are heavy and difficult to take with you on remote trails. This backpacking tent is designed to be lightweight and easy to set up, and it can also comfortably sleep up to four people.

There are two vestibules and a protective rain fly for storing gear, and to keep you and your friends dry during rain storms. It is ideal for taking on fishing excursions, or for taking long backpacking trips. The fiberglass poles are extremely lightweight, and easy to attach to the tent with clips. You will enjoy the benefit of the mesh lined walls which provide plenty of ventilation, a definite bonus when you are sharing a tent with more than one person. The tapered seams on the tent help to keep rain and water out, while the durable polyester fabric will last for years of backpacking trips.

In addition to the lightweight design and durable construction, the roomy backpacking tent also includes inner storage pockets to keep essential items conveniently close by. Weighing only 11.5 pounds you can easily carry the tent to remote camping locations, and the spacious interior gives you plenty of room for sleeping and storing your gear. If you love camping and hiking with larger groups of people this backpacking tent can give you plenty of room for you and your guests to sleep. It is well ventilated for comfort, and is designed to keep everyone dry and bug free for an enjoyable and relaxing outdoor adventure.

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Finding the right backpacking tent doesn’t have to be difficult, if you know what you are looking for. While budget is always an important consideration when you are investing in a new outdoor tent, you also want to think when and where you are most likely to go hiking. A tent designed for backpacking needs to be lightweight and easy to assemble, and this is especially true if you are planning on solo hiking trips. To help you find a tent that is easy and comfortable for you to carry, and able to protect you from bugs and the weather we included all of the information that you need to make an informed decision. Two backpacking tents that include everything you need to sleep and hike comfortably on your next outdoor adventure are the Nemo Equipment Meta 2–Person Ultralight Trekking Tent and the Coleman Hooligan 2 Person Tent. Both of these, along with Ledge Sports Recluse Lightweight 3 Person Tent are designed to give you a great experience on your next hiking trip. See what these and other backpacking tents have to offer and enjoy sleeping protected on your next overnight hike.