Top backpack vacuum cleaners in 2018


Cleaning requires time and much effort. Vacuum cleaners have reduced cleaning hours as compared with traditional cleaning ways – but some vacuum cleaners are hard on hands and makes person tires. In the following link are given are some best canister vacuum cleaners under $100 that have the finest quality vacuum cleaners which are light weighted and also efficient in functioning. They all are the best in their ways and save your time and money.


Hoover C2401 backpack vacuum cleaner


Best backpack vacuum cleaners reviewsThis vacuum cleaner is a professional cleaner and can clean away dust, allergens, pollens etc with it. It is capable of carrying dust and debris of 6.4 Quarts. To make cleaning effortless and light weighted, it is designed to be easy on hands. Its weight is only 9.2 lbs which don’t let you tire while working. For the monitoring of the dust and debris in the backpack, it has clear dome lid. It is easy to carry and clear away the back pack to make it useful again.

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“I know it is not a conventional vacuum, but this Backpack vac from Hoover actually does an awsome job for my home. You might think it is hard to carry it on your back, but it is not, because it is so lighweight. I clean all the house easily and with less effort I would put in using a normal vac.” Vicky Robson


Oreck PRO6 backpack vacuum cleaner


This vacuum cleaner has made its place at top of the many best backpack vacuum cleaners reviews because of its easy handling and efficient cleaning. This backpack vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning all the dust, pollen etc in its way in single swipe. With its 10 lbs weight only, it is highly effectual to be used in larger areas. It is easy on hands and body and doesn’t require very much force to control. Its backpack can hold the dust of about 6 quarts.

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“I find the Oreck PRO6 backpack vac to be very reliable and easy to use. I also recommend it to others because of its efficiency. I have a big living room and with this vaccum strapped to my back I clean every corner fast and thoroughly.” Nicky Powels


Atrix VACBP1 backpack vacuum cleaner


For large area cleaning, this vacuum cleaner is ideal. This vacuum is perfect for houses, hotels, offices because of its design and working. It gives four stages efficient filtration. It completes all the cleaning need and swipe away every single dust or particle that comes in its way. This vacuum cleaner can be stored anywhere because of it effective design. It can function as blower also. Converting it to blower is very easy.  It has the weight of only 10 ponds that give easy handling.

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“I liked the idea of a backpack vac and for this reason I went ahead and got the Artix VACBP1 model. I manage to clean evey last speck of dust from anywhere in my home and for me that is the most important thing. And  I do it with little effort as well.” Jake Henderson


Shop-Vac 2860010 backpack vacuum cleaner


This vacuum cleaner is used for dry cleaning only. It is one the best vacuum cleaner you found in many best backpack vacuum cleaners reviews. It functioning is made easy by providing it with 50 feet extension cord. It is easily reachable to all the places and can clean up every corner of your house. It is convenient for cleaning large areas and requires very little effort. To make this cleaner more useful, a storage tool belt is presented with it. Its on/off switch is easily reachable.

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“I love this backpack vacuum from Shop-Vac which allows me to clean my house in a proper way. The extension cord is so long that it allows me to clean even the biggest rooms in one go, without switching plug ins.” Rachel Brown


GV GV6qt backpack vacuum cleaner


It is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners you can find in the market. It is very light weighted but functions really well. It has the large backpack that is capable of holding dust of 6 quarts. It has very powerful motor that helps filter to take away all the dust in single run. It not only takes away the dust but can also blow air at very high speed. Along with saving money, you can also save much of your cleaning time with this vacuum cleaner.

“This vaccum and all the tools that come with it let me make short work of the dust in my apartment everytime I clean. I guess the key feature behind this is its powerful motor which provides a high suction power. Also it had a very affordable price which attracted me to it.” Molly Madson