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If you are on the lookout for the best hair dryer that is available in the market, the products that will be mentioned in the rest of this article are among the most ideal choices that can be taken into account. These models are guaranteed to provide the highest level of user satisfaction, which is mainly because of the high ratings given in many best hair dryer reviews.


What features are important in a hair dryer


Beauty requires attention to details and the use of professional tools. There are thousands of women that take great care of their hair. Before they go outside, most women arrange their hair in order to look closer to their own personal style. This is where a powerful hair dryer can deliver the right assistance. When it comes to essential hair care devices, hair dryers are present in any home where women live. The current offer on hair dryers is pretty impressive. On a quick glimpse, you will find hair dryers with ceramic, tourmaline or ionic technology. In this buying guide we are going to emphasize on each technology and its effects on the hair. Furthermore you will be able to use the information order to find one of the best hair dryers for the money and use it every day without problems.

There are affordable hair dryers that do wonders to a wide range of hair follicles. As you can imagine there are also more expensive models, equipped with advanced features. Now, let’s go through the particularities of each major type of hair dryers and see which one suits your needs best. Hair dryers with ceramic technology incorporate ceramic plates, heaters and disks, for smooth drying performance. Such dryers offer precise infrared heat which works on hair follicles. When the heated airflow passes through the ceramic disks it results in healthy-looking hair. Women are very fond of ceramic hair dryers because such units are easy to use. Price is a defining factor in any selection process. You can also wait for Black Friday deals on top products in order to save some money. There are thousands of American women that prefer to do their shopping on this day.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Wattage Price Weight Heat/Speed Settings Our Rating Where to buy

BaBylissPro BABNT5548

2000W $$$ 1.8 lbs 6/6 A+ AMAZON

BaByliss Pro BABP2800

2000W $$$ 2.5 lbs 6/6 B+ AMAZON

BaBylissPro BABTT5585

1900W $$ 2.2 lbs 6/6 B+ AMAZON

BaBylissPro BAB2000

2000W $$ 2 lbs 6/6 B+ AMAZON

BaBylissPro BABTT053T

1000W $$ 1 lbs 2/2 B AMAZON


Recent statistics have shown that a growing number of women use with confidence hair dryers with ionic technology. Such hair care products deliver precise heating effects on different types of follicles. Hair dryers incorporate ion charged plates which are safely released on the follicles. According to manufacturer claims, it seems that ionic hair dryers control frizz and improves hair shine. Women that want full volume hair can use without reservations such hair care products. Going through the best rated products will definitely help you understand why there is such an interest for ionic hair dryers.

Tourmaline hair dryers are very popular in saloons. There are cheap products that incorporate tourmaline technology. Such models use crushed natural gemstones which emit ions in order to heat up hair. Recent studies have showed that tourmaline system generates ideal infrared heat to wet hair. For women that take great care of their hair such devices are great to offer as gifts. Offering hair dryers for Christmas ensures positive response from the receiver. This is probably why among women hair dryers are often exchanged. Fortunately there is a model for every budget and hair type.


Things to consider:

–         Ionic technology, so you will dry off your hair in a healthy manner

–         Sturdy handle which permits you to control the drying process easier and without any slippage

–         More than 1300 wattage for fast drying results and no frizz whatsoever

–         Manufacturer warranty which comes in handy in the event of any malfunctions or problems with the gear



BaBylissPro BABNT5548 Hair Dryer


In spite of being heavy-duty, this hair dryer is very lightweight, which makes it easy to hold. It offers users with the opportunity to choose from the six different settings, depending on what will be required in hair drying. In order to change the setting, you just need to switch between the toggles, which can be done easily because it is not too soft or too hard. The unit comes with a concentrator nozzle that is attached, making it possible for you to experiment with a wide array of hair styles.



Promotes faster drying thanks to heavy-duty 2000-watt motor that easily takes care of the thickest hair, to help women on the go finish their hair care needs in less time

Lightweight with ergonomic handle to help prevent hand fatigue, made especially for professional salon workers who have to do multiple hair drying jobs every day

Offers design, speed and power in one exceptional package, making the Babyliss BABNT5548 Pro the best nano titanium babyliss pro hair dryer for many satisfied users

Has six heat and speed settings, to assist with customization so drying is always at customizable levels, plus a cool-shot button to give a certain level of comfort and a concentrator nozzle for focused drying



Powerful motor can get the unit really hot, needing careful use


“ The BabyLissPro BABNT5548 Hair Dryer doesn’t consume too much electricity so you will not too much for your electricity bills. This product is different from other hair dryer because even if it is affordable, the functions and performance are very nice.”  Brenda Hawkins Carpenter


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BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Hair Dryer


Best BaBylissPro Hair Dryers Reviews

Equipped with 2000-watt ionic technology, will surely be able to dry your hair in no time. It offers 6 different heat settings, which will offer the flexibility to choose the temperature that is desired by the user. Additionally, it is made from commercial grade porcelain ceramic, which is not only durable, but also provides you hair with the shine that is needed as it is dried. According to many reviews, the air pressure is exceptional, which is the reason why it can dry hair quickly.



Releases high-heat drying and impressive air pressure to get hair dried, sleek and well-coiffed in less time, to get modern women up and about with beautifully-styled hair

Uses 2000-Watt Ionic Technology that will not harm the hair by taking care that the roots and cuticles do not suffer from overheating and over-styling

Employs commercial-grade porcelain ceramic to produce amazingly high heat and exceptional air pressure, so the hair gets the optimum care it truly deserves

Has 6 heat/speed settings with cool shot, for comfortable drying and hair styling and a host of customizable settings to give a personalized level of hair care every time



Operates at a higher pitch to deliver peak drying power


“ The ideal hair dryer I ever have is the BabyLissPro BABP2800 Hair Dryer. This dryer can dry the hair easily without damaging any strands of it. The product is also durable and comes in a very sleek and fashionable design. It is just affordable so it can be bought with ease.”  Dena Ray


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BaBylissPro BABTT5585 Hair Dryer


The ergonomic design of this hair dryer is one of the reasons on why many of its users have reported high level of satisfaction in its use. It can be gripped easily and in a manner that is very comfortable. It offers six different heat settings. It has the ability to generate heat quickly and dry hair fast. It is also known for promoting healthier hair, even if it is dried frequently with the use of the hair dryer. It does not cause any negative reaction that can possibly damage the quality of your hair.



Uses far infrared heat to promote faster drying while using healthy heating that preserves hair moisture, revitalizes the scalp, penetrates to the roots of hair, increases blood flow, stimulates growth of new hair and improves the texture of hair

Offers superior air pressure and heat to encourage faster drying, enabling the user to show off gloriously-styled hair in less time

Made ultra-light, with 6 different speed and heat settings, which make this the best nano titanium babyliss pro hair dryer  available today

Ergonomically designed to enable comfortable and easy handling, with a cool shot button and switch that can easily be maneuvered into various levels using just one hand



The easy-toggle switch can be accidentally pressed when drying, changing settings easily


“ The heat generated by the BabyLissPro BABTT5585 Hair Dryer is just compatible in my hair to make it dry without damaging it. I am happy with this product than any other hair dryers because I can hold it with much ease because of its ergonomic handle.”  Tanya Vivian Cox


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BaBylissPro BAB2000 Hair Dryer


The motor that provides power to this hair dryer has been lauded in the best BaBylissPro hair dryers reviews because of its long-term functionality and efficiency in terms of the production of heat. It also has a good design, which is evident in having a wide nozzle that allows the production of optimal air pressure. If you are worried about being able to maintain the best quality of the product, such should never be a problem as it is very easy to do, especially as it has a removable filter that makes it easy to clean.



Protects the hair’s natural luster and shine, thanks to the employment of ceramic in the dryer’s construction, which also ensures frizz-free finish

Long-life motor delivers 6 different settings for heat and speed, for personalized hair drying combinations that get the hair gloriously lustrous in less time

With instant cool shot button for an extra level of comfort while drying the hair, to lock hair volume and style down while taming frizz from blow drying

With soft, comfortable and stylish rubberized housing for easy handling and convenient, one-handed operation while the other hand holds the other styling tool, such as a comb or brush



Heavier than other models due to powerful hair drying system


“ The functionality of the BabyLissPro BAB2000 Hair Dryer is admirable. The product performs well as it exhibits the features that any other hair dryer don’t have. It is also quiet so I can use this anytime I want to without disturbing anyone.”  Cyril Pollard


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BaBylissPro BABTT053T Tourmaline Hair Dryer


In many best BaBylissPro hair dryers reviews, many users revealed that one of the best things about this model is the Tourmaline Titanium Technology. Tourmaline is a component that is lauded because of its ability to produce negative ions. Negative ions, on the other hand, are good for the creation of shiny hair cuticle that can improve its appearance and the prevention of frizz. It is also good that this product has dual voltage, making it perfect to be used anywhere in the world.



Releases negative ions thanks to tourmaline, which is a natural source of negative ions and far infrared heat

Negative ions generated can take away frizz in a natural and healthy way and close the hair cuticle to leave the hair shiny and smooth

Pure tourmaline gemstones are fused with ceramic to promote increased blood flow and a healthier scalp, to heat hair gently from within and leave it healthy without damaging the roots

With dual voltage to make this a truly reliable travel dryer, eliminating the need to get extra devices to enable convenient hair drying while traveling anywhere in the world



Uses just 1000 watts, which may be less powerful than other models but still gets the job done


“ Majority of the women prefer the BabyLissPro TT Tourmaline Hair Dryer as their hair partner especially when they want to dry their hair in the easiest way. This product has a nice color coating and comes with durable materials so you can expect that it will last long.”  Rosario Garcia


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