Top rated baby potties in 2018


A child’s potty experience must be very enjoyable in order to determine him ask to go to the bathroom. They often refuse to use it because of the rigid looks it has. This is why manufacturers tried, for the past few years, to create their best products by adding some funny animals or drawings on them. There is a list below with the items mentioned in the best baby potty reviews. This can be very useful if you are in search for a potty that might catch your child’s attention.




Best baby potty reviewsThis product is still classic and simple. It comes in seven colors and has a little drawing of a bear on it. It is very comfortable for a child due to the high backrest and armrests. Even if the toddler is full of energy, the sturdy construction won’t let him fall or roll over. For mother’s information, this product is easy to clear thanks to the inner potty seat that can be lifted up, emptied and then cleaned. Plus, the splash guard prevents the water spilling. All in all, this is a very good acquisition for a parent with fussy children.

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Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty


According to the customers’ reviews, this product earned the title of the best baby potty in 2018. Thanks to the realistic toilet elements mixed with fun rewards and encouragement, this is parents’ and children’s favorite toy. In order to familiarize the infants with the bathroom notion, the manufacturers added water twirls and a real flushing sound. After using it, toddlers are rewarded with lights and music. After the little party is over, parents find it very easy to clean due to the removable potty ring. The latter can also be later used on the adult toilet to accommodate the child with it.

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Fisher-Price Potty Training


This is another user-friendly product that won the children’s hearts. The funny frog character helps toddlers overcome the fear of going to the bathroom. Besides, the soft edges will make this a comfortable seat for every child. This is why parents’ comments situated this item among the top rated baby potty reviews. Aside from being funny, it is also practical. The effortless cleaning process makes parents less stressed. Plus, the integrated splash guard for boys is much appreciated among customers who purchased this nice item. In case you run out of ideas for a baby shower gift, this is your perfect chance to make a future mom happy.

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Fisher-Price Ducky Fun


The Fisher Ducky is another product named in the best baby potty reviews. Customers mentioned that it also contains music treats. Besides, the seat is comfortable too. The feature that makes it so different from other potties is the similitude with the real adult toilet. This way they make a step forward in the process of asking to go to the bathroom. Parents declared themselves very happy with their choice because it was easier for them to train their children to use the potty. In other words, this item brought joy to many families with little children.

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The First Years 3-In-1 Potty System


Even though this is not the best baby potty in 2018, the Mickey Mouse design and the fun sounds motivate the children in using it. It is very enjoyable for them, especially because it comes in many Disney character models. The cushion provides coziness for the baby and makes the potty experience less stressful. Even so, parents stated that it has some weak points too. The urine leaks under the seat. Because of this, they have to clean everything, including the floor. Another disadvantage is represented by the seat which is too short from front to back. All of these complaints determined us to warn you regarding the shortcomings of this product.

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