Top rated Baby Monitors reviews


Babies are unpredictable and need full surveillance for keeping them completely safe and cozy. Still, we cannot just forget about everything else, leave our usual and normal life aside or drag our baby into our every day noisy activities. So instead of having him near your smelly kitchen or noisy TV, you can just rely on video surveillance that gives you great confidence of having your baby safe, 24 / 7. Going through more than 40 reviews and recommendations, I got a sense of what the best baby monitor 2018 looks like.


Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor


Best Baby Monitor 2018Let your baby sleep comfortable but still be aware of his every sound. From hic ups to crying and screaming, one of the best baby monitors 2018 offers full privacy of your signals and protects you form having nosy intruders interfere. This monitor is more than just your mean of having control over the baby, but it is one great help for having things right: it tells you the room’s temperature and helps your baby fall asleep with nice and pleasant lullaby songs.

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Infant Optics DXR-5 Video Baby Monitor


Keep an eye on your little one and have your chores around the house ready without waking him up. The best baby monitor 2016 will sure save you some money: affordable price and energy saving option will keep up the pace for providing good monitoring of your child. Rely on good crystal image that you can have with you anywhere around the house and be sure that encrypted data system will never allow anyone else get into the privacy of your house.  Take a break and recharge your batteries while having your small one have a nap.

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Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor


This small device takes a lot of stress off your shoulders: no need to go and constantly check on your baby, have his or hers food alert scheduled and prevent stress by cautiously monitoring the climate of the room.  One of the best baby monitors 2018 will be the peaceful balance of your life. Lithium battery will not let you down during the middle of the night and you will have full awareness of your child’s status 300 meters around.

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Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor


Have all the features you need in this small baby monitor. It provides good connectivity for up to 12 hours and recharges in very short time. Calm your baby before you get to the room, two-way communication feature will let you have control of things in any given situation. Have it watch your baby through the night and darkness will not be an issue: you will still have good image of your baby without having one disturbing light up his or her face.

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Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor


Doesn’t your baby deserve but the best? It may be a bit expensive but it will surely provide you with the best video and sound quality a baby monitor can have. It comes with infrared night vision, zooming changing angles. But most importantly, it works on powerful antennas that will not let you miss a thing. Adjust your baby to the camera and he will get used to having it in its room until he grows a little older.

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