Top rated baby dressers in 2018


When it comes to taking good care of a babt, parents are bent on taking care of the little things that make all the difference. A nursery should be equipped with a wide range of products, designed to help parents take care of children with ease. One necessary baby item that needs to be present in your nursery is the dresser. Fortunately there are many dressers available in the market, especially designed to hold baby items. In order to find the right one for your child, you have to consult some of the present best baby dressers reviews, professional sources of information.


Delta Universal 6 drawer dresser


Best baby dressers reviewsWhat is the best baby dresser that you can purchase? Well, there are many answers to this question but one in particular seems to impress parents with its beautiful design and multi-functionality: Delta Universal 6 drawer. As one of the best baby dressers in 2018, this model combines safety and security features that keep you well organised. This model was designed to hold a maximum weight capacity of around 200 lbs, made out of hardware material. It measures around 34.75” H x 48.5”W x 20.25” D, giving you all the room you’ll need to store different items with no problems at all.

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Stork Craft Aspen combo dresser chest


It’s important to equip your nursery with all the necessary items in order to store various baby products. According to the present best baby dressers reviews, drafted by satisfied parents, it seems that you should use with trust Stork Craft Aspen combo dresser. This advanced dresser is made out of solid wood, durable and pretty beautiful. Easy to assemble due to the cam-lock construction, the dresser permits you to store various baby care products whenever you need to. Furthermore it comes with round wooden pulls and a precise durable non-toxic finish which adds a touch of elegance in the nursery.

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DaVinci Piedmont changer chest


Every home where new families live, should have a high quality dresser, designed to hold different baby safety and care items. According to the latest top rated baby dressers reviews, it appears that you should purchase DaVinci Piedmont changer chest. Why? Well, this set from DaVinci comes equipped with a comforter, bumper and dust ruffle that responds to parents needs for additional commodity while changing the baby. The bumper will maintain the child’s head from banging by accident against furniture. Furthermore, this changer chest was designed in the United States of America. It is also designed with 100% cotton pique.

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South Shore Savannah Collection Door chest


Shopping for a reliable baby dresser just became a whole lot easier! How? More and more parents are using with confidence South Shore Furniture Savannah Door chest, a model that simplifies the way you take care of the little one. It was designed with CARB compliant composite wood and a precisely cut and laminated espresso finish. This dresser is beautiful and will bring a touch of elegance in the child’s nursery. The door chest comes with 1 closed compartment, 1 open compartment, 2 pull-out drawers and also interior drawers with the following dimensions 13-1/2” wide by 14-1/4” front to back.

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Graco 4 Drawer dresser


There are many baby dressers on the market that should find a place in the child’s nursery. How can you narrow the selection process down to a couple of products? Well, you can opt for Graco 4 Drawer dresser a special piece of furniture that helps parents organize better than ever. It features spacious drawers and metal Euro glides, where you can place different types of child products. Very easy to assemble and manage, this dresser is lead free and the ultimate finish is non-toxic. Furthermore the dresser meets ASTM safety and security standards. Now, this is the ideal dresser to have in your nursery!

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