Top rated baby changing tables in 2018


When a baby comes into a family’s life, everything changes: parents become more responsible and connected to the little one’s daily needs. During the first two years, babies need diapers and parents must be always ready to change them. This is where a professional changing table can deliver the ideal assistance and make the whole process easier. Now, you can opt for a model from thousands of possibilities available on the market. This is why you should consult the best baby changing tables reviews and use the information provided by them to end up with a good product.


How to choose the perfect baby changing table


When preparing for the arrival of a new bundle of joy, many parents decide to purchase a baby changing table. It is a purchase that every parent can use and will even make a great gift for a baby shower or for Christmas for the expecting mother. These tables take up little space in the baby’s room and can be used for many purposes outside of simply changing diapers. There are many options to choose that will not only fit the décor of your child’s new bedroom, but also save you money by taking the place of other furniture pieces. While you can simply change the baby’s diapers on the bed or changing mat like most parents, a changing table makes for a safe and convenient option as well.

If you are interested in cheap changing tables, a simple option that doesn’t take up a lot or space is a folding changing table. The table can be moved from room to room, folded down easily and fit under a bed. Wall mounted changing tables are like the ones you use in public restrooms. They are very safe and can save a lot of space. They are great for a small bedroom. Space-saving changing tables provide storage for diapers, wipes and everything else you need during a diaper changing, while fitting in the corner of a room.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Colors Price Weight Limit Material Our Rating Where to buy

Delta Eclipse Changing Table

Black Cherry and more $$ 30 lbs Solid wood A+ AMAZON

South Shore Precious Collection

Royal Cherry $$$$ 25 lbs CARB compliant composite wood B+ AMAZON

South Shore Furniture Angel

Espresso $$$ 30 lbs Engineered wood B AMAZON

South Shore Sweet Morning Collection

Royal Cherry $$$ 25 lbs Composite wood B AMAZON

Badger Basket Modern

Espresso $$$ 30 lbs Solid wood B AMAZON


You can choose from a basic changing table or one that is a combination dresser changing table. When deciding which baby changing table is the best for you, there are a lot of things to look for. For safety, a guardrail is an important feature, preventing the baby from rolling off the table. You will always want to consider a model that has safety straps or purchase your own. Ensure that the table is sturdy, when testing it out lean on it a bit to test the strength of the legs. While you want to purchase the best baby changing table for the money, you never want to jeopardize your baby’s safety.

Many baby changing tables offer a variety of storage that can be used for toys and clothing as the child ages, allowing you to get more use out of the product. Since there are many manufacturers, parents can offer information about who makes the best product, but it is important to find the one that fits your needs. You can take advantage of money saving offers, including Black Friday deals.


Things to consider:

-Size of the room you are placing it in, a folding or space-saving changing table would fit into smaller spaces

-Changing tables come in a variety of styles and colors to fit with the room décor

-Ensure that the table is sturdy to ensure safety

-Guardrails to make sure the baby doesn’t roll off of the table

-Safety straps that come with the table or you can purchase your own

-Storage, for easy access to diapers and wipes

-Versatility to get the most out of your table even after the baby grows out of diapers



Delta Eclipse Changing Table


Best baby changing tables reviewsAs a parent having the possibility to change the baby easier will make all the difference in the world. Well, according to the present top rated baby changing tables reviews it seems that you should use Delta Eclipse changing table, a model designed to improve your parental skills. This beautiful furniture set comes with 2 shelves, top safety rails, solid changing pad and safety belt. These particularities will help you organize better and implicitly take better care of the child. It is JPMA certified and some assembly is needed, but it won’t take too much time. You will make a great purchase!



Provides flexible storage options with two open shelves underneath the changing table, where diapers, cotton and other supplies required for changing can be placed

Elegant sleigh-style changing table comes with water-resistant changing pad with safety strap, enabling easy and quick spot clean-up of messes with a simple wipe

Meets all safety and anti-tipping standards, ensuring that baby is safe while on the changing table and won’t be getting any scrapes or bruises

Safety rails around the top of the table on all four sides keep baby enclosed on the changing table, which is tested to exceed government and safety standards from ASTM for such products



Works well for shorter parents but can be too low for taller parents

Requires some assembly


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South Shore Furniture Precious Collection changing table


The current best baby changing tables reviews underline the efficiency of South Shore Furniture precious collection, a model present in thousands of American homes. This advanced table is made out CARB compliant composite wood which received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. The beautiful finish is laminated royal cherry. It was designed with 3 pull-out drawers, interior drawer of 28” wide by 13-1/2” front to back and 1 pull out closed compartment. The changing table needs some assembly. It is made in Canada and measures around 47-1/4” wide by 19-1/5” deep by 38”-1/2”. Your life as a parent will be a lot easier!



Manufactured using composite wood that complies to CARB standards and carries certification from the Forest Stewardship Council(FSC)

Transitional changing table with changing station that can be removed to transform it into a lovely dresser that an older child can use, making this the best changing table for toddlers

Has three pull-out drawers with metal glides, to store baby’s changing essentials or clothes when baby grows older, reducing the need to buy new furniture at every stage of the child’s life

With attractive wooden legs that perfectly match the drawer handles , and roomy drawers where everything can be kept within reach



Needs to be  assembled by two adults

Comes with a lot of pieces to be put together


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South Shore Furniture Angel changing table


Your responsibilities as a parent can become easier with the right baby care products and furniture. Changing the baby will be easier with the right table, especially if you consider using South Shore Furniture Angel, a very popular model in the US. This advanced changing table has rounded contours that maintain it safe and secure while you use it. Made out of CARB compliant composite wood that is certified by Forest Stewardship Council, the table will give additional control over the changing process. You should also know the table meets all the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards, raising the quality levels high.



Carries a traditional design plus a great height of 39.5 inches, great for taller moms and dads who want the best changing table for tall parents

Taller than most changing tables, the South Shore Angel Espresso Changing Table will not cause too much strain on the back when it’s time for baby to get a diaper change

Top of changing table is built with rounded contours for added safety, plus a secure front panel that keeps baby on the table at all times

Has two drawers with attractive wood handles and a special Smart Glide system that uses an integrated safety catch and soft-closing mechanism for that extra factor of safety



Requires time and skill to assemble


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South Shore Furniture Sweet Morning Collection changing table


Parents need a bit of help when they take care of their children. This is where South Shore furniture Collection changing table can make the whole process easier. As one of the best baby changing tables in 2018, the product can protect the child from various accidental scrapes and also bruises. This changing table comes with a nice decorative kickplate and more importantly has a durable and laminated construction. It also has a popular royal cherry finish that adds a touch of elegance in the child’s room. Easy to install and manage, the changing table is the ideal addition to any nursery.



Provides one great way to change baby after a bath or when she needs a nappy change, with an open storage space that can be easily accessed and spacious drawers for even more storage

With shaped moldings and corners for increased security, effectively protecting baby from accidental scrapes and bruises when she squirms around while being changed

Constructed of composite wood panels that carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, ensuring that the product is made while conforming to forest sustainability policies

Elegant Royal Cherry finish makes this piece of furniture a great addition to any modern nursery, with durable, trustworthy laminated particle board material



Requires some skill to make assembly easy


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Badger Basket Modern changing table


There are many changing tables available on the market which you can use in order take better care of your child. You have the possibility to use Badger Basket modern changing table, a model that keeps everything tidy. You will keep the nursery clean! It comes equipped with a large hamper where you can put dirty duds, diapers, blankets or toys. You can remove it easily and then take it to the laundry room. This model measures 34. 25” W x 20. 75” D x 34. 5” H, which leaves enough room for other baby furniture. It has a solid metal support bar, located beneath the changing surface.



Minimalist design makes this the best changing table for small spaces, with a simple hamper to catch dirty nappies and other soiled items

Has ample storage with three pull out and removable baskets to carry linens, changing supplies, toiletries, lotions, baby blankets and lots more

Baskets can be removed to provide open storage shelves or cubbies, plus a changing pad with included safety belt to keep the changing space comfortable for baby

Safety rails around the easy-to-clean changing table provide an extra element of safety for baby, keeping her enclosed on the table as her nappy is changed



Bending over the changing table can cause pain to the back of taller parents

Requires some skill and time to put together


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