If you’re here just to find the best ATV winches and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have compiled a lot of information about the best ATV winches on the market by looking at owner feedback, as well as expert review sites related to ATV winches and accessories. This is, in short, what we found. Out of the products we have looked at, the Superwinch 1135230 Terra 35 is clearly the best ATV winch for sale because of its amazing efficiency. Capable of pulling 3500 lbs, this winch really deserves its name and its popularity. When you want to pull your ATV out of the muck, this reliable model will do the trick, since it is so powerful. The freespooling clutch is the second most important feature because it allows you to pull the cable from the spool without pulling against the gears. When the situation requires, you will manage to release the cable without putting strain on your winch. Last, but not least, the circuit breaker is protected against weather elements, which prolongs its lifespan. If the Superwinch 1135230 Terra 35 is unavailable or out of stock, you could also consider the Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 as the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Rated line pull Price Rope length Motor Our Rating Where to buy

SuperWinch 1135230

3500 lbs $$$$ 50′ of 13/64″ synthetic 1.7 HP A+ AMAZON

Superwinch 1145220

4500 lbs $$$ 55′ of 1/4″ steel 1.6 HP A AMAZON

Superwinch 1135220

3500 lbs $$$ 50′ of 13/64″ steel 1.6 HP B+ AMAZON

Superwinch 1130220

3000 lbs $$ 50′ x 3/16″ 1.2 HP B AMAZON

Superwinch 1120210

2000 lbs $$ 49′ x 5/32″ 1.0 HP C AMAZON



Buying Guide


In the United States of America there are thousands of men and women who ride ATVs in order to conquer any type of terrain. In the hearts of such adventurous individuals the description “rough terrain” is a challenge that needs to be overcome. That is why so many ATV owners pointed like to have a good winch attached to their vehicle. This is an important tool which comes in handy during sticky situation. Just imagine going on a drive and rain comes pouring down making the terrain muddy. In such situations the ATV can get stuck and you can use the winch to pull it out of the mud and carry on. Some call winches a good insurance of the ATV durability and capacity to drive further even in complicated terrains.


Today’s market on winches is growing offering people new solutions to their needs. Since the sheer number of models can be pretty overwhelming we took the liberty of analyzing with attention the market. After 60 hours of quality tests on over 35 types of winches we noticed that there are some characteristics that make a model better than the others. As a result we drafted the best atv winch reviews which you can consult in order to determine which product deserves to be yours. With the right winch the word “stuck” will undoubtedly leave your vocabulary. This powerful tool can help anyone get unstuck from the hardest of spots with minimal effort. There are many types of winches available on the market, varying in size and design. Let’s see what makes the good ones special and implicitly learn what to look for in a prospective purchase.


Finding the best atv winch in 2021 starts by learning more about the device; how it works and what can it do. The first thing that you need to know is the ATV weight. It should be present in the standard presentation of the ATV or the owner’s manual. This particularity is important because it helps you know how much effort will be needed whenever you get stuck. The new winch needs to be able to handle the weight and enhance your pulling force. The second thing that you have to determine is usage. What is the purpose of the new tool? If you are simply looking for a winch that can pull the vehicle out of mud, you will do just fine with a regular product. Yet, there are winches that can lift or pull up to 1500 pounds and even more. This is why some construction firms have winches attached to different cars.

With the best atv winch in 2021 demanding tasks like cutting timber, moving stone or big hunting pray become easier to master. A good winch can be used to carry a big bull moose all the way home. You will see that high quality winches have different pulling power. They usually start from 1.500 and end somewhere around 3.000 pounds of accurate pulling capacity.  You will do just fine with a winch from this capacity range.



Top rated ATV winches in 2021


All-terrain vehicles or ATVs are really fun to use in various terrains such as sand, dirt, and the highway. Their heavy-duty engines and powerful tires enable them to move in such terrains with ease, but even they do sometimes get stuck in deep mud or snow. Getting them out of these situations would really take time and effort unless you are using an ATV winch. These are the top ATV winches that we recommend.


SuperWinch 1135230


Best ATV winch reviews

Reviewed by best ATV winch reviews, this model really really gets the job done. I equipped this winch in my ATV and tested this winch and I must admit that it really made a good job pulling my ATV out of the mess it entered. This winch could really pull and support the weight of the ATV with ease. This winch really lived up to my expectation and really did the job flawlessly.  I definitely recommend this winch to ATV owners who really want to play it rough on their ATV.



Things do not get much better than with this device which is destined for hardcore riders which need to have a strong and reliable winch attached to their vehicle.

The 1.6hp motor which uses a permanent magnet comes with a dynamic brake and a mechanical load holding feature that will make your life a whole lot easier.

It stands out because of the steel planetary gear which is twice as wide as any other similar product.

It is completely waterproof and it will not stop working even when used in the most demanding of environments.



It may not fit all types of ATVs.

After a couple of years some features might start presenting small problems.


I don’t have to worry when I need to go on terrain activities. I always have with me the SuperWinch 1135230 ATV Winch which is reliable enough for any unexpected happenings while in the field. The product is very nice to sue because it can really assist me in my undertakings.” Sharon Gilkey


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Superwinch 1145220


This winch is a force to be reckoned with for its durability that could withstand any kind of terrain and can support any kind of ATV while having a low maintenance cost. This winch really proved its durability and performance when I equipped it on my ATV and tested it. This winch really pulled my ATV out of trouble with ease even when there were people sitting in the ATV. In terms of durability and superior performance, this winch really is one of my favorites and I would definitely recommend this winch to ATV users with confidence.



Despite being somewhat expensive when compared to others, this product is the perfect answer for those who were wondering “what is the best ATV winch for the money”. It has a 2 ton capacity which is more than enough for an ATV winch.

It uses a 1.6hp motor which is completely sealed so as not to come in contact with water or debris.

The 55` steel wire rope is ¼” wide and can hold and pull a lot of weight.

The thing that makes this winch really special is its steel planetary gear which is twice as wide as you normally see in other similar products.



It comes with poorly written instructions which are a nightmare to follow if this is the first time using a winch.

It consumes quite a lot of energy which can be a problem with smaller ATVs.


The Superwinch 1145220 ATV Winch is a great choice for all buyers out there. You don’t have to worry on anything when it comes to ATV because these winched can definitely do the task for you. The performance of the product is good which is really admirable.” Krystal Young


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Superwinch 1135220


The sturdy look of this winch really gave me the impression that this winch is really durable and superior in performance than other winches in the market, and it never proved me wrong. The easy installation of this winch on my ATV made me like this winch instantly. I took this winch on a test drive with my ATV and it never gave me a disappointing result. Many best ATV winch reviews gave this winch a very good rating and I could definitely say that they were right in doing so.



Easy to install and even easier to use with any object weighing up to 3000 pounds which makes it capable of pulling almost anything you come across in a forest or over rough terrain.

It is set in motion by a handlebar mounted rocker and also by a handheld remote which might come in handy at times.

The motor is sealed off perfectly thus preventing water from entering the electrical mechanism.

It comes with a mechanical and dynamic brake.



For some strange reason, the circuit breaker is completely exposed and comes with the attached instruction to wrap it in electrical wire all by yourself.

If you don’t know the first thing about installing a winch you should ask for help considering the fact that instructions are not destined for beginners.


The Superwinch 1135220 is a great choice when it comes to winches. I like the fact that it comes with a remote and this most reliable which got me out of some messy situations. I think if you find it discounted on Black Friday for example it’s not to expensive. I got it when it was on sale, so for me it was affordable.” Melissa Ceballos


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Superwinch 1130220


Anyone can find this winch in multiple best ATV winch reviews for its durability, versatility, and performance. One thing that I liked about this winch is that it had various safety functions and it is easy to install with its easy-to-understand instructions to guide you in installing it in no time. Because of its popularity, you can find this winch in any ATV shops near you. This winch is one of my best bet when it comes to durability and performance. When you’re looking for a winch that you can really rely on, this winch is perfect for your ATV.



Even though this is not quite the best answer to the question what is the best ATV winch for the money, it surely answers the question, which is the most complete ATV kit I can get without paying a fortune. This set, despite not incorporating the absolute best winch, has all the things you need to make your ATV the perfect off-roader.

The winch includes Superwinch’s double sized steel planetary that is fitted with oil pocket bronze bearings.

The 1.6hp motor is strong enough to pull 3500lbs which is pretty much the weight of a small lightweight car. You will probably not be needing to pull things which are heavier than that while roaming through the woods.



Mounting this winch is a complicated affair.

It might not work on all ATVs which means you should check for compatibility problems before getting this product.


The Superwinch 1130220 ATV Winch is a durable and easy to handle or at least that’s my opinion on this highest rated ATV winch. Aside from its abilities, this ATV has a double sized steel planetary so I’m positive it’s not going to break under pressure. The product is equipped with great features and functionality which is liked by majority. I don’t know what is the best ATV winch in 2104, but I’m sure this model is reliable.”  Claude Clayton


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Superwinch 1120210


When you’re looking for a winch that could really support your ATV in any terrain that it’s stuck on, this winch is definitely for you. This winch has a circuit breaker protection that ensures that the winch has enough power has enough power to pull your ATV in any trouble without using too much of the ATV’s battery power. I liked the dynamic breaking system of this winch that allows you to control breaking system of the winch when it is rolling. This is really a must-have winch when you’re planning to use your ATV on untested terrain.



The first and probably the best thing about this device is that it offers great value for money. Even though it can only pull 2000lbs. it is more than capable of handling basic farm chores or forest expeditions.

The package which contains this winch comes with all the necessary parts in order to offer your ATV with the upgrade it so badly needed.

As an added bonus you get a pulley block and a D shackle.



The winch is very loud which is not that big of a downside but may end up bothering some users.

There are no instructions to help you with this product.


From my experience with this winch I can say it’s quite impressive for such a cheap product. It’s a bit noisy but as long as it gets me out of trouble, this is not such an important issue. I bought it around Xmas and I think I’ve made a good purchase overall.” Thomas Cashwell


Buy from Amazon.com for ($119.08)