Top rated anti-virus softwares in 2019


The issue with viruses infiltrating computer systems and networks has long been a pressing problem. Fortunately, this has been resolved through the introduction of anti-virus software that is promising in terms of providing you with protection against various threats. If you do not know the specific product to have, this article identifies some of the choices recommended in the best anti-virus software reviews.


Norton Anti-Virus


Best Anti-Virus Software ReviewsNorton is one of the most popular names in this product category, making this one of the most recommended in the top rated anti-virus software reviews. One of the best features of this product is known as Insight. The latter is basically the program that will provide you with a notification on the applications that are safe and those that are classified as threats, based on the combined insights from more than 175 million users all over the globe. Another exceptional feature is the SONAR Behavioral Protection, allowing the protection against threats that have been never evident before.

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Kasperky Anti-Virus


This is another option that can be possibly taken into account if you are still looking for the best anti-virus software in 2019. Like in the case of Norton, this is also a very popular brand, which is a primary reason on why it is being trusted by many people. In this product, even if it scans through the potential threats within the network, you can be assured that the use of your computer will be uninterrupted. For instance, it has gaming mode, which will allow you to continue playing as it searches for potential risks. It also performs updates without causing lags.

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SecureAnywhere Anti-Virus


As you look for the perfect choice in this product category, speed is one of the essential factors that should be taken into account. After all, you would surely not want the scan to take forever. In such case, this product is being considered as excellent because it can finish scanning in less than 2 minutes. It also offers identity shield, which is an important factor if you keep sensitive information in your computer. There is also a protection that is given for your social networking sites, which is a feature that is not present in many of the alternatives that you can be possibly confronted with.

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AVG Anti-Virus + PC Tune-Up


According to the best anti-virus software reviews, this is an option that will prove to be worth your money basically because of its ability to provide you with control on who are going to see the things that you are seeing online. Aside from being able to provide you with the protection that is needed against viruses, this has also been considered by many as being good because of its ability to improve surfing experience by accelerating the speed of your computer. Indeed, this is good in preventing risks and in having a better surfing experience.

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McAfee Anti-Virus Plus


Digital security is at the core of the business of McAfee, which basically explains why it is a name that is almost equated to superiority within the competitive landscape. With the use of this anti-virus software, you will be provided with immediate reports on some of the threats that have been detected within the system. It is also known for having a home screen that is easy to navigate, unlike in the case of other alternatives that may prove to be replete in terms of complications. It also provides color-coded notifications, which will instantly let you know whether a website is safe or not.

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