Top rated Angle Brooms in 2019


Wishing that you could get a broom that made you feel less “witchy”? Check out the many best Angle broom reviews before heading out to the store or adding anything to your online shopping cart. A broom can have natural or synthetic materials in its construction. For all-purpose indoor use, go for brooms with synthetic fibers. Their bristles are commonly packed together densely to enable them to sweep up dust particles, fine dirt and larger debris. Polyvinyl brooms with split fibers can grab fine dirt particles. Angle brooms are ideal for use in tight or confined spaces. The broom handle has to be comfortable to use, whether it is made from plastic, metal or wood. The five models described below have swept many a cleaning professional off their feet.


OXO Good Grips Any-Angle Broom


Best Angle Broom ReviewsThis cleaning implement has often come first in dozens of best Angle broom reviews thanks to its well-designed adjustable head that clicks into place at different angles. You can access tight spaces with ease using the OXO 1336580 Good Grips Any-Angle Broom. The head stays in place while sweeping and is easily maneuverable. It has a lightweight aluminum pole so you can sweep with ease. The feathered tip bristles are efficient at grabbing dirt and dust. Have a comfortable, soft and non-slip grip on the solidly constructed handle.

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Libman Precision Angle Broom


With the Libman Co. 00201 Precision Angle Broom, you can easily reach into tight spaces and get a thorough cleaning. It is able to retain its shape nicely over time. Thanks to the 11-inch sweep surface it provides, this product is the best Angle broom in 2019 for many testers. It is an easy-to-use cleaning tool with 2 color bands and 74 tufts of five-inch polymer fibers. Capture fine dirt, stubborn dust particles and even larger debris easily. The fibers of this angle broom are made from 80% recycled plastic so you can do your share for the environment while cleaning.

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Weiler 44305 Upright Whisk Angle Broom


With an overall length of 54 inches, the Weiler 44305 Upright Whisk Angle Broom is perfect for making your sweeping and cleaning chores as less backbreaking as possible. The handle is 48 inches long while the head is 1 ½ inches wide, ensuring better coverage. This is a premium quality angle broom made of a fine combination of fiber, corn and synthetic material. It is durable enough for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications. The plastic handle gives you a firm grip while the angled sweeping surface allows you to get into those tight corners so you can get the job done with less effort.

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Quickie Extra-Wide Angle Broom


Get the job done fast and efficiently with the Quickie Mfg. 735 Extra-Wide Angle Broom, everyone’s choice for best Angle broom in 2019. It has an oversized 1 ½-inch sweep so you can clean large areas in less time. The angle cut offers ready access to confined spaces while the densely packed fibers are split-tipped to capture even the tiniest dirt particles. The 48-inch long steel handle is powder coated for a smooth, non-slip grip. The 735 Extra-Wide Angle Broom has a hang-up component at the end of its handle that allows convenient storage.

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Quickie Professional Angle Broom


The large 1 1/4-inch sweep of the Quickie Mfg. 754 Professional Angle Broom makes it a top Angle broom in 2019. Finish your cleaning chores quickly and efficiently with a professional cleaning implement that won’t give up on your most demanding requirements. It has long fibers that reach around and under objects with ease. The angle cut is designed for access into hard-to-reach corners. The broom block is made impact resistant and unbreakable for long term use. The 48 ½-inch handle is treated with powder coating for a comfortable yet secure grip.

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