What to Consider When Buying the Best Air Purifier under 100 Dollars


With technology allowing homes to create their own weather indoors, winters can be warm and toasty and summers can be cool and frosty. Unfortunately, while heaters and air-conditioning systems solve the problem of excess or scarcity of heat, they introduce a new problem: indoor air pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air pollution levels can get up to five times higher than outdoor air pollution levels, as pollutants and other toxic substances don’t have a chance to diffuse through open windows. Fortunately, with an air purifier running, you can detoxify your home and prevent air-borne diseases and allergies from taking over. If you don’t have one yet, this buying guide will help you find the best air purifiers under 100 dollars.

Best Air Purifier under 100 Dollars

Clean Air Delivery Rate

You’ll want to purchase an air purifier that has the correct rating for your room. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) seal basically tells you how fast an air purifier cleans a room based on its size. The higher the CADR number is, the faster it cleans a room. Here’s a formula to help you decide what CADR number you should strive for at the least:

Area of room in square feet x 0.75 = CADR


Types of Pollutants Removed

Different brands of air purifiers filters have their own ways of cleaning the air, some significantly more effective than others. The filters used by the air purifiers play a huge role in the types of gunk removed from the air. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating system is a pretty good way to gauge how good a filter is, with 1 being the lowest and 20 being the highest. Particles smaller than one micron are often the most dangerous ones, as they can easily penetrate your lungs. For comparison, the diameter of a strand of human hair is only about 40-50 microns. If you only want dust, pollen, and other common allergens removed, you can opt for an MERV rating of 4 or below. If, on the other hand, you want mold spores, legionella, humidifier dust, and other smaller particles removed, you can opt for an MERV rating of 9 and above.


Noise Emitted

The best air purifiers don’t compromise; they should be as quiet as possible to maintain a relaxing atmosphere. Air purifiers made for bedrooms and living rooms are most likely going to be a lot quieter than air purifiers made for huge offices or factories.


Most Reliable Air Purifiers under 100 Dollars


While there’s no single brand of air purifier that’s a perfect fit for everyone, there are brands that come ridiculously close. That being said, we were able to find the best air purifiers under 100 dollars. Being cost-effective and well built, these air purifiers can keep your homes clean and disease-free for years to come.


GermGuardian AC4825


1.GermGuardian AC4825From dust, to irritating cat dander, to severe mold issues, the GermGuardian AC4825 makes sure that the air you breathe smells fresh and feels fresh with its True HEPA filtration that’s known to effectively pull out dust mites, pet dander, pollens, and other common irritants and allergens common in the household. With its UV-C light, it does not only filter out particles, but it also kills bacteria, viruses, and mold spores, making your home almost as clean as a hospital room. For asthma sufferers and people with severe lung problems or allergies, the AC4825 is an indispensable tool.

What other users have found amazing about the AC4825 is its ability to remove odor with its carbon filter. People who keep pets or items that emit a strong odor will appreciate this feature. In terms of noise, the AC4825 will make noticeable hums; however, the volume isn’t enough to disrupt a good night’s sleep, even for the lightest sleepers. It also looks quite sleek, almost like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, without the loud, annoying hums and whirrs that prevent one from having a good night’s sleep.

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Honeywell Compact HHT-011


2.Honeywell Compact Air Purifier HHT-011For people who don’t have a lot of space to spare, the Honeywell Compact Air Purifier HHT-011 is a great choice, as it contains a permanent HEPA-type filter that can remove most dust particles, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and smoke effectively for rooms up to 85 square feet in size. The HHT-011 doesn’t need much maintenance, except for the occasional cleaning of the pre-filter when the automatic light indicator for a dirty filter is lit. Since it comes with a permanent cleanable filter, you won’t have to spend money to replace filters every couple of months.

Due to the small size of the HHT-011, you can pretty much place it anywhere from floors, to bookcases, to office desks. It also remains one of the quietest air purifiers available, making more of a barely audible white noise instead of a deep, resonating hum. People who have cats or dogs, live near high traffic streets, or are suffering from allergies but have a small space will love the HHT-011 the fact that it’s low-maintenance and low-priced.

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O-Ion B-1000


3.O-Ion B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro IonizerThe O-Ion B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer boasts of low energy consumption (7.5W) and the fact that you don’t need to replace filters, ever. It uses an electrostatic ionizer purification system that removes particles as small as 0.01 microns, such as pollen, mold, pet dander, dust, etc. while getting rid of nasty odors and volatile airborne pollutants with its carbon filtration and ozone power feature. Take note, however, that because of the small amounts of ozone produced, people with respiratory problems like COPD and asthma will need to consult a physician before using this device.

Like the HHT-011, the B-1000 makes more of a purr than a groan. With its small size and handy nightlight feature, you can place it on an end table as a night lamp or even tuck it away neatly under your bed. Take note, however, that because of the small size of the B-1000, it’ll take longer to remove pollutants from larger rooms and offices, which can easily make the plug run hot as what other users have reported. If you’re interested in buying this product, make sure that you don’t plug this in a thin, cheap extension cord, especially on a hot day. Other than that, the B-1000 is a great device for people who need a break from nasty odors and allergens.

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