Top rated air guns in 2019


Every home has different problems which need to be taken care of. Obviously we are talking about small pests or rodents that perturb your peace. This is why more and more Americans resort to high quality rifle guns, capable of getting rid of different pests around the house. With reliable information on what makes a rifle great, usually from some of the best air guns reviews, you will be able to end up with a great model. It is important to have in your immediate vicinity a powerful air gun, designed to assist you whenever time calls for you to act.


Get the most efficient air gun in 2019


A growing number of Americans are searching for efficient air guns, designed to handle different applications. Now, the market on air guns is more than impressive. On this note the gun diversity makes it difficult for people to identify the right model. It is pretty challenging to go through a wide range of air guns. The offer is pretty wide, going from small to large air guns, designed to suit people needs. A good air gun needs to be easy to handle during various circumstances. If you are searching for a reliable model then this is without a doubt the best place to start your search. It is important to access professional information like product endorsements, user testimonials and specialized magazines articles.

You have to access helpful information in order to determine the ideal air gun to own. In order to help people discover the ideal product we took the liberty of testing 30 of the most popular air guns in the U.S. After 90 hours of extensive tests we were able to safely draft the best air gun reviews, worth consulting before you opt for one particular product. Once you consult professional information on top rated air guns you will be able to select the one that suits your needs. Today there are various ways to power up an air gun. According to recent statistics it seems that the power-up methods are as follows: pneumatic, CO2, gas ram and also spring-piston. These methods are broadly used in air guns and air rifles as well. Depending on people’s needs, a gun or rifle will definitely do the trick. Selecting the right air gun becomes easier once you consult professional information on the subject.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Gun Type Price Accessories Velocity Our Rating Where to buy

Crosman M4-177

Rifle $$ Rails 625 FPS A AMAZON

Crossman 1377

Pistol $$ No 500 FPS A AMAZON

Gamo Silent Cat

Rifle $$$$ Scope 1200 FPS B+ AMAZON

Ruger Blackhawk Combo

Rifle $$$ Scope 1000 FPS A+ AMAZON

Daisy 880 Powerline

Rifle $$ Glasses, Scope and more 750 FPS B+ AMAZON


How can you find the best air gun in 2019? Well, there are many models to consider! Spring-piston air guns include 3 cocking mechanism in order to work: under lever, side lever and break barrel. Now, spring-piston guns have a user-friendly interface, letting people shot fast and easy. Most air guns work on coiled steel spring system safely contained in a compression chamber, separated from the barrel. The air pressure grows in the barrel, which holds the pellet, and then it moves forward as it is propelled by air. That is the mechanism behind the air gun functionality. In a fraction of second you’ll be able to shot. You need to be careful of the recoil because it affects the gun’s accuracy.

With the best air gun in 2019 you won’t have to worry about poor accuracy during shots. There are many advantages of using an air gun with spring-piston system. Such air guns are affordable, rapid to load, self-contained and easy to control. Some people use gas ram rifles which offer quite a thrilling shooting experience. Those that own gas ram rifles underline the high efficiency and accuracy of each shot made. The other types of air guns powered by CO2 are very popular among hunters. There are also multi-shot models from this particular category, which seem to impress people.



Crosman M4-177 pneumatic pump air rifle


With professional information, usually coming from some of the current best air guns reviews, you will be able to invest wisely in a great product. Today, more and more people are using Crosman M4-177 pneumatic pump air rifle, which delivers the needed force in order to get rid of pests. It includes a Crosman Firepow’r 5-shot pellet clip while the advanced BB reservoir can hold by up to 350. Furthermore it comes with various accessory rails which you can use in order to mount lasers, flashlights, cameras or anything you want.  Furthermore the air rifle comes equipped with an adjustable stock and loop slots for a sling to install.



Regarded by many as the best air gun under $500, the M4-177 from Crosman represents a great purchase for people that desire to shot fast and with precision different things

Comes equipped with the exclusive Crosman Firepower 5-shot pellet clip and a roomy BB reservoir that can safely accommodate up to 350 BBs

This powerful air rifle uses advanced pneumatic technology which permits users to shoot pellets with impressive speeds of 600 FPS and BBs at 625 FPS

The air rifle is fitted with accessory rail that can be used to install cameras, scopes, flashlights and also lasers



The hand-guard is considered by some users large, interfering a bit with the pump action

It takes a while to load the 350 BBs but the storage room is more than welcomed during long shooting sessions


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Crossman 1377 American Classic air pistol


Are you shopping for a brand new air pistol, capable of getting rid of animal pests? If you are then you should consider using without reservations Crossman 1377 American Classic air pistol. This gun can be used to shoot around .177 caliber pellets, able to take down a small rodent. It comes with a single action bolt design and also a rifled steel barrel, ideal for carrying around and implicitly use whenever you need. It can shoot up to an impressive 600 FPS, while the easy-pump forearm gives you additional power. This particular is good for pest control!



Present in the current top 10 air gun models released by Crosman, the American pump air pistol has a .177 caliber with a solid single-action bolt profile that allows users to cock and load

This powerful air pistol uses advanced pneumatic technology in order to shoot pellets and BBs up to 600 feet per second

The air pistol weighs only 32 oz and measures only 13.625 inch, making it perfect for daily shooting needs

Due to its classic appearance the air pistol comes equipped with fully adjustable rear peep and fixed blade front for enhanced stability during outdoor shooting experiences



The air pistol is not available for purchase in some U.S. states

The basic package does not include a carrying case (sold separately)


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Gamo Silent Cat air rifle


Best air guns reviewsThere are many air rifles currently available on the market, designed to help you get rid of different rodents which may disturb you. How to narrow the offers down to one? Well, according to the latest top rated air guns reviews you can use with confidence Gamo Silent air rifle, a model that comes with 4 x 32 scope, mounts and also PBA ammunition. Small game hunting around the forest or house will become a breeze. It includes a non-removable noise dampener that significantly reduces noise by an impressive 52%. The rifle comes with a velocity of around 1200 feet per second and PBA ammunition with 0.177 calibre lead bullets.



Which product is the best? Well, for clear shooting performance we recommend the Silent Cat air rifle from Gamo, a model equipped with 4 x 32 scope, PBA ammunition and mount

This powerful air gun is designed to safely manage pests lurking around the house or even undergo small game hunting

Features a solid non-removable noise dampener that reduces noise during shots up to 52% which is quite impressive to say the least

Made of strong black synthetic stock the air gun shoots up to 1.200 FPS and 1.000 FPS with 0.177 caliber bullets (lead)



The air rifle is not recommended for deer hunting


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Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle


Ruger Blackhawk rifle spring piston is a model designed to give you an impressive shooting accuracy. This model comes with break-barrel single shot system and will not disappoint, given any weather conditions. It is made out of ambi composite fiber optic and it is optimal for pest control or reducing the number of rodents around the house. This particular air rifle from Ruger includes a precise 4 x 32 scope and mount. One important thing to know: the rifle delivers 4 x magnification through the 32 millimeter objective lens, bringing the target closer to you.



Considered by many a great air gun for Christmas, the Blackhawk combo from Ruger uses smooth spring piston system in order to shoot pellets

Designed to match the needs of small game, pest control and plinking the air rifle is made of solid and weather resistant composite stock which resists well to prolonged use

The air rifle incorporates 32 millimetre objective lens and a unique 1/4 MOA Duplex reticle Parallax setting that offers 29 field of view at an impressive 100 yards

This powerful combo air rifle is shockproof, wind resistant and waterproof, ideal for long hours of hunting



The scope is not that that durable (try to invest in a powerful one, sold separately)

The air rifle doesn’t come with a protective case (available for purchase)


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Daisy 880 Powerline dark rifle


You are probably now shopping for a great air rifle capable getting rid of your pests or small critter problems. Well, upon reviewing some of the top rated models available on the market we recommend that you use with confidence Daisy 880 Powerline. As one of the best air guns in 2019, this 880 air rifle comes with advanced safety glasses, 4 x 15 millimetre scope, 500 Daisy pellets and also 750 BBs. It is a multi-ump pneumatic air rifle, designed with strong wood-grained Monte Carlo stock, a material that keeps your hunting skills high. This particular rifle includes a solid 1 year warranty.



Among this year’s Black Friday deals on top products, the 880 Powerline kit from Daisy comes equipped with everything a person might need in order to shoot at various targets

As the best rated product from Daisy, this powerful air rifle uses advanced multi-pump pneumatic system which can direct BBs at 750 FPS and pellets at 715

Depending on the number of pumps you put into the air rifle, the stronger the pellets and BBs will run

With a classic appearance the rifle incorporates a powerful synthetic molded wood-grain Monte Carlo stock, for proper resistance during use



The basic package contains paper targets which are not that resistant


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