Top rated 60 inch plasma TVs in 2019


A plasma TV can be just the thing in your home so you can relax in front of it watching your favorite TV channels, movies or maybe even some sports. If you don’t have one yet in your home and you are having some trouble finding the right model for yourself then you have to read the best 60 inch Plasma TV reviews which will shed light on different TVs so finally you will reach the optimum decision.


LG Electronics 60PN6500 60-inch Plasma HDTV


The LG 60PN6500 plasma HDTV has an excellent quality to price ratio which many people have taken advantage of. With it you will have at your disposal a Full HD resolution which can make things like watching sports for example even more enjoyable than before. It also has one of the best refresh rates in its class, reaching 600Hz so it is ideal for fast moving pictures. The very nice thin design definitely adds even more points to its high total score.

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Samsung PN60F5500 60-Inch 3D Smart Plasma HDTV


Samsung is well known for its high-quality HDTVs and the PN60F5500 is not below the high standard set by the manufacturer. This HDTV has smart features as well so you can stream movies extremely fast from specialized sites. The Voice Control feature makes you command it without using a remote and with just the sound of your voice. The best 60 inch Plasma TV reviews are impressed by the 600Hz refresh rate which is the perfect antidote against the motion blur effect.

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Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ZT60 60-Inch 3D Plasma TV


There are very few plasma 3D TVs which have such a wide array of high-tech features as the Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ZT60. The picture will impress you like it did most specialists with its richer shadow definition, being very comfortable with dark levels. The 600Hz refresh rate ensures that you can play all the video games you want on it and motion blur will never occur. Connect easily multiple other devices to it because it has 3 HDMI ports. These features and more make it for some the best 60 inch Plasma TV in 2019.

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Samsung PN60F5300 60-Inch Plasma HDTV


The Samsung PN60F5300 Plasma HDTV is a great option for anyone coming at a very affordable price, considering its width and set of features. There is nothing like the 600Hz refresh rate on a HDTV, because with it you will be able to watch all kinds of fast moving pictures without the threat of motion blur appearing. Its sleek design and low weigh make it ideal for mounting on a wall of your choosing in your home. The best 60-Inch Plasma TV in 2019 could very well be this model from Samsung because it has all the necessary features and the attractive price range.

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Panasonic TC-P60VT60 3D Smart Plasma HDTV


Best 60 inch Plasma TV reviewsIf you have the financial resources to invest in a high-tech Plasma HDTV a top option would be the Panasonic TV-P60VT60. Besides the superior image quality in both 2D and 3D, the TV also is equipped with the 3000 Focus Field Drive which eliminates any trace of motion blur from its pictures. The sleek design gives you the option of also mounting it on your wall if you don’t want to use it on its stand. Many satisfied customers consider it a top rated 60 inch Plasma TV in 2019 because of its superior features.

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