Top 4k TV Reviews


Choosing a new television has never been easy, and in today’s technically advanced age there is even more to consider. 4k TVs  are quickly becoming a popular option, and are able to display ultra high definition content. With 4 times the resolution of standard HD TVs, these newer models are capable of giving you a theater quality viewing experience in your own home. To help you choose the best 4k TV in 2018 we have included informative tips in this buying guide, and soon you will be enjoying theater quality movies and shows in the comfort of your home.

A. 4k TV 2018


Your budget is always important when you are shopping for a major purchase like the best 4k TV in 2018. While the prices have gotten lower for these ultra high definition televisions, it is still important to decide on a budget. This will also help you decide which features are absolutely necessary, and possibly prevent you from purchasing a larger, expensive model that won’t fit in your home.



As stated in the best 4k TV reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the display panel. Along with choosing between a thin flat screen and an eye catching curved one, you will also want to consider the type of display. The most common are the LED screens, which are known for having excellent picture quality in any lighting. Available in ultra thin sizes, these are often considered the best 4k TVs for 2018. OLED televisions with 4k capabilities are relatively new and often higher priced, but these panels are capable of displaying amazing, blur free images.



The top rated 4k TVs reviews state that there are several features that can improve your viewing experience. One of the most important is ensuring that your 4k TV includes a high efficiency video coding system that can handle the large amounts of compressed data. Being able to upscale older DVDs and Blu-ray discs to ultra high definition is another convenient feature, along with a high speed HDMI cable for an incredible speed of 60 frames per second.


What Are the Best 4k TVs in 2018?


While we can’t choose the best model for you, we can show you the best 4k TVs of 2018. Designed to give you a theater experience at home, you will be amazed at how sharp and clear video and images are when seen in ultra high definition.


Samsung UN55JU7500


1.Samsung UN55JU7500As stated in the best 4k TV reviews you will love the 55 inch curved screen that lets you view it from any angle. Perfect for larger rooms, gamers will also appreciate being able to see all of the action. Capable of 4 times the resolution as older TVs, you will be amazed at the difference this makes in picture quality.

With the ability to stream more data faster and smoothly, images will always appear crystal clear. This also helps to prevent annoying lag times and blurry images that can ruin a fast paced game or movie. The LED screen is also backlit for exceptional picture quality in any type of lighting. With a refresh rate of 240CMR you will be able to keep up with all of the action and never worry about missing a single second.

The included stand gives the TV stability and a convenient place to rest, and takes up minimal surface room. The included Wi-Fi capability lets you immediately start streaming content directly from the web. This 4k television includes all of the functionality of a smart TV, and also features plenty of inputs for all of your digital devices.

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LG Electronics 40UB8000


2.LG Electronics 40UB8000This top 4k TV includes all of the features of a smart television, along with the ability to display ultra high definition images. See movies and shows in stunning detail, along with all of your favorite graphic rich games. With vivid colors and sharp contrasts you will be able to see every image clearly on the LED screen.

The 40 inch screen is perfect for most homes, and its affordable price makes it ideal for dorm rooms. With backlighting for clarity in the day or night, you will never miss a single minute of the action. A 60Hz refresh rate ensures that you don’t experience lags or blurry, which is also helpful when you are in the middle of a fast paced graphic rich game.

With built in Wi-Fi you can easily stream games and movies directly from the internet and enjoy them in ultra high definition clarity. There is also plenty of 4k content to watch on Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube, so you will never have a problem finding something on TV. This 4k model also includes inputs for all your devices, and it is rated energy efficient.

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VIZIO P502ui-B1


3.VIZIO P502ui-B1With 8 million pixels or 4 times the resolution as an HDTV, the difference in picture quality is astounding. You’ll love seeing all of the images in vivid detail, and with the ability to upscale you can even watch older movies in high definition. The 50 inch LED screen features a slim, space saving design, and also includes 64 adjustable settings to customize your viewing experience. Create deep blacks and vivid colors, and gamers will love being able to clearly see every detail.

The fast refresh rate ensures that the 4k TV can keep up with all of the fast paced action, without any blurs or lag times. Images will be smooth and crystal clear, and you also have the advantage of support for Wi-Fi and the HEVC coding system. Stream ultra high definition content from the web and enjoy it on the large 50 inch viewing screen that it is also compatible with most Android devices.

Find movies, music and games on your tablet or smart phone and enjoying watching on the large LED screen. It is also designed to be easy to use, and you’ll love having all of your apps organized in one convenient place. The menu is simple to navigate, and in seconds you can be watching your favorite shows in ultra high definition.

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