A Useful Buying Guide on 2 Blade Ceiling Fans


Ceiling fans represent a great way to cut costs on air conditioning both in summer and winter. Their practical aspect is doubled by their stylish appearance, and there are many models on the market to choose from. In case you are looking for the very best 2 blade ceiling fans, the following guide will help you make a good decision, without the need to overspend. Spending several minutes to read some useful information can save you from purchasing a bad product, and, of course, time and money. We also include here the most popular and efficient models right now, to make your choice easier.


What to look for when buying a 2 blade ceiling fan



With so many ceiling fans available on the market, picking the right model seems like a daunting task. One aspect you should keep in mind whenever you go shopping for a ceiling fan is the budget you have at your disposal. A simple browsing session through the offers from the most popular manufacturers will show you models ranging for 50 dollars to several hundreds. The good news is that you do not have to break the bank for a good model; you only need to find out which of them is the best your money can buy.



As already mentioned, ceiling fans are a reliable option for cutting down on your energy bill, as they can replace, to some extent, air conditioning. Models with variable speeds can be handy for efficiently elimination of draft spots. Also, they can keep you cool in the summer, and make the air temperature more uniform during winter. Choose a model that can yield enough power to efficiently air the room you are planning to install the fan in, and you will have no regrets.



Although practical aspects are important, let’s not forget about style. A beautiful ceiling fan can change the appearance of a room, and a good consideration to keep in mind is that the model you choose should match the furniture and general layout of your room. A ceiling fan with lights can be a nice addition if you want to illuminate a room, without adding extra lighting fixtures. Our advice is to go for a model that impresses you with its style.


Top Rated 2 Blade Ceiling Fans in 2021



Hunter 18865


Are you looking for a ceiling fan capable of bringing 19th century charm to a room? Look no further than the Hunter 18865 ceiling fan with 2 blades, created by one of the most reputable manufacturers in this industry. The model is part of the 1886 Limited Edition, so you may want to hurry if you want this particular ceiling fan to grace the layout of one of your rooms.

The world class elegance is doubled by performance, as well. The powerful motor operating the two elegant blades is not noisy, so you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon in your living room, with a book in hand. Great air movement is assured, and any room you will pick for installing this ceiling fan will be maintained cool in the summer and warm during winter.

According to the manufacturer, you can save up to 47% on cooling expenses, which means that the money you will spend on this particular model will be returned back to your pocket in no time. Energy efficient, beautiful and quiet, the Hunter 18865 ceiling fan combines 19th century elegance with the conveniences offered by the 21st century.

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Craftmade WB242SC


If you are passionate about aviation, you will surely love the Craftmade WB242SC ceiling fan. Its design is inspired by one of Britain’s Royal Air Force best known fighters that used to be piloted by Major William Barker. A hero of World War I, Barker and his plane shot down 46 enemy aircraft, so, if you want to reenact the glory of that era, you can do it by picking this particular two blade ceiling fan from the many models offered on the market. The two blades are painted in wood finish with white tips, exactly like a plane’s propeller, and they lend the model a classic elegance that you cannot easily find in other ceiling fans.

Whether you want to install the ceiling fan in your bedroom or a nursery, you will find it a great stylish choice. The Craftmade WB242SC is considered among the best ceiling fans for bedroom you can purchase right now, as many positive reviews from consumers indicate. The three speed motor ensures good air flow especially in smaller rooms, and a light kit with a 50 watt bulb is incorporated, eliminating the need for additional light fixtures.

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Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony


This Westinghouse model is a great ceiling fan for bedroom use. With two lights and two efficient blades designed in a special manner, to ensure maximum efficiency for air flow, the Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony is a good choice for anyone who looks for a ceiling fan capable of cooling a room of up 144 square feet in size. The model comes with a reversible switch, so you can use it both during summer and winter with the same great results in achieving air uniformity inside the room. The modern design makes it a great choice for everyone looking to add a bit of style to your home.

Energy consumption is kept to a minimum, and users seem to be more than satisfied with the air flow provided, too. There are four fan speeds to play with and the motor is made of premium grade materials. Actually, the manufacturer is so confident in the reliability of the motor used for the Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony that a lifetime warranty is provided for this component. The model is not noisy, either, and its quiet efficiency is much appreciated by customers everywhere. A green option for any home owner, this Westinghouse ceiling fan is a good addition to any layout and design.

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We hope our guide will help you choose the best ceiling fan for your home. We highly recommend the Hunter 18865 and the Craftmade WB242SC for their beautiful style, and great efficiency in air flow and cutting cooling costs.