What is the best surge protector form Belkin


1 Benefits

Built with eight pivoting and four stationary outlets

Accommodates large block space outlets

4320 joules energy rating

Belkin Lifetime Warranty plus remarkable Connected Equipment warranty

Slim design and cord management clip



Some Belkin BP112230-08 reviews rue the absence of provisions for USB connectivity in this otherwise feature-filled device.

The power switch deserves to be upgraded to a better fit for such an advance-technology surge protector.


Customer rating –> A


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  • Ideal for home computers, the Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Surge Protector is built with rotating outlet design that offers greater convenience and flexibility for placement of plugged-in devices compared to conventional products in the same category. This Belkin surge protector is designed for protecting plugged in laser printers, workstations, home theater systems, broadband modems, and everyday household electrical appliances.

  • The movable outlet design allows acceptance of large AC adapter blocks. Since the outlets are made to pivot, there is enough room for nearly all types of plugs to be connected to the surge protector. Connect your equipment at optimum angles with ease.


  • The exceptional 4320 joules energy rating gives you peace of mind in case of power disturbances. The high energy rating ensures maximum protection for all your susceptible electronic devices. This product is especially useful with the ever-increasing harshness of storms across the country, which makes it the best surge protector from Belkin.


  • The surge protector carries Belkin’s Lifetime Warranty complemented by a remarkable $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty. The warranties are your assurance of premium quality construction, superior components and circuitry  as well as safety for connected devices.


  • Built with a slim and sleek design, the Belkin 12-outlet surge protector is designed with a special detachable cord management clip system that helps you organize cables and keeps your desk free of mess from cords going everywhere. The 8-foot cord provides safe and optimum AC power through its heavy duty 14-gauge strength. The right-angle plug keeps the 8-foot cord tucked close to the wall. The surge protector has a sleek design that seamlessly blends with modern appliances and electronic devices.


Thanks to its efficient cord management clip system, high energy rating of 4320 joules, unique pivoting outlets, and slim and sleek design, the Belkin BP112230-08 is the best surge protector you can get for the money. It delivers as expected, protecting your valuable electronic devices and appliances from the dangers of power spikes, surges, lightning and AC contamination.


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