What is the best crossbow from Arrow Precision



Assembly and package content

Incredible performance

Durability and construction




Not geared for use to bring down large game like deer, bear and elk

Crossbow accessories are thoughtful additions but the mid-range quality arrows may need replacement with sturdier types. The string, if regularly waxed, should justify up to 500 shots without needing replacement. The extra replacement string in the package should cover up to 100 arrows, though. The arrows can be useful for non-aggressive shooting.


Customer rating —> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow is an easy-to-assemble recurve unit that should not unduly stress a beginner with its simple assembly. It comes with an owner’s manual with clear instructions on how to put the crossbow together. The Inferno Fury ships unstrung, requiring that the string be attached before putting the crossbow unit together. Pictures in the set-up guide give you clarity on exact assembly of the various parts. The assembly hardware that come in the kit include screws and a screw driver so you won’t need to look for proper tools to carry out the entire process, which needs a few simple steps that are not of the expert tool person level.


  • Rated at 235 FPS shooting velocity and with point-blank kinetic energy a bit under 40 foot-pound, the Inferno Fury is not exactly the big-game hunter’s weapon of choice but it should serve the needs of beginner hunters and target practice shooters adequately. The Inferno Fury allows the arrow to go through a target that’s 20 yards away. It can shoot at a large target with through-and-through precision from 15 yards away. The noise it makes can alert game target easily if shooting too close, but when the hunter is located at a further distance and as long as he trusts his shooting skills, the target can be brought down. Red-dot sight shipped in the package is decent but a multi-reticle scope can work better.


  • The ergonomic fore-grip allows easy handling even for long periods. You can really take careful aim due to this element. The crossbow is praised by Arrow Precision Inferno Fury reviews as packing enough punch to enjoy target practice. Beginners should have no trouble using the product for non-aggressive hunting or shooting. The fiberglass limbs are standard in this kind of equipment. They have low weight and reliable durability for light shooting purposes. The Inferno Fury feels like a rifle in the hand, with ambidextrous design that’s great for both right- and left-handed users.


  • The auto-safety switch has an ambidextrous design, which ensures that the crossbow does not accidentally release an arrow unless the user wills it to. The rear stock rests easily on the shoulder of the user, which allows proper and efficient control when firing. Materials are state-of-the-art in this price range, making the Inferno Fury one of the best-if not the best crossbow from Arrow Precision.


Beginner hunters can enjoy the best crossbow built to develop their shooting skills with the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow. This product makes a practical choice for buyers on a budget. It still is the perfect choice when you want a weapon that handles relatively well and has great balance for medium- and small-size game and non-vigorous target practice. The Inferno Fury package comes with everything you need to start shooting, delivering enough power and accuracy for your purpose.


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