What is the best wireless range extender from Amped



Excellent coverage and wireless extension capabilities makes it the best wireless range extender from Amped

USB port for file sharing

Advanced features

Easy setup



Needs long reboot after set-up, usually around 160 seconds, but is made not to lose your settings once set-up has been completed

Hefty price tag ensures premium quality and performance


Customer rating -> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The Amped Wireless SR10000 is a well-built networking device that offers superb extension of a wireless network to dead spots that a typical router can’t cover. It can run vertically or horizontally. The device can be mounted on a wall. It has five Gigabit Ethernet ports that allow utilization of the device as a bridge for connecting wired devices including multimedia players and consoles to a home network. It comes with dual 600mW amplifiers for each radio band, making it a versatile device to extend coverage. Supporting up to 300 Mbps on both bands, the repeater can be initially placed close to the router then moved to desired locations thereafter, mostly within line of sight of the router. After it is set-up, the device offers two new SSIDs through which the user can access the management interface of the device.




  • A single USB 2.0 port can be used for sharing data on USB storage drives. It offers an extended range of up to 10000 square feet wirelessly. It is extra powerful with 5dBi antennas and 600 megawatt amplifiers that work to penetrate walls easily and thereby eliminate dead spots on WiFi. The device works with any 802.11b/g/n routers and networks as a universal range extender. It works as a network bridge with five wired ports that link PCs, servers, Audiovisual devices and printers. Those on the network can stream audio and video and transfer large data files wirelessly and with ease using 300Mbps MIMO Wi-Fi speeds, with wireless networks easily created for guests. The guest networks can have unique security features for guest customization, while still offering exceptional control of the network to the primary user, making this the best wireless range extender.


  • Offering advanced features that other devices can’t, the device has been lauded not only in Amped SR10000 reviews but in many other range extender write-ups as well. It provides Wireless Access Scheduling so the main user can control when Wi-Fi is on or off. Its Wireless Coverage Control allows adjustment of coverage distance of the wireless network. It provides User Access Control that restricts network access to specific users only. It also supports Advanced Wi-Fi Security, with WPS, WPA, and WPA2 encryption capably supported and with cool and secure push button setup for WPS-enabled devices.


  • The Smart Setup Wizard helps the user establish an extended network easily and efficiently. The device is a guaranteed way to extend WiFi network coverage in the office, home, backyard, school, warehouse and nearly everywhere else.


Made for large offices and homes, the SR10000 is an outstanding wireless extender. It has Gigabit bridge capability, guest access set-up capability and USB port that enables file sharing. It does more than a typical range extender and makes good networking hardware. Networking dead spots cease to be a problem with this device.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($68.91)