What’s the best toilet from American Standard Company


2Main advantages

EverClean surface

Reliable flushing

Elongated bowl design

Large siphon trapway

Material and craftsmanship


Main disadvantages

A couple of American Standard Champion 4 reviews have noted that the unit is significantly large and heavy due to its one-piece design. Fortunately, according to those customers, that’s a small price to pay for the product’s great features.

The one-piece design can make installation a bit difficult. For buyers who want a product with toilet accessories such as a toilet seat, this may not be the one to get.


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Benefits Explined


Designed with patented EverClean surface, the America Standard Champion 4 boasts of a permanently antimicrobial surface. This means both the inside of the bowl and the outside of the toilet require less cleaning. The toilet is also easy to clean beacuse of that element. The patented surface helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, as well as annoying stains. The mirror-like toilet surface will not require a lot of work to maintain.


The 100% factory flush tested Champion 4 carries a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. The unit is designed to move 70% larger mass compared to industry standards. It has gotten the highest rating of 1000 grams. It has been proven to be able to flush down an entire bucketful of golf balls. Thanks to the 4-inch piston action accelerator Flush Valve, water is pushed into the bowl at a faster rate that’s three times more than a regular 2-inch flush valve and twice that of a 3-inch flush valve. More importantly, this best toilet from American Standard has a surprisingly low water consumption of just 6 liters for every flush.


When you have long legs, it can be trciky to settle comfortably on a short bowl. That’s why American Standard Champion 4 is your total solution provider for your toilet needs. Its elongated bowl allows tall people or those with long legs to settle comfortably on the seat. No more cramped or awkward positions or sideways positioning for people with bad knees. Have a pleasant toilet experience by sitting comfortably on a throne fit for a king.


The 2 3/8-inch trapway is the largest in this category. The trapways is fully glazed and wide open, ensuring smooth flow and movement of even 40% larger mass than ordinary 2 1/8-inch trapways. That’s 70% larger mass flushed down than a typical 2-inch trapway.


Built with the right height as set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, the Champion 4 has a 16.5-inch seat height that’s easy to get onto and out of. It is made of vitreous china, which guarantees durability and resistance to scratches and chemicals. Vitreous china is more environmentally friendly than other materials like plastic. The Champion 4 is built with impressively clean and smooth lines and fuss-free design.



When you’re seraching for the best toilet, you can’t go wrong with the Champion 4. Made of vitreous china, the toilet is resistant to staining. Its exclusive EverClean surface inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew and mold. It is also a breeze to clean. Most of all, with its revolutionary flush system the toilet is guaranteed not to clog-ever.


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