Complete review on Akai Professional MPD 24 pad controller


2.1 Akai Professional MPD 24 USB-Midi MPC Pad ControllerBenefits

The Akai Professional MPD 24 reviews complement the MPC-style pads of the unit.

This device offers all the MIDI pad controller accessories you will ever need for full-scale sound production and impressive performances.

The Akai Professional MPD 24 lets you control virtually any parameter in your software in real time.

The plug-and-play interface provides ease of use with your Mac or PC.

The MIDI pad controller offers a bank of controllers and knobs for an incredible sound production experience.



One reviewer is unhappy about the unit having no Power switch, which makes it necessary to plug and unplug the device every time.

Depending on the user of this best pad controller, one has to strike the soft-touch pads a bit hard to ensure efficient response. Actual users of MPC may encounter trouble adjusting to the pads.


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Benefits Explained

a. Modeled after the immensely popular MPC series of drum samplers, this best MIDI pad controller is a velocity-responsive pad controller that DJs and other musicians will genuinely appreciate. You’ll love the MPC-style rhythm musicality of this device, which allows for natural and articulate programming of rhythm and percussion material, eliminating the need to buy a full-scale sampler.

2.2 Akai Professional MPD 24 USB-Midi MPC Pad Controller

b. Serving well as an impulse kit in Ableton, as well as a mixer for Traktor, the device comes with four selectable pad banks and sixteen velocity and pressure-sensitive MPC style pads, giving you a total of sixty-four usable pads. The eight assignable, 360O knobs plus six assignable faders enable you to transmit MIDI Control Change data.


c. The MPD 24 is bundled with an exclusive version of FXpansion’s BFD Lite drum-studio and Editor Librarian, which lets you enjoy its music and sound-creation abilities right out of the box. Create drum and percussion tracks like a pro. Aside from the BFD Lite and almost any other MIDI software, the MIDI controller can also drive any MIDI hardware, including drum machines, sequencers, samplers, sound modules, synths and plenty of others. This adjustable, fully functional tool offers a much more intuitive way to control parameters on your preferred software or digital audio workstation (DAW) synth, enabling real-time control.


d. This unit transmits MIDI information via its innovative plug-and-play USB interface, enabling you to use it with your PC or Mac without having to install drivers. This USB connection also runs the device, requiring just the USB cable for use.


e. With its array of sliders and knobs, the unit allows you to work flawlessly within any performance or production setting. Use the transport controls for integrating with DAW/sequencing applications, live performances, beat creation and programming drum parts. Have 6 assignable Q-Link faders plus 8 assignable Q-Link 360O knobs at your disposal, freeing you from your computer mouse to make more music.



The Akai MPD 24 is truly the best MIDI pad controller from Akai. It’s amazingly intuitive, with an array of MPC-style velocity and pressure-sensitive pads and four different selectable pad banks, a total of 64 playable pads that you can explore to the full. The eight assignable 360O knobs and six assignable faders let you transmit MIDI control change data. There’s a lot to go on with this device to help professional musicians and DJs create mind-blowing grooves.


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