There are multiple benefits to traveling, from improving our understanding of other cultures to allowing us to try those amazing foods we’ve heard so much about. For many of us, travel equals adventure, and we want to take part in certain activities that will manage to raise our adrenaline level.

While this can be very fun, and no one doubts it, sometimes, it can turn out to be very dangerous and some of these activities can even lead to death. If you were planning your next vacation and had in mind some thrill-seeking activities you wanted to try, make sure they are not among the ones below because they can get you killed.


Cliff diving

You will hear many people using “tombstoning” instead of cliff diving, and it is easy to imagine why. It is considered one of the most dangerous extreme sports. Among the injuries that cliff divers experience, we can remember bruises, dislocated joints, broken bones, compressed spine, injured discs, paralysis, and death.

In Acapulco, Mexico there is a group of professional divers called La Quebrada Cliff Divers which have been throwing themselves off Acapulco’s 148-foot cliffs since 1934. These divers have trained for years in order to be able to avoid any injuries and deaths, but even so, accidents happen sometimes. Maybe it is a good idea to leave cliff diving to professionals and try to find an activity less dangerous, but which will still offer you some adrenaline.

Bolivia’s death road

The name itself tells you what you need to know about this road. In order to avoid further accidents from happening on the Yungas Road in Bolivia, the so-called “Death Road”, an alternative road has been built. Now, motorists traveling from La Paz to Coroico have the option to choose a different road, without being afraid that the journey might be their last one.  

This 64-km (40-mile) winding road is left mostly to local workers and those bike-riding daredevils who ignore the dangers this experience can have. It’s estimated that 200 to 300 people were killed yearly along Yungas road and as late as 1994 there were cars falling over the edge at a rate of one every two weeks.


Running of the bulls

Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival is meant for all those people around the world who want to live a unique experience – that of the running of the bulls. It is a 400-year-old tradition that takes place in Pamplona in northern Spain, every morning over eight days.

Even if deaths are not very common (records show only 13 people dying in the last 100 years), serious injuries do occur. If you feel brave enough, you can participate in this festival, although you should know that, every year, plenty of tourists are hospitalized after being chased by bulls or walked over by other participants.


BASE jumping

Leaping from buildings, antennas, bridges, high cliffs or mountain tops is what BASE jumping involves. Even if it looks and sounds fun, this sport is considered to be extremely dangerous, and there have been numerous accidents (some fatal) over the years.

Even if it seems very similar to skydiving, it is not; it is much more dangerous, base jumpers having a fatality rate 43 times higher than skydivers.


A ski trip

Skiing is so much fun and such a great way to spend your vacation, but you have to bear in mind that it can be very dangerous. Lots of accidents can happen which can lead to serious injuries like sprains, strains, breakages and sometimes, even deaths.

Make sure you take some extra lessons on how to stop, and very important is to pay maximum attention to the trail markings.