I am sure that there might be many folks like me who just love the antique look that wooden furniture can bring to their homes. Are you one among them? Well, happy to hear that!

However, now, we can buy some of the most premium quality wooden furniture from the high-end online stores like made.com at an affordable rate.

So, the barrier of expensiveness would most likely not come into your way anymore to feel the grandeur of wooden furniture at your home!!

But, when you have such furniture in your home and that too the highly carved gorgeous ones then you face a major problem.

Let me guess it!!

Isn’t it the difficulty of cleaning the carves in them?


I, too, go through this problem almost daily!! Those things that look so stunning and ornate always need an extra attention to let them look as beautiful as they are.


You need to act a tad smarter and keep the following tips in your mind:


1) Remove the gunk smartly


If you have neglected the carved areas of the wooden furniture in your home for quite a while then dust might just get strongly settled over. So, all that you need to do is simply take every possible stride to clean up.

You can just fold a small business card or any kind of hard paper into a cone-shaped structure and push it into the narrow carved areas of your furniture. Moreover, you can even use a toothpick or a soft toothbrush to do so as those artifacts can be something perfect to remove debris from the complicated grooves and cervixes.



2) Go for homemade cleaners


Want to know about a magical homemade cleaner? You can just add one part of gum turpentine and three parts of linseed oil together to make this stuff. Then, you just have to shake this up, and finally, mix it with a shallow amount of hot water in a disposable container use. Trust me, this cleaner is going to work really well!



3) Dusting is must


If you will thoroughly dust your furniture in every a few week then it will definitely help you to keep them always clean. If you just brush over the whole wooden furniture with a feather duster or a soft cloth then it will remove the majority of the dust. When it comes to the carved areas then don’t forget to brush many times with such a duster.


4) Remove the scratches frequently


If somehow you get scratches in those carved areas then you can just rub it down with a crayon which is having one shade lighter brown color than wood. Then, you can just follow the same with another crayon which is having a kind of darker shade than the first one. Finally, just swipe up the excess crayon wax with a piece of cotton cloth.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have some premium quality wooden furniture at your home with some attractive but complex carvings within the same then just opt for these tips. Thus, I am sure that you would be able to keep your favorite furniture shining always!!